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Are you learning Latin with Latin: An Intensive Course by Moreland and Fleischer? Here's where you can meet other learners using this textbook. Use this board to ask questions and post your work for feedback.

Unit Six - Reading

I'd love if someone could help me with the first adapted Cicero text presented in this book, at Unit Six. Here's my best translation (it's terrible), but I haven't gotten the meaning yet.

i desire, senators, i am pious, i desire i am not seen in so many dangers in this town, but now i condemn myself for laziness and worthlessness.
a camp is in italy against the roman people, located in the mountains of ...
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Unit Four - Exercises

Out of all the exercises I'm only in doubt about the four below. I'd appreciate if anyone could help me.

exercises.i.14. fēminae pulchrae uirōs miserōs ē prōuinciā rōmānā ad amīcum oppidum cum magnā turbā mittunt nē incolae prōuinciae esse uideantur.
14. the beautiful women send the poor men out of the roman province to a friendly town with a great crowd in order that it may not seem they are inhabitants of the province.
this ...
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Unit Three - Exercises

just two questions:

unit 3 - exercises - i - 15.
nisí tacuisset, miserum monuissem ut lacrimás céláret.
if "nisi" means both "if... not" and "unless", how do I choose between these two versions?
if you had not kept silent , i would have warned the miserable in order that he might conceal his tears.
unless you had kept silent , i would have warned ...
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Unit 3 Reading

I'm not sure if I translated this sentence correctly:

Ibi re'g'inam mortuam vi'dit et o'ra'vit ne' se' i'nsidia'rum da'mna'ret, sed re'gi'na neque specta'vit neque Aene'a'n audi'vit.

There he saw and spoke to the dead queen in order that she not accuse him of treachery, but the queen neither saw nor heard Aeneas.

I'm unsure if neque means neither... nor since I can't find it in the book. I even thought it meant ne' + que ...
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unit one - corrections to the PDF

I just got my M&F copy and am very excited with it.
I just finished all exercises from unit one in this night, and noticed some differences between my work and the one available as PDF here.

These are what I think to be corrections to the PDF:
drill.i.11 - did you used to scare the crowd? I did not.
drill.ii.b.3 - féminárum
drill.ii.b.8 - timébant
preliminary-ex.ii.b.5 - sunt
exercises.ii.6 - féminas in patriá uidére ...
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Unit Thirteen - Questions about the Exercises

Usually there is a sentence or maybe two in each unit that I simply cannot understand, but, in Unit Thirteen, there were several. I guess M & F decided that they had to raise the bar a little bit.

5. Harum sententiarum quae vera sit, deus aliqui videat.

I can't make any sense of it. Literally, it seems: "Of these opinions which be true, some god would see." What noun governs "harum sententiarum"? Is it ...
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Unit I, Reading

First, I assume the answer key project is now dead?

Second, this sentence in the reading has me puzzled:

Fama enim reginae non erat cura.

I'm reading this as "Of course, the reputation of the queen was not a concern," which is something of a non sequitur. I'm wondering if the intent of the sentence is to express the fact that the queen's office was not an impediment to love she and the sailor have ...
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Unit #1 Ex 19

I am working through Unit 1 exercises and drills. I got stuck at #19:
Feminae est forma, fama nautae; feminis est forma, fama nautis.
The link to the the PDF answer key seems to be down, any help would be appreciated. If I ignore the comma I can come up with:
The woman's beauty is the talk of the sailor for the first part but otherwise, the only way I could make sense of it ...
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Unit 1 Ex - Section I - #13

Unit 1 Ex - Section I (pg 33) - #13

#13: Cum poeta e portis in viam ambulo (ambulabam).
M&F Key: I am walking (was walking) out of the gate onto the path.

Um... I think you missed the cum poeta part of the sentence.
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Unit 1 Prelim Ex - Section II B - #5

Unit 1 Prelim Ex - Section II B (pg 33) - #5
Change from singular to plural

#5: est
M&F Answer Key: estis

Estis is the plural for es (2nd person, present).
I believe it should be sunt (3rd person, present).
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