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Are you reading Homeric Greek? Whether you are a total beginner or an advanced Homerist, here you can meet kindred spirits. Beside Homer, use this board for all things early Greek poetry.

lao/s: Iliad lines 10 and 54

In line ten, Homer uses the word laoi/.

In line 54, he uses the word lao\n.

In both cases he seems to be referring to the Achaean army, so how can it be singular in one case, but plural in the other?
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Help in Knowing in Iliad 1:70

I'm having problems conjugating the pluperfect of ᾔδεα (ᾔδη), to know. I'm particularly interested in the 1st person plural form.

Can anyone out there help?

My apologies if this has been posted before.

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Iliad 2:278 Sg. subject with Pl. verb

(\ Wj fa/san h( plhqu/j:
Is it common to have sg. nouns that indicate a group with a pl. verb or is it an exception?
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Pharr groupC third Question

I have tried to log into the email for the group in the Textkit page.

it says that it is full or I get an error.

HOwever I recieve emails from those in the study group and I do have a log on in GreekGeek study groups.

I have used my loggin in both textkit and study group-C (The same) and I have tried to use my password from the study group as well as ...
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Pharr group C second Question

I type in a question in the Q&A tab it remains there until I exit my lesson then it is gone. What's up with that? :?

How do I use this. Right now the only thing I know how to do is post in a Textkit forum.
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Pharr C group first question

How do you Type your answers ( like lesson Twelve) in Greek text?

I have Tried boulh/ it doesn't seem to work. (without the apostophee before spionic.

also I have tried to type it in word it also reverted back.

What do I do?
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Allen's 1931 Iliad

Allen's 1931 Iliad, in three volumes.

Does anyone know what exactly this consists of?
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Homeric Pluperfect

Whatever does the Homeric Pluperfect mean? A past tense of a stative verb (which is what the Homeric perfect basically is) is surely impossible.
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spionic key board arrangement

I have moved and had to change email and have had problems on my computer as well.

I cannot remember where the link to the spionic key layout is.

I'll keep looking but if anyone knows I'd appreciate the help.
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Thucydides' Grand Summer Iliad Reading

This summer I'm going to read the whole Iliad in Greek. I have assembled a vast array of scholarly tomes to help me:

Monro's Commentary
Willcock's Commentary
Autenreith's Dictionary
Seymour's Grammar
Monro's Grammar
Iliad Loebs
EV Rieu's translation
Hammond's translation
Vocab lists for a lot of the books

Anything I'm missing? What's the Leaf commentary like for instance?
Are there any outstanding commentaries on particular books? (I hear MacCleod on 24 is very good).

At ...
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