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:x Going through First Greek Book...Lesson 5 exercises...how do you differentiate a question from a regular sentance? Is it word order? And if so, how is it different from a regular sentance's? Any help is appreciated.
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JWW's paragraph 162, #10

Hi, guys,

Can someone, please, provide me a good translation of the sentence 10 in paragraph 162. I just can't make any senseful sentece out of it.


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Paragraphs 73, 79, 84, 95, 103, 117 and 119

Hi, Everybody,

I have translated some paragraphs from JWW and I'd love if you could check it for me,ok. It might have a lot of mistake... Tanslating from ancient greek into new English, poor me! Here it goes:

Please, any suggestion, correction etc is welcome! Thanks!

(1) The house had beautiful doors. (2) He was sending the garrison to the village. (3) He had beautiful houses in the village. (4) Were you (sing.) plunder ...
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pages missing?

Hi all,
I downloaded JWW's First Greek book on 13th June 2003. I was looking for a word in the greek-english dictionary (page 304) and I discovered that the dictionary starts from page 4. Then I checked the dictionary and I found other 3 pages missing (pages 15-16-17 of the dictionary). Why? Is there a new, complete, version? Have I to download the whole file again? I have a 56 K connection and downloading that ...
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JWW's Para 41, #1

Hi, guys,

I think there's something wrong with the translation given for Para 41 #1:

Oi)ki/ai mikrai/ shoul d be translated as (some) houses are small,

because the adjective comes after the noun and the verb to be is to be

ommited. To say Small houses with such a structure we should say

oi)ki/ai ai) mikrai/, right?

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key to Whites First Greek Book

I have noticed to errors made in Lesson VI item exercise 64.<br />Sentence 3 : verb 'bring' is in the 2nd person plural, but was<br />translated in the 3rd person singular. <br /><br />Sentence 6. the adjective 'good' follows the object<br />knives/sabres but is translated as describing shields?<br />Also the adjective is translated as 'fine' for which we have been given the adjective 'kalas' ???
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JWW exercises, para 398, 411, 418, 424, 431, 441

Some more answer suggestions for these six chapters<br />It goes without saying that all corrections much appreciated<br /><br />Lesson 42. / Paragraph 398. <br />a. a0lla\ tw|~ Me/nwni h]n to\ ke/raj to\ eu0w/numon.<br />b. kai\ sumbouleu/etai o9 Cenofw~n tw|~ Swkra/tei<br />g. dia\ tw~n o0re/wn e0poreu/onto oi9 strathgoi/.<br />d. toi~j pa=si h]san kra/nh xalka~.<br />e. e0nteu~qen e1pemye to\n a1ggelon e0pi\ tw~n o0re/wn<br />-e0pi\ ta\ o1rh<br /><br /><br />Lesson 43. / Paragraph 411. <br />a. pe/myon tou\j ...
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JWW exercises, para 351, 358, 367, 383, 391

Lesson 36./ Paragraph 351. <br />feu~ feu~-te/loj, me/xri tou= tw~n maqh/matwn me/sou h3kw<br />a. o9 path\r-ton-Ku=ron e0ka/lei-e0ka/lessen<br />b. e0yhfi/santo pe/myai a1ndraj meta\ tou= Klea/rxou<br />g. Ku=roj e0poih/qh u9po\ tou= patro\j satra/phj th=j Frugi/aj <br />d. tw|~ a0ndri\ e9ka/stw| e1sontai pe/nte mnai~ a0rguri/ou<br />e. toi~j 3Ellhsin e0pole/mhsen-e0pole/mei.<br /><br /><br />Lesson 37./ Paragraph 358. <br />a. ti/ dei~ tou\j a0nqrw/pouj poreu/esqai;<br />b. ti/ pro\j tou=to le/gei;<br />g. e0rwta~| tij ei0 tou=to ei]pej<br />d. poi/ouj a0nqrw/pouj dei~ strateu/esqai;<br ...
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JWW exercises, para 295, 310, 320, 329, 337, 343

a little late, but some more answer suggestions - corrections welcome, of course<br /><br />Lesson 30. / Paragraph 294. <br />a. ei0si\ kh/ruki e9ka/stw| pe/nte mnai~.<br />b. tw|~ ge/ronti o9 Ku=roj e1pemye strapeto\n xrusou~n.<br />g. ti/ e0n nw~| e1xei o9 a1rxwn ;<br />d. Ku=roj ga\r a0kina/khn xrusou~n ei]xen.<br />e. eu]noi tw|~ Cenofw~nti oi9 a1lloi strathgoi/ ei0sin.<br /><br /><br />Lesson 31. / Paragraph 310. <br />a. ei0 ta\ xrh/mata e1xei, tw|~ strateu/mati pe/myei<br />b. e0peira/qh to\ ...
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FGB Para 173 - Passage "He continues to collect Forces&

Hi All<br /><br />I am a beginner and I have been going through First Greek Book own my own. I'm at the point in the lessons where I'm starting to encounter some difficulty and I ask for your help.<br /><br />This is from page 43 Paragraph 173, first 2 lines:<br /><br />a)/llouj de\ stratiw/taj Ku/rw| h)/qroize Kle/arxoj o( Lakedaimo/nioj e(n Xerronh/sw|. tou/tw| ga/r w(j fi/lw| pare/sxe muri/ouj dareikou/j<br /><br />My translation:<br />Clearchus, a Spartan in ...
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