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Are you reading Homeric Greek? Whether you are a total beginner or an advanced Homerist, here you can meet kindred spirits. Beside Homer, use this board for all things early Greek poetry.

The physical mechanics of reading Pharr from the Textkit pdf

If one does wish to buy the physical book reprint by Pharr because of the free pdf version available from this website, then there are two ways to read the book from the pdf version.

The first method is rather inconvenient : print the book on paper and read it from there. This is inconvient because of the required printing of the whole book. The style of the books of that era calls for flipping ...
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a composition book based upon homer???

is there such a thing? if not, what could be used to supply the scarce exercises presented on pharr.

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I found this word in Bettany Hughes documentary on Sparta. She says that Homer referred to Sparta as "kalligynaika or land of beautiful women". Can someone translate this to it's ancient Greek spelling?

BTW, Sparta didn't exist yet when Homer wrote, correct? So was he actually referring to Laconia? Wasn't Sparta founded around 650 or 700BC so any earlier references to "Sparta" are merely to some city that was near or on the site of ...
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Lesson VI: ἀγλαὰ ἄποινα

When looking at section 26, exercise #1, I ran across this oddity:

ἀγλαὰ ἄποινα

I thought to myself: "Well, I bet I'll never see these two words juxtaposed in Homer without an elision."

Does anyone else agree? Are there any examples contrary to my suspicion?

GTSS Working?

Hi All,

Could some folks from an active group, e.g., pharr-d, please see if GTSS is now working? For several weeks now it has been failing with a "403 Forbidden" error.

It might be best if you first emptied your browser's cache, sometimes known as "deleting temporary internet files."

Please let me know outcome. Thanks.


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questions on syntax


1 thus far in the presented exercises the parts of speech are equally distributed into the two sides of the verb (the evil ble of the goddess verb the good blen to the dear blei) should i stick to it? no? how free is the syntax?

2 should two adjectives modifying a noun allways be separated by conj kai eg:
the godess destroys many wicked souls: "θεα ολεκει πολλας και κακας ψυχας" or "θεα ...
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lesson 3 - a tense problem

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Sample of Homeric singing

I found this site which I'd like to share. It belongs to, I believe, the Austrian Academy of Sciences. they have basic information on history of homeric bards and their performance as well as mp3 recording of the recreation of "demodokos" (performance of the excerpt from Odyssey wih all musical accompaniment ). For those who never had access to college classroom and never knew how greek really sounds, this is a great resource. Some articles ...
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Question on Unit 8 exercise

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