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Are you reading Homeric Greek? Whether you are a total beginner or an advanced Homerist, here you can meet kindred spirits. Beside Homer, use this board for all things early Greek poetry.

Homeric Pluperfect

Whatever does the Homeric Pluperfect mean? A past tense of a stative verb (which is what the Homeric perfect basically is) is surely impossible.
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spionic key board arrangement

I have moved and had to change email and have had problems on my computer as well.

I cannot remember where the link to the spionic key layout is.

I'll keep looking but if anyone knows I'd appreciate the help.
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Thucydides' Grand Summer Iliad Reading

This summer I'm going to read the whole Iliad in Greek. I have assembled a vast array of scholarly tomes to help me:

Monro's Commentary
Willcock's Commentary
Autenreith's Dictionary
Seymour's Grammar
Monro's Grammar
Iliad Loebs
EV Rieu's translation
Hammond's translation
Vocab lists for a lot of the books

Anything I'm missing? What's the Leaf commentary like for instance?
Are there any outstanding commentaries on particular books? (I hear MacCleod on 24 is very good).

At ...
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Iliad 2:207

(\Ws o(/ge koirane/wn di/epe strato/n;

The translations I used to check my word have something like; 'Thus he masterfully went through the host.'
I took the participle to go with o(/ge to mean something like; 'the ruling one.'
How does this participle get to act as an adverb?
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Iliad 2:205-206

ei(=j basileu/j, w(=| e)/dwke Kro/nou pai=j a)gkulomh/tew skh=ptro/n t' h)de\ qe/mistaj, i(/na/ sfisi basileu/h|

w(\j o(/ ge koirane/wn di/epe* strato/n: oi(\ d' a)gorh\n de\

Line 205 ends with a full stop, and there is some question about the validity of line 206.
Without line 206 the thought of line 205 seems to be incomplete.
One king to whom the son of sheming Cronus gave. Gave what? Does the reader have to supply the rest? ...
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Iliad 2:200-201

a)/llwn mu=qon a)/koue*,
oi(\ se/o* fe/rteroi*/ ei)si,

I don't understand how the translations (on Perseus) I checked come up with; 'listen to the word of others who are better than you.'
I came up with; 'listen to the word of others, they are better than you.'
In order for it to mean listen to those who are better than you oi(\ fe/rteroi would have to be in the dative. (or accusative -> obey ...
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eorgas / eeipen


According to Munro, e)orgaj < "weworgas". Presumably this (like leloipa is a perfect formation? In the context (Iliad III.57) it would work fairly well as a stative.


Though I see it all the time, I'm still not sure what's going on here. I thought the stem was "wep", so an aorist formation would be ewep- > eip (as in Attic?). Whence then has come the extra epsilon?

thanks as ever
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Iliad 2:195

mh/ ti xolwsa/menoj r(e/ch| kako\n ui(=aj )Axaiw=n.
I understand every word but I am not sure about which word belongs to which.
Does mh/ belong to ti (not anything) or to the participle (not angering) or the the finite verb (not doing).
Does ti belong to kako/n (something evil)?
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Pharr-c open to accept members.

Chad already mentioned to send Paul your information so that he can start issueing login IDs and passwords.
http://www.textkit.com/groups/pharr/session-c.php is a link to the page describing how to join, plus it has some introductory information and a schedule for the fist few weeks.
Ps. There is a limit to the number of members so don't wait to long.

One more thing. Please post a message to this thread stating ...
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New Pharr group looking for members.

As you can see in the "Want to be a Pharr guide anyone?" thread, Chad has offered to help with the English to Greek exercises and I am willing to do the Greek to English assignments.
All we need now is a number of members.
Anyone who wants to join a Pharr group please "apply" here.
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