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Are you learning Latin with Latin: An Intensive Course by Moreland and Fleischer? Here's where you can meet other learners using this textbook. Use this board to ask questions and post your work for feedback.

M&F Unit 13 Latin to English again

pg 227 No. 32

Di in caelo, parcite nobis! Naturam optimam ducem tamquam deum sequimur eique paremus.

Gods in heaven, spare us! We follow our leader like a god and obey him. (More idiomatically, we follow and obey our leader as if he were a god.)

But where does naturam optimam fit in?
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M&F Unit 13 Latin to English

Page 226:

11 b) Duo consules exposuerunt se quosdam duces navibus praefecturos esse.

11 c) Duo consules exposuerunt se quosdam duces navibus praefecturos

11 b) The two consuls explained that they were going to put certain leaders in command of the ships.

But what's the difference in 11 c)? Is the esse optional and they actually mean the same or is there some difference I'm not seeing?
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M&F Unit 3 Pg57 #20 in dextris / per dextram

Validi incolae patriam et famam in dextris tenent. Per dextram oramus ut magna diligentia cum malis pugnent ut semper Romani simus liberi.

The strong of the island keep their country and their fame.
We beg by (our) right hand in order that we might fight with(against) the wicked with great diligence in order that we might always be free Romans.

I'm not sure about how to translate ...
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M&F Unit 12 English to Latin

Any comments on or corrections to these translations? The main points of this unit are subjunctives in independent clauses, and indirect questions.

1. Let all citizens in a free state be dutiful and willing to fight for their country.

Omnes in civitati liberae civites non solum pii sint sed etiam pro eorum patria pugnare velint.

2. If only we could always be free from care!

Utinam ab curis semper immunes possimus!

3. All men know ...
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M&F Unit 12 Latin to English

I'm having problems with this isolated sentence from the exercise:

His tantis in rebus est tuum videre quid agatur.

Is this close?

In these many matters it is your (job? role?) to see what is to be done.
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M&F Unit3 Pg57 #12

<br />Cum glöriä puerï gladiïs pugnäbant.<br /><br />I'm not sure whether I should translate this as:<br /><br /> The boys fought against glory with swords.<br /><br />or as:<br /><br /> They fought against the boy's glory with swords.<br /><br />gladius = sword DAT or ABL<br />pueri = boys NOM; of the boy GEN<br />gloria = glory ABL<br />pugnare cum + ABL = to fight with<br /><br />Edited: to change pugnabunt to pugnabant -M 031003.0903<br /><br ...
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M&F Unit2 Pg46 Reading

<br />I'm working through the Reading on Page 46. I'm unsure of 3 out of 19 sentenses in the passage.<br /><br /><br />Tum, subito, deus venit et nautam monuit: "Naviga nunc," narravit, "antequam reginae sit ira.<br /><br />Translated:<br /> Then suddenly, God came and warned the sailor: "Set sail now," he told (him), "before anger is to the queen.<br /><br />I'm unsure about reginae sit ira ... anger is to the queen, or anger was ...
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M&F Unit2 Pg45 #22

<br />I wanted to check my translation of this sentence.<br /><br />Et gloria incolis provinciae et culpa, sed poeta de natura incolarum tacuit.<br /><br />I first worked it out to:<br /><br /> Both glory of the province's inhabitants and fault,<br /> but the poet was silent about the nature of the inhabitants.<br /><br />Then I tried to refine it a bit so it makes more sense, but in doing so, I moved the second part ...
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M&F Unit2 Pg45 #13

<br />De natura animae nec cum poeta senseram nec sententiam mutare optaveram.<br />The souls neither agreed with the poets nor desired to change opinion about nature.<br /><br />This sentence doesn't make sense to me. Did I translate it incorrectly?<br /><br />I'm not sure how "souls" would agree or disaree with "poets", or how "souls" could change their "opinion" about anything.<br /><br />senseram = pluperfect<br />optaveram = pluperfect<br />
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M&F Unit 11

My English to Latin translations are:<br /><br /><br />1. Having dared to enter the neglected house, the children fled as soon as possible when the guardian approached.<br /><br />Custode aggrediente, nati in domum neglectum ingredi ausi quam primum fugerunt.<br /><br />2. Desirous of money, the young men attempted crimes, nor did they fear the punishment which threatened.<br /><br />Pecuniae cupidi, iuvenes scelera conati sunt neque poenam minantem timuerunt.<br /><br />3. Famous consuls, don’t use all ...
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