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Here's where you can discuss all things Ancient Greek. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get translation help and more!

Pronouncing Ancient Greek (Blog Post)

I came across an entertaining and informative blog post while searching for information on how Devine & Stephens "The Prosody of Greek Speech" could actually be used. Enjoy!

http://blogicarian.blogspot.ca/2012/10/ ... ssics.html

note: some of the Greek words for which he gives sample pronunciations are the sort of words that dictionaries used to only translate into Latin, not English.
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Symposium 174.a.3

I'm picking my way back through the Symposium, and this line from fairly early in (Apollodorus is JUST beginning to tell the story of the banquet to his companions) is confusing me a bit:

"Ἔφη γάρ οἰ Σωκράτη ἐντυχεῖν λελυμένον τε καὶ τὰς βλαύτας ὑποδεδεμένον...."

My understanding of the grammar is that this is indirect speech, so Socrates is an accusative subject with an infinitive verb (ἐντυχεῖν). Ἐντυχεῖν then takes a dative object (οἰ), so ...
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can a particple be used as an imperative?
ex: οικαδε ιων συν νηυσι τε σησ και σοισ εταροισι
μυρμιδονεσσειν ανασσε Ιλιαδοσ 1 179
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Question about Porson's Bridge (and Devine and Stephens)

I'm reading Devine and Stephens' "The Prosody of Greek Speech" and am much puzzled thereby. They seem to amass all kinds of evidence without stating very clearly what it is evidence for, or how the evidence supports the conclusion. In chapter 7, for instance, there is an extensive discussion about the kinds of words that can occur before Porson's Bridge. I am not sure what is to be made of the fact that a given ...
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Pitch accent and asking questions

What do you do with your voice to indicate a question if you are using a pitch accent? Compare the following:

ἁρπάζετε τὴν χώραν.


ἁρπάζετε τὴν χώραν;

Do you just pitch your voice higher, as in English? Pitching my voice higher would, I suppose, be like giving the last syllable an oxytone accent. I think that a pause in the word would have to be inserted so the pitch could rise from a lower ...
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What font do you use?

If you type in Greek, what font do you like to use?

I had been using Palatino Linotype, but lately I have become fond of Gentium plus for when I type in Greek. I like the rho to have a straight, vertical tail, and I like the large diacritics. The letters look elegant, as if written with a fountain pen.
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Reading dictionary entries

I have a fuzzy understanding of the meaning of the various parts of a dictionary entry.

How do I read it for a noun? For a verb? What are the forms presented, and what order do they tend to come in?
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Bibical Greek Verbal System

I would just like some clarification on a few things before I press forward. Essentially I am looking to understand the verbal system of Koine Greek, but have found it very difficult finding clear information about it's complete forms et al. As I understand it there are basically two main types of verbs; omega verbs and -mi verbs. The other type being irregular. Of the verbs forms, there are three voices, six tenses (present, ...
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Construction involving ἀκούω

I am reading "Lucian, the a**" and there is a part where he meets a woman who warns him that the wife of Lucian's host is a witch. She introduces herself as follows:

Ἐγὼ Ἄβροιά εἰμι, εἴ τινα τῆς σῆς μητρὸς φίλην ἀκούεις,...

I don't understand the grammar here. I suppose that Abroia is a friend of Lucian's mother, and that she thinks he may have heard of her, but I can't make sense of ...
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Shortcomings of popular textbooks like JACT

Some experienced learners not infrequently show discontent with popular "contemporary" textbooks such as JACT and Athenaze. What are the shortcomings of them? Thank you.
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