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Are you reading Homeric Greek? Whether you are a total beginner or an advanced Homerist, here you can meet kindred spirits. Beside Homer, use this board for all things early Greek poetry.

Digammatic words

I have sometimes wanted a list more convenient than digging into Seymour, Benner or Monro, so I produced a list from all three: Words with Digamma in Epic.
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Will you participate in the Iliad B group?

We need a count!

Please also add a "yes, me" post, not just a click on the poll, please, so we have some idea who's joining.

I will post to this thread when we have the mailing list ready for people to join.
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3rd person personal pronoun

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Iliad 2 reading group: start date, etc.

I know Pharr-b will be ending in a few more weeks, so I've started to set things up for the Iliad 2 reading group. Let me know what week we should start on.

Also, what sort of pace do people want? I'd think 15-20 lines per session, with some attempt to break things up reasonably accounting for week to week variation.

And what day of the week for exact due dates?
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Some questions about epic verse

First, does the phrase "spondaic ending" refer to a 'natural' spondee in the final foot, rather than a long-short? or is it the same thing as a "spondaic verse", ie. with a spondee in the fifth foot (and so spondee-spondee)?

Second, re diaresis: is there good reason to pay attention to diaresis if it's not the bucolic diaresis? And is the bucolic diaresis interesting primarily because of the number of formulae that fit after it? ...
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Looking for a commentary on Iliad book 2 and further

Hi all,

Since the Pharr-b group is on its way to the last 100 lines of Iliad book 1, I am already searching for a commentary to the following books.

Can anyone perhaps give info on the value of this one:

The Iliad: A Commentary: Volume 1, Books 1-4: Bks.1-4 Vol 1
G. S. Kirk (Editor)

Apparently the Greek text is not included, but that's no problem. I am curious to know if it gives ...
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Pitch Accent

Hi everybody; I've been sudying Homeric Greek through Pharr's book and finding it pretty enjoyable and challenging.

I've been also trying to recite Homer using pitch accent. I read this article : http://community.middlebury.edu/~harris/Classics/Greekaccents.html which suggests using a Fifth, and went on practicing with a guitar :wink: . Then just after I got the tone right I realised that something was not sounding quite well, I mean, it ...
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Od. 9.109: a metrical question

the verse goes as follows:

alla ta g' asparta kai anErota panta fuontai (E = long e)

I see no othe possibility than to read the -a in asparta as long, so as to fit the hexametre.

but this is odd.
firstly because the word is written as proparoxytone: a/sparta, while it sould have been *aspa/rta, had the -a been long
secondly, the -a ending for neuter plural in Greek is *always* short. it doesn't ...
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genitive absolute

What exactly is the genetive absolute?

I've read my Pharr book and the relevant parts in Smyth, but I still can't really figure it out. Could someone show me some (using words from lesson 21 or earlier from the Pharr book) examples of this construction and why it would be used?

I appreciate it. Thank you.

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principal parts and what they really mean.

[This is an email I was going to send to a friend, but realized that it might be better served being posted here since it could help people realize the importance and *meaning* of the principal part. The "verb grinder" in question is: http://www.cs.wisc.edu/~psilord/verb/test.html
It'll work if you have firefox and is in alpha stages (and this version is far older in code development and data specification than the version I have on my box ...
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