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White English to Greek Exercises

This is a test of the unicode input (again!)

Ex 72

1. ἔλῡον

2. εἴχομεν

3. ἔπεμπετε

Later - I will now be able to input the rest as this method seems to work - but - can anyone explain how to save the exercises in some program (like Word or similar) so I can check them before I post? The only time I see them in unicode is (1) when I use the "Unicode ...
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Exercise 65

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Exercises 58 & 60

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Guard(s) & Garrison

Strange singular/plural word this one I think.

fulakh/ is translated as guard (sing.) or garrison. Now garrison suggests a collection of soldiers or guards to me. So is there any problem with translating Guards as fulakh/
fulakai/ ?

I ask this because, during Paragraph 74 of White I translated

You led the guards from the houses to the sea as

e)k tw~n oi)kiw~n e)pi\ th\n qa/lattan h]gej ta8/j fulaka8j.<br />

whilst Koala, on another ...
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Word Order and Paragraph 47

O Textkit! What an excellent site!!

On another thread (http://www.textkit.com/greek-latin-forum/viewtopic.php?t=217), Koala, has
begun to put up answers for discussion. This is really helpful for a beginner like me. However, I have one or two questions..

For In the village were tents
Comparing one of Koala's answers:
Koala wrote:Paragraph 47<br /> <br />e)n tai~j kwmai~j h]san skhnai/.<br />

to mine:
e)n tai=j kw/maij skhnai/ h]san

Apart from my, probably, dodgy accents (they're causing me some problems..) is ...
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I am working through White, and I have a question (I'll probably be back later with many more).

The sentence is from 134: kai\ Tissafe/rnhj diaba/llei ton Ku=ron pro\j to\n a)delfo\n w(j e)pibouleu/ei au)tw|

My translation goes: and Tissaphernes slanders Cyrus ... that he is plotting against him.

My problems are:

- How would you translate pro\j to\n a)delfo\n. I guess it is the accusative which surprises me here.

- I fail to see ...
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New Greek student finding trouble....

Hello, everyone. I just joined this wonderful community today, and I've been taking advantage of the incredible useful resources posted on the site. Kudos for this; it's exactly what I've been looking for. Anyway, I consider myself a student of language, but other than a terrible first-year Latin class, a year of French and two years of Spanish, I don't have much formal training. So I find myself needing clarification on some of the stuff ...
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I'm working out of the White, and came across this sentence to translate, which confused me a bit:

keleu/sei to\n strathgo\n tou\j a)nqrw/pouj lu/ein.

Does this translate as "He commanded the general to destroy the men"? Or "He commanded the general; he destroys the men"? Neither seem right. :?
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Hi,I'm a new one and get troubled in every step

I've been interested in Greek for long but there's no one here who's studying Greak let alone ancient one.I even don't know how to pronounce,rough and smooth breathing,for instance.
And I also have no experiece of Latin.Must I learn it in advance? :( :?:
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Infrastructure for White-a Study Group


If you intend to join the white-a group, please PM me a preferred userID, assuming you have one.

I need to create userIDs so that participants can use the GAGLS software for posting/viewing/editing their lessons.

Thank you.



PS: please include your textkit 'handle' as well
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