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Vocabulary Drill Program for White?

I am going through White's "First Greek Book" on my own since there is no running study group operating at this time. Is there a free program that exists to download vocabulary drills of White's Lessons? If not, any advice as to what way is best to write one so others would benefit? I would not mind taking the time to put together a vocabulary drill program based on White's Lessons.
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Exercise 162

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Exercise 190

1. ὀλίγους τῶν λοχαγῶν μετεπέμψατο ὁ Κῦρος.

2. ἐπὶ τὰς τοῦ ποταμοῦ πήγας πεπόρευνται.

3. συμβεβούλευται τῷ Κύρῳ.

4. ἀπὸ μάχης ἡδέως πεπαύσει.

5. ἡ στρατιὰ πέντε σταθμοὺς ἐπεπόρευντο.
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To One And All--
A friend of mine and myself are starting a new beginners' Greek group that will follow J. Gresham Machen's, New Testament Greek for Beginners. I have the second edition of this work but my colleague, Kat Doe, has both the first and second editions. There is a photostatic copy of this book available online, which would prove useful, as this old edition I have cost me $50. Kat or myself might ...
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Im confused about the three groups of consonants:

double consonants

Can someone direct me to where these are explaned or explan them
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132/9: Who hit whom?

I'm having trouble with exercise 132, sentence 9, specifically:

οὐκ ἄξιον ἦν τῷ ὁπλίτῃ παίειν τὸν Περσικὸν τοξότην.

White's book was not the first Greek textbook I began studying, so admittedly my thinking may be influenced by outside sources here, but I am unsure of who hit whom. In infinitive construction, when the subject of the main clause is not the same as the subject of the subordinate clause, then the latter is placed into ...
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Exercise 118

1. ἐσχήκαμεν

2. ἐκεκελεύκη

3. ἐδεδιώχεσαν

4. πέπομφας

5. ἐπιβεβούλευκε
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Excercise 294

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Exercise 248


I have just worked through exercise 248, and I understand all of it apart from one word on line 7 - einai (with a circumflex on the first iota; please forgive the lack of greek alphabet...I don't have an appropriate font installed).
Having looked at previous posts on this forum, I've established that it means 'was also', but I don't quite follow how. Is '-ai' a suffix that can be attached to any verb ...
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