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Here you can discuss all things Ancient Greek. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Greek, and more.

Crowdsourced translations

I've not found any actual sites, but I was wondering to what extent the idea of a crowdsourced Greek Classics translation site has been discussed, where it would be like a wiki format, with perhaps voted on translations line by line, with ample clicking for alternate proposed translations, discussions, etc. The intent would be to have people generate their own translations instead of simply polling past translations. I put this in the Greek section, because ...
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Greek accentuation (phonetics)

I am sharing this problem not because I expect anyone will necessarily have a well-grounded opinion about how the ancient Greeks themselves spoke - though obviously it will be excellent if they do - but because knowing if anyone else has an aesthetically satisfying way (satisfying at least to themselves) of reproducing the Greek pitch accents will be almost as good. If nothing else, sharing a problem can make one feel better.

I understand an ...
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Can anyone recommend a Horodotus text for an intermediate level self-learner? I am currently reading the Faenum Publishing editions of Lucian's Dialogues (of the Gods, of the Heterai, etc) and I rather like the glossaries and grammatical notes on each page.
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Can someone learn Doric?

This year, we finished the Attic grammar at school. But now I'm instrested in Doric. I know that in Greece they teach no other dialect excpet for the Attic. Actually, we have seen some Doric texts when we were reading Antigone but we passed through them with the translation.

I know some small things about Doric, such as: It retains the more ancient long α instead of converting it to η as the Ionic dialects, ...
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Wilkinson's "Golden Latin Artistry" for Greek?

As the title says. After seeing it so often mentioned and praised I went and read it. Wonderful scholarship, my thanks to those who recommended it. Are there similarly recommendable texts for Greek literature? Wilkinson does touch on Greek (and English) constantly, yet the focus is naturally on Latin.
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Huh? First *four* declensions?

I got a copy of A Progressive Greek Treek Delectus” by Henry Musgrave Wilkins, and he has sections called “The first four declensions,” and”The fifth declension.” But all I know are three. Presumably, they classified things differently in older times?
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Lover of the Muse


Please forgive my ignorance. I know very little about ancient Greek (though I've read much ancient Greek writing in translation as a philosophy undergraduate). I am in the midst of an art project, and am hoping that there may be a way (even if not entirely--or at all--orthodox) to translate "muse lover" or "desirer of the muse" into ancient Greek (sort of on the model of philosophy as "lover of wisdom"). I realize that ...
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imperfect of πειθω?

This replaces a query I answered on my own. I don't know how to just delete a query once it has appeared. :-(

The way I found the answer was this: I did a google search on the exact Greek word that was bothering me. Among the hits was a dictionary entry that showed me that I had confused one word with another word.

That's my "Hail ...
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The three varieties of standard Greek

“Beyond Standards: Attic, the Koiné and Atticism”
Faculty of Classics, University of Cambridge 13th-15th September 2018.

Standards of ancient Greek have begun to receive more scholarly attention in recent years (e.g. Horrocks, 2007, Greek: a history of the language and its speakers; Silk and Geogakopoulou, 2009, Standard Languages and Language Standards: Greek past and present). Three varieties of ancient Greek emerged to become standards of the language: Attic, the Koiné and Atticism. Each does so ...
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Beginning vs Ending of Clause

Occasionally it is asserted that a word in a clause is placed at the begining or the end because the author is trying to highlight the word.

My question is which holds more weightiness? The front or the back of the clause? Also why would you choose one or the other?
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