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Are you learning Latin with Latin: An Intensive Course by Moreland and Fleischer? Here's where you can meet other learners using this textbook. Use this board to ask questions and post your work for feedback.

Anyone using this now?

Once again, this forum seems to have gone months without a post, so since I've been using this textbook for a short while now, I decided to post and see is anyone else using it at present. I've quite enjoyed it so far (although I haven't even reached the first review exercise yet :P), but although it's intense and obviously grammar heavy, I've also found that I've ...
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M&F for post-Wheelock's

I took Latin in grades 7-12 and was very good at it. A few days from now, I will be finishing Wheelock's for the third time (once for school, once for myself, and now again for myself in hopes of pursuing a degree in Classics or Latin). M&F is currently en route to my house from amazon.com. What can I expect from M&F? How much has not been covered by Wheelock's that will be covered, ...
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Answer Key for M&F


Since many people have been asking for an answer key, here is a link to one:

https://www.dropbox.com/sh/etib9lmbxnwc ... 6mJCa?dl=0

There are answers to all the chapters

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Unit Fourteen--Exercises

Several items have given me much trouble. I'm giving my best guesses.

4. Semper sic vivamus ut naturam optimam ducem sequi videamur.

Let us so live that we are seen to follow the best leader. ???

I don't see the grammar of the three consecutive accusatives: "naturam optimam ducem".

15. Aliquid inveni modo ames.

May you like only what I find. ???

21. Si tanta vis virtutis est, ut eam non solum in eis, quos ...
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Unit Fourteen 14

Drill, I, 4d and 5a

I may have gone way astray here, so correct, please.

I-4-d. Quidam dixerunt aliquos vicisse Caesarem.

Quidam looks like the subject of dixerunt; hence: "Certain ones said. . ."
but both aliquos and Caesarem look accusative. So should it be Englished as:

"... Caesar defeated somebody";
or, "somebody defeated Caesar".

My intuitive preference, "Caesar defeated somebody."

I-5-a. Homines quidam mirantur verenturque Caesarem.

Should it be "Certain men admire and fear ...
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Unit Thirteen (13) Exercises

Here are some of the exercises that are too hard for me.

8. Legati illius virtus omnibus civibus admirationi fuit.

The courage of that officer was an inspiration to all the citizens. I don't understand
the use of admirationi.

9. Imperatori quodque sit bellum laudi. ???
I'm stumped.

11. Cui bono fuit. To whom the good. Who gained.

14. Quem uni e nobis saepe praetulit. Which one of us did he often prefer.
I don't ...
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Unit Thirteen Exercises

I'm having a few (understatement) problems with translating the exercises. These are the ones giving me problems:

1. Quo quisque est sollertior, hoc docet facilius.

4. Vix ulli credit, nec quisquam ex omnibus gentibus ad eum accedere audet.

7. Nisi cui imperabis ui illi servo ignoscat, mox morietur.

8. Ignoscite mihi, adulescentes, si vobis quid dicam: curae vobis sit ut moribus multarum gentium maxima cum cura studeatis.

I think I'm confusing myself with the subjunctive ...
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Units 9-11 Review B

I'm having trouble with the translation to Latin (III. Sentence 1)
How many days after me do you want to set out to Rome?
M&F have previously given us quantus - how much, how great, and quot - how many. I took from this that if you were referring to countable things you used quot, and for, well.....quantities that had to be measured, you used quantus.
However, M&F's translation into Latin is
Quantīs diēbus post mē ...
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Review: Units Nine to Eleven 9 11

Review of syntax

4. Multi viri sua sententia sunt felices; illi autem multorum saepe domini sunt; sed plurimum servi.

I need a literal translation; I can't pick out the objective genitive indicated in the hint.

Here is my effort. Please correct.

Many men with his opinion are happy; of them however many often are lords; but most are servants.

sua sententia: is this ablative of description?
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Unit 8 Preliminary exercises

I need help on two translations:

11. Mihi quaerenti opus est mente acri ut haec intellegam.

My effort:
To me when questioning the need is for a sharp mind that I might understand this.

12. Semper erimus rerum omnium memores de rei publicae spebus.

My effort:
Always we shall keep in mind everything that concerns the hopes for the republic.

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