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Are you reading Homeric Greek or studying Homeric Greek with Pharr's Homeric Greek - A Book For Beginners? Here's where you can meet other Homeric Greek learners. Use this board for all things Homeric Greek.

When does acute change to grave?

On Pharr page 4:
κᾱλαὶ βουλαὶ ἦσαν φίλαι
δεινὴ κλαγγὴ ἦν ἐν Χρύσῃ κᾱλῃ
why graves here?
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Some questions about the Hymn to Demeter

The phrases po/tnia mh/thr and po/tnia Dhw/ are very frequent. When used like this, is po/tnia an adjective, meaning "revered, august", or a substantive, like "Lady Mother" or "Lady Demeter"? I'm leaning toward the adjective. Is there a good way to tell?

In line 3, eu)ru/opa (which I would like to think of as "far-seeing") is noted by Richardson to mean "with far-reaching voice". He cites Chantraine GH v1 200. I would very much appreciate ...
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Accent and Augment

I was informed only very recently of another reason that learning the rules of accenting can be helpful: it can sometimes indicate an augment.

Here are three instances from the Hymn to Demeter:

Line 25, a)/i+en, impf.act.ind.3rd.sg. of a)i/w.

Line 38, h)/xhsan, aor.act.ind.3rd.pl. of h)xe/w.

Line 95, gi/nwske, impf.act.ind.3rd.sg. of ginw/skw

Are these all instances of augmentation, or does the accent move for other reasons? I suspect the first two examples are augmented, although I ...
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William Recites Homer. Muses Dyspeptic.

At the suggestion of Bert in his capacity as pharr-c guide, I have produced a document explaining how one might go about reciting dactylic hexameters. I'm not sure this is quite what he had in mind. In any case, there's a bunch of text talking about likely stumbling blocks, but the PDF also has a bunch of links to MP3 files of me jabbering away.

Reciting the Heroic Hexameter.

There may yet be some fine ...
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Monro's Homeric Grammar


I purchased not too long ago Monro's Homeric Grammar, softcover edition, but, unfortunately, I had to return it because I found the print very small and barely legible. I also went to abebooks.com looking for a hardcover edition. Needless to say, the hb editions were just too expensive.

Is Monro's HG necessary after I'm done with the Pharr text? It's over a 100 years old. I would imagine it to be in many respects ...
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the high resolution printer friendly format of Pharr

I read from its downloading page that "A high resolution, 16.5 MB, printer friendly format is also available for download", but can't find it.
Could anyone tell me where it is? I don't think I can go though this book on the screen...Thanks.
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Homer for ADD bards

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Pharr §53.6

The exercise is to translate from Greek into English,

o9/te kakw=j prose/eipen A0trei/+dhj Xru/shn, to/te e0xo/lwsen, e9khbo/lon.

Although Pharr has not yet introduced the adverbial form of kakw=j yet, it seems to make more sense to me to treat kakw=j as an adverb modifying prose/eipen rather than a feminine singular genitive adjective .

My translation: When the son ...
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great lines in Iliad

here are some lines i gathered while reading the iliad. Some are of proverbial character while others express the anthropology in homer - the way the epics view men, their relations to gods etc. i find all of them to be beautiful poetry. Feel free to add more!

1.41-42 Chryses to Apollon

..... to de moi krêênon eeldôr:
tiseian Danaoi ema dakrua soisi belessin.

1.45 about Apollon's descent

...ho d' êïe nukti eoikôs.

the god ...
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A latin tool that would be great for greek

I saw this post in one of the latin forums.


I loved it, how dificult would it be to do the same for Pharr???

I love the ancient Greek text manager but this link to the latin is quite a nice tool.
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