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Are you reading Homeric Greek? Whether you are a total beginner or an advanced Homerist, here you can meet kindred spirits. Beside Homer, use this board for all things early Greek poetry.

Pronunciation of the letter 'fαυ' (vau)

Hi group, I'm just starting Pharr and already I have a question. How do I pronounce the letter vau? As the letter represents the sound 'w', as in wine, is the letter pronounced 'wau' (as in the English exclamation 'wow') or is it pronounced 'vau' (as in the English - to make a 'vow'). Or is it pronounced in another fashion completely? Many thanks, I think I going to have a lot more questions before ...
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a question in Iliad II

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First person dual

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Has anyone encounter the following trouble?

In the pdf form of that homeric greek, some pages are missing, id est "lesson 51"and "Illiad 517-527"?Could anyone help me with these pages?
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ν in Pharr paragraph 685

Can someone tell me what that ν is called that is used by Pharr in 'Homeric Greek for beginners' in paragraph 685?

It's in the sentence 'ν of course regularly becomes -ᾱ'. Or am I misreading it?
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Getting a feel for the metre


I've decided to take another crack at Homer now that I have a bit of free time but I want it to be more succesful this time around. I've got a decent grounding in the grammar, so I'm okay with (eventually) figuring out what a sentence means. My big problem was getting a sense for the rhythm of the poetry (basically, I can't tell why it is poetry) and it's something I'd really like ...
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Homer Specific Cheat Sheet?

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Hi folks,

I've been working on memorizing the opening lines of the Iliad as Pharr suggests, and just realized I might be mis-scanning line 3.

In the Pharr text, I was reading Αιδι as having two syllables, the first of which is long because it's a dipthong.

But now I'm looking at other versions, like at Perseus, and they all print a diaeresis mark over that first iota, making the word three syllables (two short ...
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Back from an Odyssey


I am pleased to see my login still works!

It's been half an age since last I posted here, er, that is to
say, more than a year. A lot of time was spent traveling
throughout the mountains of northern California and southern
Oregon, and during that time I took with me my little Iliad
Loebs, you know those nifty books with the original to one side
and the translation to the other? Though ...
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So Pharr, so good...

OK, I apologise for the horrible pun. But I'm so excited! I did Pharr Lesson XIII today and read my first lines of actual Homer! I just wanted to say thanks to the textkit team for making such a great resource available, and Paul for his greekgeek website and the helpful answer keys, and also whoever put together the "pfarrnotes" pdf that I downloaded with all the stuff on accent rules (I didn't get the ...
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