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Are you reading Homeric Greek? Whether you are a total beginner or an advanced Homerist, here you can meet kindred spirits. Beside Homer, use this board for all things early Greek poetry.

Poetry and Homeric Study

How important is poetry, meter and scanning to the study of Homer? Can we study it solely for the linguistic benefit without delving into the intricate poetic nature expressed in the books?

I'm not good at analyzing poetic style even in English. Doing it in Greek seems a little overboard.
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§560 - Syllables

I notice the division of the word Ἀγαμέμνων is a little strange in §560. Pharr has it divided as:


I would expect it to be different, especially the accented syllable. Is it correct as written here?


P.S. Sorry if I ask too many questions. Like I said -- I'm eager!
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first declension practice

καλὴ βουλή
καλῆς βουλῆς
καλῇ βουλῇ
καλὴν βουλήν
καλὴ βουλή

καλὰ βουλά
καλῇιν βουλῇιν
καλῇιν βουλῇιν
καλὰ βουλά
καλὰ βουλά

καλαὶ βουλαί
καλάων βουλάων
καλῇσι βουλῇσι
καλὰς βουλάς
καλαὶ βουλαί






How's it look? Got a question about it, too. I notice that the contracted -ῶν and uncontracted -έων are alternative endings for the genitive plural. How common are ...
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Mailing List Options

Just wondering what we should do for the mailing list options. Do we want to use the greekstudy list (paulb can tell us about this) or start our own small mailing list specifically dedicated to this study? Does anyone have any other ideas? I think it would be best to have something that's archived. Is Yahoo! Groups a decent idea?

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Pharr §16 - Question

In number 2 of §16, we find the following:

καλαὶ θεαί εἰσι φίλαι ψυχῇ θεᾶς θαλάσσης δεινῆς.

My question is what to make of the bold genitive phrase. I can't tell which word δεινῆς is modifying — θεᾶς or θαλάσσης. Does anyone have a way of telling in such a situation? My guess would be that it modifies the closest one (θαλάσσης δεινῆς - the terrible sea). Would "of the terrible goddess of the sea" ...
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Iliad book 1 Vocabulary

I have done as someone suggested and created a list of relevant vocabulary for the first book of the Iliad using the Perseus Project's vocabulary tool. I formatted it and put it into a spreadsheet and turned it into a pdf. It can be accessed here (12 pages, 43KB). There are some words for which the software did not provide a gloss, and I didn't feel free to add one. Perhaps I'll do this again ...
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Hi-resolution copy of Pharr

On the download page for Homeric Greek, there's a mention at the bottom of a high-resolution printer-friendly version of the text. It says:

"Please Note: A high resolution, 16.5 MB, printer friendly format is also available for download."

There's no link to said format, and I was wondering if someone knew where it could be downloaded. I've got someone who's asking for that version before we start the study.

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Similarities between Homeric and Koine

I notice in reading the introduction to Attic provided in Pharr's text (I'm looking specifically at §465 on page 201 now) that there are some morphological phenomena that were pulled from Homeric into the Koine, while others came instead from Attic. Specifically, I notice that ε + υ in contraction in the Koine follows Attic and becomes ου, while in Homeric it becomes ευ (§461).

However, like Homeric, the Koine has ...
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Question about Collations

In lesson 3 (§8), one of the assignments given is:

2) the declension of βουλή, καλὴ βουλή (659-662), and
write out the declension of κλαγγή and Χρύση.

As far as collation goes, would we just ignore this and expect that we would do this individually? I mean, it's not quite possible to collate entire noun declensions and verb conjugations, is it?

Or, could we ask that everyone post their answers into a thread here on ...
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Possible Group Study?

Is anyone interested in putting together a group study of Pharr's book (the version provided here on the site)? I have begun to look at it and am quite interested in pursuing Homeric Greek. I studied three years of κοινή in college about 9 years ago now, so I'm quite rusty on that (not one who sits around reading the New Testament too much -- when I do read it, I read it in Hebrew, ...
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