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Are you reading Homeric Greek? Whether you are a total beginner or an advanced Homerist, here you can meet kindred spirits. Beside Homer, use this board for all things early Greek poetry.

2nd Aorist Indicative Middle of ἄγω

Pharr lists the 2nd aorist indicative active, 1st person singular of ἄγω as ἤγαγον. Does this make the 2nd aorist indicative middle, 1st person singular ἠγαγόμην?
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The Vocative Singular of βασιλεύς...

...is βασιλεῦ. Why the circumflex? I don't find a rule in Pharr that covers this. Is there such a rule, or is this one of those things you just have to memorize?
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Prosody Questions

Do elided vowels still count with respect to scansion? For instance:

(D)πολλὰς δ' | (S)ἰφθί | (S)μους ψῡ | (S)χὰς Ἄι | (D)δι προΐ | (S)αψεν

I use (D) to indicate that the foot is a dactyl, and (S) a spondee, since using macrons, breves and bars on the line above might not line up properly depending on the reader's font. I assumed the first foot, with δὲ elided to δ', is a dactyl, and ...
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Lesson IV, Eng. to Gr. translation

Thet have many plans, but (they are) cowardly (ones).

The first part of the sentence above is easy enough: πολλὰς βουλὰς ἔχουσιν. It's the second part that I'm not too sure. Because we are told not to translate the words in parentheses, should I treat it as a simple sentence instead of a compound sentence? Paul, in his answer key (www.greekgeek.org), ...
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Lesson IV, typo?

Is this a typo?

Section 554: The enclitics are:

1)...4) The present indicative of εἰμί be, and of φημί say (except . . . and possibly the second singular φῄς of φημί).

Should it not be φής instead of φῄς ( the latter being in the subjunctive, not the indicative mood)?
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some questions about meter and recitation

Periodically I return to Samuel Clarke's editions of the Iliad and the Odyssey. Alas, my Greek is nowhere near so fluent as my Latin, and Clarke has been an enormous help in getting me through large chunks of the texts.

I note many differences between the Greek hexameter and the Latin, and of course I have some questions regarding the versification.

1) In the opinion of the Textkit scholars, where's my best starting point for ...
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Just a test to celebrate the new forum

I have no message right now. Forgive me my wasting bits and bytes :-)
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Acquiring the Iliad

Does anyone know where i could purchase a copy of the Iliad, in Greek to be sure, preferably with some good notes.

I am unable to find anything but translations, or books that only have book I-III, etc.

I am after the whole thing in a book, if possible.

Does anyone know of such edition?

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At what point in a Homeric Greek student's "career" does Monro come in most handy, and why?
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