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Athematic -α- aorists and other questions

1. What is the regular accent of the α athematic middle 2sg imperative? Smyth 424b(2) would imply that it's e.g. **πριῶ, and 426c would support this (except that it only refers to -οῦ imperatives), however the actually attested form is paroxytone πρίω, although 424c note 2 lists ἐπριάμην as an exception, but it only lists it as an exception w.r.t. subjunctive and optative. So is it (ἐπί)πτω (from -πέτομαι) or (ἐπι)πτῶ? I can't find either ...
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Question regarding οὐ

I'm brand new to Greek, so forgive my extremely basic question. I'm working through the first Athenaze book at the moment (among a couple of others) and saw this sentence in the answer key:

ὀ Δικαιόπολις οὐκ οἰκεῖ ἐν ταῖς Ἀθήναις.

What confused me was that οὐκ has no accent on it, just a breathing mark. My first thought was that this meant it was an enclitic, but given my admittedly basic understanding, if it ...
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Soph. OT 1189-1195

Soph. OT 1189-1195

Τίς γάρ, τίς ἀνὴρ πλέον
τᾶς εὐδαιμονίας φέρει
ἢ τοσοῦτον ὅσον δοκεῖν
καὶ δόξαντ' ἀποκλῖναι;
Τὸν σόν τοι παράδειγμ' ἔχων,
τὸν σὸν δαίμονα, τὸν σόν, ὦ
τλᾶμον Οἰδιπόδα, βροτῶν
οὐδὲν μακαρίζω·

What man, what man wins more of happiness than enough to seem, and after seeming to decline? With your fate as my example, your fate, unhappy Oedipus, I say that nothing pertaining to mankind is enviable.
Lloyd-Jones LCL 1994 Harvard ...
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subject of ἀνέβη - assumed? (Anabasis 1.1.2)

ἀναβαίνει οὖν ὁ Κῦρος λαβὼν Τισσαφέρνην ὡς φίλον, καὶ τῶν Ἑλλήνων ἔχων ὁπλίτας ἀνέβη τριακοσίους, ἄρχοντα δὲ αὐτῶν Ξενίαν Παρράσιον.

It's the middle bit that is giving me trouble namely "καὶ τῶν Ἑλλήνων ἔχων ὁπλίτας ἀνέβη τριακοσίους,"
The best I can do is that the subject of ἀνέβη is to be supplied by the reader so that a translation would be something like
and of the Greeks having heavy arms (a detachment) to the number ...
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Key to nash-williams

Hi all - Does anybody have the key to Nash-Williams's Introduction to Continuous Greek Prose Composition, please? It's a great book, approaching the whole thing from the proper construction of idiomatic periods, but would be even better with specimen answers! Best regards, Phalanx
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Soph. OT 1187 ἴσα καὶ paratactic comparison

I am not sure why this is considered paratactic in Soph. OT 1187, see Cooper below.

Soph. OT 1187
Ἰὼ γενεαὶ βροτῶν,
ὡς ὑμᾶς ἴσα καὶ τὸ μη-
δὲν ζώσας ἐναριθμῶ.

Ah, generations of men, how close to nothingness I estimate your life to be!

LCL Lloyd-Jones 1994

On the other hand I can see it as paratactic in Euripides Electra 994:

Euripides Electra 994
χαῖρε, σεβίζω σ᾿ ἴσα καὶ μάκαρας ...
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Dante's Divina Commedia in Ancient Greek

Just found on Google Books


Waiting for your comments.
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List of Greek compound verbs?

Does anyone know where I can find a good concise list of Greek compound verb meanings, either in a textbook or online? I can't seem to find it in Smyth, and although Mastronarde has a good list of mi compounds it doesn't extend beyond that. (The one list I've found online is pretty bad.) Any help would be greatly appreciated, and thanks.
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Verb tables suggestions

Does anyone have suggestions for a concise source book of Greek verb forms, suitable for use in the early stages of self-learning?
The kind of thing I have in mind carries titles such as 500+ Verbs Fully Conjugated, and is usually quite inexpensive. I've tracked down some titles on Amazon and elsewhere but it's difficult to judge their usefulness from the short description given. One book looks like it might be practical is in ...
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Mastronarde ch. 33

I'm having trouble grasping "ὅστις, ἥτις, ὅ τι". There's one short paragraph on its use in Mastronarde which doesn't explain it very well, and it's illustrated with only one example (in the context of indirect questions):

"Direct: τίς σε ἀδικεῖ;
Indirect: οὑκ οἶδα τίς (or ὅστις) σε ἀδικεῖ (primary).
οὐκ ΅ηδησθα τίς (or ὅστις) σε ἀδικοίη (or ἀδικεῖ) (secondary)."

(I couldn't figure out how to make a smooth-breathing-acute-iota-subscript eta)

What is the difference between τίς ...
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