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кто кого

This gave me some trouble. ἡ τίσιν οὖν τί ἀποδιδοῦσα ὀφειλόμενον καὶ προσῆκον τέχνη ἰατρικὴ καλεῖται; (Pl. Resp. 332c)

It reminded me of Stalin's famous "who, whom" question (Весь вопрос — кто кого опередит?), which English seems to be bad at. Here is how I've tried to unpack it in my head (I'd welcome corrections).

τίσιν ἀποδιδῶσιν ὀφειλόμενον καὶ προσῆκον ἡ τέχνη ἰατρική;
σώμασιν ἀποδιδῶσιν ὀφειλόμενον καὶ προσῆκον ἡ τέχνη ἰατρική.

τί ἀποδιδῶσιν ἡ τέχνη ...
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Functional differences between participles and infinitives

So I'm good on the differences in form between participles and infinitives. All of that makes sense. Functionally, though, there seems to be a great degree of overlap in their functionality. Infinitives are generally described as verbal nouns, and participles as verbal adjectives. Even with this difference though, participles often function as nouns, given their adjectival qualities. Is there anything significant in how I should understand them functionally, specifically in their areas of overlap?

Thanks ...
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Hi, all.

I've found a resource that doesn't seem to be mentioned anywhere on this site (but maybe I missed it). It's an online tool for building word lists for either Latin or Greek. One nice feature: it allows you to generate word lists for particular books, and even to filter word lists based on your level or other criteria. Click the "About" link to view a short video which demonstrates what you can do ...
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Does δόρυ θηγέμεναι imply spears with tips?

LSJ θήγω wrote:δόρυ θηξάσθω let him whet his spear, Il.2.382

Am I justifed in thinking that θηγέμεναι (= prose ἀκονᾶν) implies the spear was tipped with a metal tip rather than just being plain wood?

I suspect that ἀποξύνειν (or ἐξαποξύνειν) would be used for bringing a piece of wood to a point.
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Any help understanding οἷός τε would be appreciated...

Goodwin (§1024) states that Attic οἷός τε is probably τoιούτος οἷός τε by ellipsis. Is that a plausible explanation, and how does such an explanation actually explain it?

Do the other dialects use a spelt out τoιούτος οἷός τε with a similar meaning?
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University of Texas Summer Intensive Greek Course

Hello Everyone,

Has anyone here ever attended this course, or know anything about its quality? Does anyone know how much it costs? While I do plan to contact the program directly to find out the cost, I was interested in knowing if anyone has any experience with it or has heard anything about it. From what I understand, the course meets five hours a day for ten weeks, and successful course completion results in 12 ...
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questions about verbal aspect and deponency

well, I dont know whether this question is discussed already or out of topic, but please allow me to proceed. because these are two of many things that disturbed me the most in learning greeks

what I want to ask is these two question;
whether anything concerning verbal aspect theory(VAT)
and the validity of deponency as a category is important at all in learning greek?

I am just learning the language, focusing in the biblical/koine ...
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Spina in Greek


What's the name of the ancient city of Spina in Greek?
I could find only the dative Σπινῆτι in Dionysius of Halicarnassus

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How do you type the εἱ with a hat on a mac?

I've been able to find most of the shortcuts on my mac keyboard, but this one I have not yet found, that is the one that distinguishes between εἱ and εἱ?

I did scan through some of the other posts here and I could see some PC shortcuts, but not Mac.
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Greek New Testament Interlinears

I recently gave a friend this advice. Maybe others have better suggestions?

For a printed interlinear, the most useful that I know of is produced by Jehovah's Witnesses. It's called the "Kingdom Interlinear" and you should be able to order a copy for free if you are willing to ask one of the people standing next to the displays at BART stops, etc. They stick "Jehovah" in for κυρίος in the running English translation -- ...
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