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Are you reading Homeric Greek? Whether you are a total beginner or an advanced Homerist, here you can meet kindred spirits. Beside Homer, use this board for all things early Greek poetry.

Lesson XXXVI translation help

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usage of "te kai"

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Iliad 5.81: ἔξεσε

Does anyone know wich verb ἔξεσε is a form of? I can't find it in Cunliffe's "A lexicon of the Homeric dialect" and Perseus is so painfully slow I don't even consider using it.

From context I can deduct it means cutting off.
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prin... prin. + infinitives

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Iliad 1:85-92 help!!

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XLIV the augment

  1. verbs beggining with p regularly double... those with l m v or c might get the doubvle
  2. verbs with a lost consonant f or c may take the consonantal augment instead of the syllabic
  3. initial c implies contractions (exo => eixov)
  4. initial f contraction may or may not take place

he gives examples for 4 whose origin i was not able to discover. i note that in andanw both things may happen eadon for ...
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XXII and XXIII the mystery of the missing tense

more questions :roll:
  1. he asks us to study the future perfect indicative, but this is nowhere to be found, also, how is it formed? :?
  2. in the formation of the aorist subjunctive, the endings are attached to which stem? the aorist w/o the augment? for instance how would it be in a case like aeidw? which ...
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chs XXXII XXXIII and XX XXI μιow verbs and participles

i leave you with these question:

  1. On the present participle: he presents for them 2 possible charts that differ by the stem. that is, the stem either ends in ovt and nominative wv, ouca and ov; or in ovt avt evt uvt, ending in s in the nominative masc. How the hell can I know to which class the verb belongs? knowing not the stem previously? :roll: ...
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