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It's been a while since I've posted here and I had nearly forgotten about this place. Could anyone tell me if there indeed is a Greek version of Lingva Latina? I'm not really sure, but I heard this floating around somewhere in the forum and online perhaps asking the same question I am but I was wondering if there was indeed a "Lingva Graeca Per Se Illustrata?" :?: ...
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Sidgwick First Greek Writer XXXVII

I've found that accents are mostly a distraction during composition. So when I'm working with pen and paper, I've been writing everything down, and then going back and adding accents throughout. This is harder to do with the computer, so I haven't done it. I can go through and start adding them though. I have noticed that the pen and paper exercise is very good for helping me remember the accents (unlike typing them on ...
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Sidgwick First Greek Writer XXXVI


εδωκα, τοξοτης, σπουδη, εξεταζω, ηρετο, αρτιως, αντιδιδωμι, υποπτευω, απεδειξα


And he took ten ducats from the stranger, and gave him the jewel.

και ελαβε καπηλος δεκα στατηρας παρα του ξενου, την δε λιθον εδωκε.

And he, taking the bag and the jewel, went away very quickly from the market.

ο δε λαβων τον θυλακον και την λιθον ταχιστα εξηλθε της αγορας.

And after a not very long time there came to the dealer ...
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Sidgwick First Greek Writer XXXV


ονομα, παντοιος, τεχνη, εγενετο, ελλογιμος, αγορα, αγοραζειν, καπηλος, ω ανθρωπε, ξενος, αργυριον, οιος, νομιζεται, στατηρ, δεικνυμι, δοκιμαζω, βασανος, τωι οντι, μανθανω


There was once a thief by name Theros, who stealing many things by all manner of arts became very famous.

κλεπτης τις ποτε ην, το ονομα αυτωι Θερος, ος πανταις τεχναις κλεπτων σφοδρα ελλογιμος εγενετο.

For this man, once coming into the market, wished to buy a certain very precious stone, and ...
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Favorite Greek Textbooks?

What are your guys favorite Ancient Greek textbooks?
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Greek to GCSE

How much do you all know about this text? Is it useful, quick, and easy like Athenaze (although this I'm certain isn't a reading text), and will it get me reading Ancient Greek prose and verse authors?
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Digital tutorial on White's First Greek Book


A review of a new book on digital classics criticizes the choice of FGB rather than the digital tutorial itself:
"For his part, Rydberg-Cox makes a compelling case for widely available, digital resources for learning ancient Greek (especially for the benefit of students geographically removed from elite universities). Yet he does not provide enough evidence that his own interactive Greek textbook is educationally effective. Despite its long list ...
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Morices Attic stories ἰχθῦς?

οἱ τοίνυν ἰχθῦς, ὅταν παρίωσι, προσνέουσι τοῖς πουλύποσιν ἀδεῶς, ὡσεὶ πέτραις.

The context is that cuttlefish lie in ambush for fish. This line makes sense to me with ἰχθύες but not if it really is ἰχθῦς.

I would assume some typesetting error but given my level of Greek I exclude some huge misunderstanding on my part.
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dickey's prose comp: chapter one

hey all,

i'm posting my work on chapter one as a separate thread. the first has grown to two pages and other users of the text are both more advanced than i and further along in the text. i don't expect anyone to go backwards into already completed work. i'm posting just as much to push myself into doing the work. the intro chapter on accentuation is the only one i'm skipping. otherwise, i intend ...
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