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Are you reading Homeric Greek? Whether you are a total beginner or an advanced Homerist, here you can meet kindred spirits. Beside Homer, use this board for all things early Greek poetry.

Odyssey 10.167

τῷ δ᾽ ἐγὼ ἐμβαίνων δόρυ χάλκεον ἐξ ὠτειλῆς
165εἰρυσάμην: τὸ μὲν αὖθι κατακλίνας ἐπὶ γαίῃ
εἴασ᾽: αὐτὰρ ἐγὼ σπασάμην ῥῶπάς τε λύγους τε,
πεῖσμα δ᾽, ὅσον τ᾽ ὄργυιαν, ἐυστρεφὲς ἀμφοτέρωθεν
πλεξάμενος συνέδησα πόδας δεινοῖο πελώρου,
βῆν δὲ καταλοφάδεια φέρων ἐπὶ νῆα μέλαιναν
170ἔγχει ἐρειδόμενος, ἐπεὶ οὔ πως ἦεν ἐπ᾽ ὤμου
χειρὶ φέρειν ἑτέρῃ: μάλα γὰρ μέγα θηρίον ἦεν.

Odysseus has killed a huge deer. He puts his foot on the animal and draws his spear ...
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Iliad 9, the story of Meleager

Hello everybody!

I'm completely stuck in this passage.

ἣ δὲ χολωσαμένη δῖον γένος ἰοχέαιρα
ὦρσεν ἔπι χλούνην σῦν ἄγριον ἀργιόδοντα,
540ὃς κακὰ πόλλ᾽ ἕρδεσκεν ἔθων Οἰνῆος ἀλωήν:
πολλὰ δ᾽ ὅ γε προθέλυμνα χαμαὶ βάλε δένδρεα μακρὰ
αὐτῇσιν ῥίζῃσι καὶ αὐτοῖς ἄνθεσι μήλων.
τὸν δ᾽ υἱὸς Οἰνῆος ἀπέκτεινεν Μελέαγρος
πολλέων ἐκ πολίων θηρήτορας ἄνδρας ἀγείρας
545καὶ κύνας: οὐ μὲν γάρ κε δάμη παύροισι βροτοῖσι:
τόσσος ἔην, πολλοὺς δὲ πυρῆς ἐπέβησ᾽ ἀλεγεινῆς.
ἣ δ᾽ ἀμφ᾽ αὐτῷ θῆκε ...
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ξυνήιος (Chapter 35)

Does ξυνήιος, as in

οὐδέ τί που ἴδμεν ξυνήϊα κείμενα πολλά (verse 124)

have anything to do with the ξυνέηκε in

τίς τ' ἄρ σφωε θεῶν ἔριδι ξυνέηκε μάχεσθαι
(verse 8 ) ?
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New Iliad paraphrase (Tzetzes)

Adam J. Goldwyn, Dimitra Kokkini, John Tzetzes, Allegories of the Iliad. Dumbarton Oaks medieval library, 37.

This new volume from the Dumbarton Oaks Medieval Library brings (on facing pages) text and English translation of a long and curious work (not represented yet in TLG) of the 12th-century polymath John Tzetzes. The editors/translators provide a short general introduction, and at the end minimal notes on the text, 35 pages of very short notes on the translation ...
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The word Ithaca in Classical Greek

I'm simply looking how to write the word 'Ithaca' in Classical Greek for the purposes of a tattoo.

Any assistance most appreciated.
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Odyssey α 40

In Od. α 40 we read:
ἐκ γὰρ Ὀρέσταο τίσις ἔσσεται Ἀτρεΐδαο

My problem is: where does the caesura lie? If I have scanned the line correctly, the metre is as follows:
ἐκ γὰρ Ὀ | ρέσταο | τίσις | ἔσσεται | Ἀτρεΐ | δαο

with synizesis in the second foot. But perhaps I am wrong. When scanned in this way, the traditional caesura occurring before the last or next-to-last syllable ...
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best abridged Iliad and Odyssey

I am trying to translate both books in six months. I am able to scan 100 lines a day or 50 or so per poem.
What is the best editing strategy for the poems? Will be taking both on a backpack pilgrimage from Troy to Ithaka. Any suggestions?
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The Iliad and Odyssey on pilgrimage

I am planning to read the Iliad and Odyssey in six months. I am able to scan up to fifty lines a day of both poems. What is the best editing strategy for each work? My goal is to backpack from Troy to Ithika in May of 2016 with a light paperback of each poem. Any suggestion?
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Phaeacian dance

I'm wondering about the Phaeacian duo dance with a ball at 8.372 ff., especially ποτὶ χθονὶ πουλυβοτείρῃ at 378. All in all, Garvie's commentary gives a good overview, but I have a hard time figuring out a few points.

The dancers first take turn in bending themselves backwards (ἰδνωθεὶς ὀπίσω) and then throwing the ball high in the air, with the other dancer always catching the ball by jumping. (But I wonder if ἰδνωθεὶς ὀπίσω ...
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Iliad, commentaries

in a different thread Paul Derouda wrote:

the new German Homer commentaries ("Gesamtkommentar") are only on the Iliad, none on the Odyssey. And I would not call them just updates of the old Ameis-Hentze-Cauer (although that's what the authors themselves call them) but new works entirely.

And are they good?
Actually, I'm looking around for resources for a second reading of (parts of) the Iliad. So far I've come up with:

-Basler Gesamtkommentar, so far ...
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