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Are you reading Homeric Greek? Whether you are a total beginner or an advanced Homerist, here you can meet kindred spirits. Beside Homer, use this board for all things early Greek poetry.

Back to square one...

Hi, all. I've been gone for a long time, because I was so frustrated about the lack of learning tools that fit my learning style (lazy :? ), such as a "5,000,001 Ancient Greek Verbs Fully Conjugated". Anyway, I have completely forgotten what little I had learned about Greek. I looked at Marinone on Amazon as a potential learning tool, but thought it would only frustrate me ...
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Hexameters Englished

Salvete Graeci,

A few years ago someone posted an interesting example of a 19th cen. attempt to translate a fragment of Homer into English following strict hexameter meter. I have searched for this on Textkit, but cannot find it. Could someone with a better memory direct me to it, amabo te?


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Is there a complete audio of the Iliad available?

Salvete Graeci,

Does anyone know of a complete recording-in Greek-of the Iliad? I have listened to the excerpts read by Stanley Lombardo
but I would like to listen to the entire poem.


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Liddell & Scott

I have just bought L&S Abridged G-E Lexicon. What is the significance of the 1 to 2 words per page in capital letters?
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The Iliad A Multilingual Parsed interlinear Text

The Iliad is now available under the Libronics "Logos" platform
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A reading course in Homeric Greek book 1

Hello all,

I just bought this book (revised version, the third edition) on Amazon.com and while flipping through it, noticed that it skips from lesson 55 to lesson 75. It is missing a little under 50 pages, and they are not torn out, its as if they were never printed to begin with.

Anybody who has this book, please check and make sure you have these pages. If so, if you would kindly respond to ...
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Lesson XXXVI translation help

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usage of "te kai"

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Iliad 5.81: ἔξεσε

Does anyone know wich verb ἔξεσε is a form of? I can't find it in Cunliffe's "A lexicon of the Homeric dialect" and Perseus is so painfully slow I don't even consider using it.

From context I can deduct it means cutting off.
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