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Are you learning Latin with Latin: An Intensive Course by Moreland and Fleischer? Here's where you can meet other learners using this textbook. Use this board to ask questions and post your work for feedback.

Unit 5 Exercise I, No. 11

I'm having trouble with part (c). The first two conditions fit the patterns M & F have dealt with previously, but part (c) seems to be the first independent use of the subjunctive in the book. It's not a condition, not a clause of purpose, nor an indirect command. So do you just fall back on their general comments about the subjunctive and go for uncertainty, potentiality, intent etc?

Something like:
The sailor who is ...
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Perfect Subjuntive Active

In M&F (Page 328) the second person forms of perfect subjunctive active do not have a macron on the last i; nor do the first person plurals.

In Wheelock, however, they have (Page 453).

Which is correct? Thank you.
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Where can I get this book?

Dear All:
Who can tell me where I can get this book? I always read what you have said ,such as the excerpts and answers .BUt where is the original text ?can I download from somewhere? If you know through which way I can get it ,Please tell me .Thank you verymuch!
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Moreland & Fleisher: too tough?

Wow. It's been almost a year since somebody last posted a topic on this Moreland & Fleisher board! It seems that this textbook isn't anywhere near as popular as Wheelock's based upon the infrequent activity on this discussion forum.

Anyway, myself having just finished reading M&F for the first time, I'm not surprised that most would prefer using Wheelock's over M&F. My impression is that M&F attempts to package everything there is to know about ...
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quis superavit? Capitulum X

Quanta maxime poterat ui superauit.

quanta is abl. presumably in concordance with ui, right?

After reading about Syra and her story about Theseus, I decided to do some of M'n'F, starting where I left off. Maybe it's just the lack of context that's throwing me off, but it seems to me that superauit should be superauisse or there should be a relative pronoun or something.. and a question mark.

with how much force most greatly ...
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pro dolor! di boni! o tempora, o mores!

metuo ne quis hoc in foro uersetur. desertum locumque ignis ac mortis iam fit! utinam quisquis Latinae studet hic ueniat saluumque faciat!

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M, Fque ch. 8

First of all... I never noticed this forum before. :oops: for shame.

anyway, I have just a few questions to ask of ye venerable textkittens, textfeles and textleones.

#26 - Helena, specie pulchra, salutem petebat iens longe sub luna per oppidum ardens. incolentibus oppidum neque spes erat neque fructus. Di superi prima luce...
to the inhabitants, the city was neither a hope nor an enjoyment? how can ...
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Possible translation

From M+F Unit Two drill:

Si taedam nautae dederit, portam videbo.

The "dederit" could be either future perfect or perfect subjunctive.

I opted for perfect subjunctive which would translate to:

1) If he had given the torch to the sailor, I will see the gate.

This sounds more logical than with the future perfect:

2) If he will have given the torch to the sailor, I will see the gate.

Does 1) make more sense ...
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Unit Two Tenses

Going through unit two which introduces the perfect, pluperfect and future perfect, as well as the subjunctive, I just wanted to stop for a second and make sure I got the ideas right in my mind:

Sum nauta. I am a sailor.
Ero nauta. I will be a sailor.
Eram nauta. I used to be a sailor.
Fui nauta. I was a sailor.

Fueram nauta. I had been a sailor.
Fuero nauta. I will have ...
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various editions of M + F

Salvete omnes:

I am wondering about the (two?) editions of the book. The first edition (1974, ISBN 0520027477) seems pretty pricey, as used copies appear to be going for $98.01 on Amazon. I assume it is out of print. The 1977 edition (ISBN 0520031830) is far cheaper at $14. Are there vast differences between the editions, and is one preferred to the other by most on the list?
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