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Are you learning Latin with Latin: An Intensive Course by Moreland and Fleischer? Here's where you can meet other learners using this textbook. Use this board to ask questions and post your work for feedback.

Unt 3 Questions.

Regarding Clauses of Purpose, M&F rattles on about Primary and Secondary Tenses and how the verbs in the independent and dependent clauses always go toghether with their counterparts. In contrast, my Wheelock text makes no distinction toward that whatsoever, and makes the subject MUCH simpler. :P Does this tense-dividing matter much?
For example, M&F diffrentiates how the Perfect tense is used in both categories, i.e. perfect in ...
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Unt 2 Sentences


8. Incolae si feminas invidiae damnaverint, nautae sententiam de fama incolarum mutare non dubitabunt.

If the inhabitnats condemned the women of jealousy, the sailors will not hesistate to change their opinion about the beauty of the inhabitnats.

12. Si nautae noxas a puellis pepulissent, et gloriam et famam cepissent.

If the sailors had driven off the harm from the girls, they would have had both glory and fame.

22. Nisi pecuniam in cella celavisses, ...
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Unt 1 Question Confusion

some of the excercises I'm confused about-

Turbamne terrebas? Non terrebam.
-"Did you terrufy the crowd? I did not" is what I came up with..

Aquam nautis dabitis?
-"You gave water to the sailors" I don't know why there is a question mark..

Feminas in viis videbatis, sed de forma non clamabatis. Poenas dabitis
-"You saw the women in the roads, but you didn't shout about (their) beauty. You will pay a penalty"

Nautae feminas ...
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M&F Unit 18 English to Latin

The last unit. :shock:

A real ragbag of topics:

Subjunctive by Attraction
futurum esse/fore ut
syncopated forms
Accusative of Respect (Greek accusative)
Adverbial accusative
Genitive of Remembering and Forgetting
Genitive of Indefinite Value
Ablative of Price
quod = the fact that

English to Latin sentences:
1. Although the man was wounded in the foot, he forgot his pain and, for the most part, fought courageously

Pedem vulneratus, ...
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M&F Unit 17 English to Latin

Could someone have a look at these sentences please? The topics for this unit are:
a. doubt
b. fear
c. prevention
d. supines

1. He was a man of such sanctity that he kept the leaders from committing crimes.
Vir tantae religionis erat ut duces impediret quominus scelera facerent.

2. We fear that he will reveal the crimes of this house.
Terremus ne scelera domus huius retegat.

3. We fear that he revealed the crimes ...
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M&F Unit 17 Latin to English

Latin to English, Exercise I. 2

Unum illud timebam ne quid turpius facerem, vel dicam, iam efficissem

Unum illud – neuter singular accusative
timebam – 1st singular active imperfect indicative
turpius – neuter singular accusative adjective or comparative adverb
facerem – 1st singular active imperfect subjunctive
dicam -- 1st singular active future indicative or 1st singular active present subjunctive
efficissem -- 1st singular active pluperfect subjunctive

I was afraid of that one thing, that I ...
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M&F Unit 16 English to Latin

Could someone look over these English to Latin translations for me, please?

The topics for this unit are:
a. Gerunds
b. Gerundives
c. Impersonal Verbs

1. The queen was so ashamed of her burning love for the handsome leader that she drove him from her state.
Amoris pro duce decoro ardentis reginam tam pudet ut e re publica eum expulerit.

2. In order to terrify the citizens, the legate ordered the troops that they attack ...
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M&F Unit 15 English to Latin

Could someone look over these English into Latin translations for me, please.

The topics for this unit are:
a. Cum clauses and other temporal, concessive, and causal clauses.
b. Conjunctions which can take the indicative or the subjunctive
c. Proviso clauses

1. Since someone is approaching, we shall bring it about that your friend does not harm anyone.
Cum aliquis aggredat, efficiemus ne amicus tuus quem noceat.

2. Although he delayed for a long ...
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M&F Unit 14 English to Latin

Could someone look over these please?

The topics for this unit are:
Result clauses
Relative clauses of characteristic, result, purpose

1. They ran across the fields so quickly that they arrived home faster than their friends.

Tam celeriter trans agros cucurrerunt ut celerius quam amici domum advenirent.

2. There is no one who does not know that the commander of the allies has been in charge of the troops for many years.

Nemo ...
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M&F Unit 13 English to Latin

Could someone check these English to Latin translations, please. The topics for this unit are:
 Indefinite pronouns
 Verbs taking the dative
 Impersonal passives
 Fio

1. Will anyone pardon him? He will not be pardoned by anyone.
Aliquisne eum ignoscet? Ab aliquo non ignoscetur.

2. I don't prefer anyone to her. She is a great aid to me.
Quamquem ei non praefero. Nam ea auxilium mihi magnum est.

3. What was ...
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