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Are you reading Homeric Greek or studying Homeric Greek with Pharr's Homeric Greek - A Book For Beginners? Here's where you can meet other Homeric Greek learners. Use this board for all things Homeric Greek.

Answer Key?

Is there an answer key available for Pharr? I would feel a lot more confident if I could check my translations.

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Iliad recorded?

Does anyone know of a recording of all or parts of the Iliad in the original Greek?
How wonderful it would be to listen to someone pronounce all that lovely language who really knows how.
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Partially deponent verbs?

I have come across some verbs that seem partially deponent, such as θνήσκω (fut. θανέομαι, aor. ἔθανον) and κιχάνω (fut. κιχήσομαι, aor. ἐκιχησάμην). So the first is regular in the present and aorist and deponent in the future, while the other is regular in the present and deponent in the future and aorist.

What does it tell about the other tenses? I would have guessed that it should remain consistent within the primary/secondary tenses groups, ...
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Pharr Lesson XVIII §103 E-G

I'll begin with the first three and continue with the rest later:

1. We have freed the beloved daughter of the priest, because we reverence the free-shooter Apollo.
ἀπολελύκαμεν φίλην θύγατρ' ἱερῆος, οὕνεκ' ἁζόμεσθ' ἑκηβόλον Ἀχιλῆα.

About ἅζομαι: this verb is defective. The vocabulary shows only one form. What does it mean regarding tenses? Does it have all forms in all of them? §898 doesn't seem to be specific about it.

2. All the Achaeans ...
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New web based reader for Homers Parsed Interlinear Iliad

Hello All,
This is very exciting!
I have found a site (http://www.Issuu.com) that has an excellent PDF viewer.
I have placed a link to the first book of "The Iliad of Homer a Parsed Interlinear Text".
Unlike Google books you can actually zoom up and read every detail of the text.


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Question - Lesson VI

Hi, I'm new here :)

According to the answer key at greekgeek.org, the phrase "We bring many splendid ransoms to the army of the Achaeans."
should be translated as: "φέρομεν πολλὰς ἀγλαὰ ἄποινα ἐς στρατὸν Ἀχαιῶν."
'πολλὰς' looks like accusative plural feminine, yet ἄποινα is neuter (right?). Shouldn't it be 'πολλὰ'?


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Pronunciation of δεω in πηληιαδεω (Iliad line 1...)


I think I understand the principle of sinizesis (paragraph 586), which dictates that the εω in πηληλιαδεω should be pronounced as a single long syllable. However, I'm not clear how it actually should be pronounced - εω doesn't seem to be one of the diphthongs listed and any other way of pronouncing seems to involve two vowels (however quickly one of them is pronounced) so it's not actually a single syllable at all. Is ...
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Version of the Iliad that references Grammar of the Hom. Di.

Does anyone know of an edition of the Iliad (it would probably be relatively old) that references "A Grammar of the Homeric Dialect" by Monro in the notes. I like reference grammars and would like to familiarize my self with this one. I really like how certain books will reference well known grammars, such as Helm's edition of Plato's Apology and it's references to Smyth. If there exists an Iliad with similar Grammar notes specifically ...
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Flashcards on iFlipr

Another set of Homeric Greek Vocabulary from Pharr, through §120 is now shared on iFlipr
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Iliad in Print

Just wondering if someone can suggest an edition of the Iliad that I can purchase online that includes the Greek text and notes for students. I have the first volume of the Loeb Iliad back in the States, but it does me no good at all here in Israel. I'd like to purchase something to carry with me as I go through the Homeric study.

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