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Are you reading Homeric Greek? Whether you are a total beginner or an advanced Homerist, here you can meet kindred spirits. Beside Homer, use this board for all things early Greek poetry.

Was Dactylic Hexameter Suitable for Ancient Greek?

A Finnish blogger read Harald Haarmann's brand new book Auf den Spuren der Indoeuropäer (2016) where Haarmann apparently says (I haven't read the book) that dactylic hexameter fits badly into the Ancient Greek language and thus is probably a loan from those mysterious Πελασγοί from the Minoan culture.

This raises two questions. First, I have long (but quite possibly naïvely) thought that the dactylic hexameter is superb for Greek language. I may simply have thought ...
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Gaza Transcription Project

Χαῖρετε, ὦ Ἑλλήνες!

I have already transcribed the first two or three pages of Theodoros Gaza's Iliad paraphrase, and I was wondering if anyone was interested in joining the project. I hope that by transcribing the paraphrase we might be able to produce a clean, easy-to-read parallel e-text with Homer on the one side and Gaza on the other.

Bedewere's Lulu paperbacks are all well and good (I own copies of both volumes), but I ...
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First 100 lines of the Iliad

Below is a marked text of the first 100 lines of the Iliad. There are some very minor errors that I am still working out (noted below). Along with the text is a recording, which is also a bit of a rough draft.

Line 57: ἐφῑεὶϲ should have a lower macron to indicate an extended short, not an upper macron. This is already fixed in the latest version. (Yes, I know what Autenrieth says, and ...
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Homer concordance

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χωόμενος κῆρ - agreement, etc.

In Iliad 1.44, I'm encountering the phrase χωόμενος κῆρ for the first time, and am having trouble parsing it. I understand the meaning given in context, but don't quite understand the agreement. κῆρ is unambiguously neuter, right? And χωόμενος is masculine and modifies Φοῖβος Ἀπόλλων from the preceding line? How exactly do χωόμενος and κῆρ work together syntactically?

Does the participle somehow take an accusative argument in this phrase? Is it that simple?

Thank you.
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Iliad S604/605

van Thiel:

Σ 604 τερπόμενοι· δοιὼ δὲ κυβιϲτητῆρε κατ’ αὐτοὺϲ


Σ 604/605 τερπόμενοι· δοιὼ δὲ κυβιστητῆρε κατ’ αὐτούς

What is the story with Wolf's insertion at S604/605? West has a description (in Latin) that I don't entirely understand.
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Koine --> Homeric

I posted here a couple years ago, intended to work with Pharr. I failed in that undertaking, but I have since gotten started with Koine for other reasons. I have enough grammar to read good sections of the New Testament with basic comfort -- vocabulary is still my weak spot.

That said, I would like to try to split my time between developing my Koine and trying to approach Homer. Is there a good reader's ...
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van Thiel versus Perseus

I thought that this might be interesting to some of the members here.


The above link is a comparison of every line of van Thiel's Iliad and Odyssey that differs from the Perseus texts. The green is van Thiel.
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Od. 5.426

ενθα κ απο ρινουϲ τε δρυφθη ϲυν δ οϲτε αραχθη

Should this be:

ενθ απο ρινουϲ τε δρυφθη ϲυν δ οϲτε αραχθη
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Schoder and Horrigan: 2nd Year Book, 1946 edition

HathiTrust has full text of the second volume of Schoder and Horrigan's Homeric Greek textbook (the 1st edition, revised). It also hosts the full text of the second volume supplement, or accompanying exercises.

This is significantly different than the in-print second edition, revised by Leslie Edwards. In Edwards' revision, she exclusively uses text from Iliad 6 and 12. She also has no exercises to check comprehension or guide reading. The 1946 original contains excerpts from ...
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