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Here's where you can discuss all things Ancient Greek. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get translation help and more!

Learning Greek where to start?

What should first do to use the language communicatively?
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Tomtom in Greek

I decided to make a new voice for the TomTom GPS navigator in Greek :D (here's how to do it). Could you please correct my translation? I decided to use the second person plural, since there may be more than one person in the vehicle.

00 After
01 50
02 80
03 100
04 200
05 300
06 400
τετρακόσια ...
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Learning Greek, Latin, and other languages simultaneously

Is it sensible to learn many languages at the same time as long as they are dissimilar enough to prevent mixing them up? I'm interested in learning multiple languages in as short of a time span as possible. I only want a reading capability mainly in Greek and French, but I'm interested in speaking Latin and German. Someday I would like to add a reading knowledge of Akkadian Cuneiform and Middle Egyptian.

Can I begin ...
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Translation of Sophocles, Philoctetes

I'm having trouble with these two sentences from the tragedy.

τὴν Φιλοκτήτου σε δεῖ
ψυχὴν ὅπως δόλοισιν ἐκκλέψεις λέγων.

καὶ μὴ παρῇς
σαυτοῦ βροτοῖς ὄνειδος, ἐκκλέψας ἐμέ.

What would be a strictly literal translation? Is is true that in both cases you could translate "ἐκκλέπτω" either as "to kidnap" or "to cheat"? And where does "παρῇς" come from?

It would be freat if you could help.
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Commentaries on Herodοtos for intermediate-level readers

The two commentaries I've tried are Yellow and Green (Book 8 by A.M Bowie) and those by Geoffrey Steadman mainly book 1 http://geoffreysteadman.com/files-herodotus/.

Bowie's commentary takes up something like twice the space of the text itself. However it includes a lot of historical interpretation stuff that would be helpful if I was reading a translation but for me at the moment when reading the Greek is a struggle much of the comment is just a ...
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Help - translation of one sentence

Hello, all,

I just began to learn ancient Greek by myself last year. There is a sentence of a reading exercise from Menander, Monostichoi, which I don't understand...

λύπης ἰατρός ἐστιν ἀνθρώποις λόγος
(Word is the doctor of pain to the people. Does it make sense?)

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It occurs to me some of you might have dealt with this particular hassle: When sitting at a table reading a Greek text, with Perseus on computer taking up space and three or four commentaries etc open and near at hand, how do you keep all those volumes open and pages visible (not hidden under paperweights)? Butterfly clips, lead ingots? None of my paperbacks fall open on their own, and just turning a page is ...
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Reading Homer after completing Pharr

Hi all,

I have been working through the Pharr Homeric Greek for the past year and am nearing the end. After completing the Pharr, I would like to continue working through the remaining books of the Iliad; realizing at my pace, this will take several years to complete. Is there a particular edition of the Iliad anyone would recommend using. I know that Cambridge "Yellow/Green" editions have published commentaries for some of the books, but ...
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Greek conversation

Are there good resources for "conversational" Greek phrases? I have interlinears of Xenophon, Homer, and the NT, and have been using these to increase my reading ability (ie., I learn a page or two a day, getting to the point where I can read it easily without the interlinear). But I feel limited in basic communication ability.

I'd like to add another text to my reading program, preferably something very conversation-heavy. I would probably use ...
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My Name in Greek

Hi all.

Would like your help to give me my name in Greek.

Bryn Jones

I don't know how to get Greek letters to type but I understand my first name should look like this?


N being the letter that looks like the pie sign.

Am I correct??

Please help.

Thank you

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