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Are you learning Ancient Greek with White's First Greek Book? Here's where you can meet other learners using this textbook. Use this board to ask questions and post your work for feedback.

JWW exercises, paragraphs 599, 600, 601

Thank you Skylax for your ongoing help!!

tou/tou ti/j a1n moi ta0ndro\j h]n pronou/steroj;

Some further grist for the mill..

1. while they live the brave continue/pass-the-time happily
2. on hearing (this), the soldiers became violent and were extremely angry with Clearchus
3. if one/we must fight, let us fight bravely
4. why did you, being wronged by me, ill treat my country?
5. while neither having been in peril nor undergone hardships, they ...
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sentance structure

i am finding it very difficult to get the hang of the sentance structure. i was wondering if anyone could give me a few guide lines or if anyone knows of a good website for this? :wink: the thing that is confusing me is, when does the verb go to the end of a sentance? for example in ex60 if 'fulaka\s pe/mpw' translates as 'i am sending ...
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JWW exercises, paragraphs 592, 593,594

some suggested answers for lesson LXIII - all criticism welcome!

1. will he report this or will you stay?
2. you (are/were) the first to express your opinion
3. they all wondered at what the other Greeks might/would answer
4. we are at a loss (as to) whether we will burn the wagons we have
5. some of them he will kill, others he will throw out
6. they were deliberating whether they would ...
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Ex 57

hello everyone, i just wanted to ask about ex 57. what is the correct translation of the verb a)/yw is it 'I lead' or 'I am leading'? 'I lead' seems to suggest it is a continuous action whereas 'I am leading' sounds more like the action is taking place at that very moment. The answer sheet seems to alternate between the two translations, is either translation correct? :? ...
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JWW exercises, paragraphs 579, 580, 581

posting some work for feedback

1. he said it was better to throw the other things into the river
2. you, O men, have a very great opportunity
3. Aristippus had no fewer than three hundred cavalrymen
4. it is better to endure these things than to quit
5. turning about, most fled through the river with all their might
6. these men claim to be no worse than the captains
7. for it ...
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JWW exercises, paragraphs 574, 575, 576

my suggestions for the exercises from Lesson LXI - with thanks

1. he ordered the generals to draw up the Greeks
2. those who were pursuing quickly stopped
3. for Cyrus thought that the King would come to fight with his army
4. send villagers to spy out (lit: spying out) how the rear guard are (lit: have it)
5. indeed then/there Cyrus feared lest the King might cut down the Greek army
6. ...
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JWW exercises, paragraphs 562, 563, 564

some further suggested answers . . . thank you for the last corrections!

1. Cyrus, being both at a loss and vexed by these things, summoned Clearchus
2. it seems best to me (that) we ask Cyrus what use he wishes to make of us
3. for we say that they are more cowardly about us, than we are about them / their behaviour towards us is worse than ours towards them
4. and ...
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JWW exercises, paragraphs 549, 550, 551

some answer suggestions for lesson 59
many thanks for the last lot of corrections!

1. the flesh of these birds was sweeter
2. let us not be greater cowards than the other Greeks
3. the man has become most difficult at the end of his life
4. surely I have not(yet?) tasted a sweeter wine in a long time
5. they say that these, the ones who are taking part in an expedition to ...
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First lesson

Hello, I have just started learning Greek. please could someone tell me how to pronounce the following letters; Xi, Tau, Phi, Chi and Psi. I understand the phonetic value but not how to say the actual name of the letter! :wink: Thanks
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JWW exercises, paragraphs 538, 539, 540

Merci beaucoup encore M. Slylax pour tous vos conseils!
Voici des exercises que j'ai achevés tout à l'heure...

1. Cyrus is a worthy friend, to he who would be his friend
2. wherever a general was still alive, they called-to/urged the general
3. for I would fear the guide, who they might send to follow us
4. I will come to the city, whenever the time is fitting
5. whenever the Persians voted someone ...
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