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Are you reading Homeric Greek? Whether you are a total beginner or an advanced Homerist, here you can meet kindred spirits. Beside Homer, use this board for all things early Greek poetry.

Understanding οὐ and οὔ τις in Illiad 1:86,88

I checked the "Pharr Discussions By Chapter" and did not seen anything to help me.

I have trouble understanding the use of οὐ at the beginning of 1:86.

Is it referenced two lines later with οὔ τις being an emphasis?

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The grave accent in Homeric and Classical Greek

I have been playing around with West's The Singing of Homer and the Modes of Early Greek Music. Transposing the notes (which are only relative, not absolute), I turned my guitar into a tetrachord harp with open strings 1-3 and a capo F# on the 4th. This is the reverse string order of the harp West describes, where the thumb strikes the high notes, but that can't be fixed on the guitar. I've also been ...
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Studia Pindarica

Anyone interested in Pindar will want to read, and engage with, Bundy's Studia Pindarica, which, I just discovered, is online, thanks to the University of California and Bundy's widow:

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Thoreau's Homer

Dear all,

what initially inspired me to learn Greek was reading Thoreau. After all, what youngster can withstand his imperative that every real man ought to spend a couple of his best years learning a dead language?

I am interested in knowing what edition of Homer it could have been that he had with him at Walden in 1845-47 (turning the page once a week!). What would have been the Homer most readily available at ...
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The "newish" Sappho #58

This is the "formerly new" Sappho that was published in full (or relatively so) only in 2004.

The source is http://inamidst.com/stuff/sappho/. Some words are conjectured, but I'm pasting the version without square brackets for readability.

Υμμες πεδὰ Μοίσαν ἰοκόλπων κάλα δῶρα, παῖδες,
σπουδάσδετε καὶ τὰν φιλάοιδαν λιγύραν χελύνναν·
ἔμοι δ’ ἄπαλον πρίν ποτ’ ἔοντα χρόα γῆρας ἤδη
ἐπέλλαβε, λεῦκαι δ’ ἐγένοντο τρίχες ἐκ μελαίναν·
βάρυς δέ μ’ ὀ θῦμος ...
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Attributive and predicative adjectives

From Mimnermos:

τίς δὲ βίος, τί δὲ τερπνὸν ἄτερ χρυσῆς Ἀφροδίτης;
τεθναίην, ὅτε μοι μηκέτι ταῦτα μέλοι,
κρυπταδίη φιλότης καὶ μείλιχα δῶρα καὶ εὐνή·
οἷ’ ἥβης ἄνθεα γίγνεται ἁρπαλέα
ἀνδράσιν ἠδὲ γυναιξίν· ἐπεὶ δ’ ὀδυνηρὸν ἐπέλθῃ
γῆρας, ὅ τ’ αἰσχρὸν ὁμῶς καὶ καλὸν ἄνδρα τιθεῖ,
αἰεί μιν φρένας ἀμφὶ κακαὶ τείρουσι μέριμναι,
οὐδ’ αὐγὰς προσορῶν τέρπεται ἠελίου,
ἀλλ’ ἐχθρὸς μὲν παισίν, ἀτίμαστος δὲ γυναιξίν·
οὕτως ἀργαλέον γῆρας ἔθηκε θεός.

I asked Paul if ...
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Preferred 'Odyssey' Reading For NuGrkStu ???

Could someone recommend the best way to read Homer's 'Odyssey' by recommending a good translation and supplemental materials?

What I mean is my default is to buy from the Loeb Classic Library however I've found it hard to find translations supplied on the opposing page. Others have recommended other greek 'interliniear' translations of homer's 'odyssey' which may be better. Also would you suggest a 'lexicon' with whichever 'odyssey' version you'd recommend or will the interlinear ...
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Pindar's language

To follow up on a discussion among some of us by private e-mail, here is what M.M. Willcock has to say on this topic in Pindar Victory Odes (Cambridge 1995) (Cambridge Greek and Latin Classics, "Green and Yellow Series"), p. 22:

Choral lyric was composed in 'literary Doric', an artificial dialect with a Doric flavor but containing also Aeolic forms from north Greece, and a very strong influence from Homer, which means not only an ...
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Pindar's Olympian Ode 14

I read aloud Pindar's Olympian Ode 14:

There are English subtitles, translated with corrections from a forum regular.
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Richard John Cunliffe Biography

Does anyone know anything about Richard John Cunliffe's biography? I'm having trouble discovering anything about him beyond his publication list and the fact that he had a daughter, Mary Cunliffe.
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