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Here you can discuss all things Ancient Greek. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Greek, and more.

Moved to the Koine Forum

I had a request from a forum regular to see more of the Koine threads on the Koine forum. I'm going to re-arrange just a few of them, in the interests of keeping up good discussion in both forums.
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Niebuhr's Letter To a Young Philologist

Through Laudator Temporis Acti, I recently came across Barthold Georg Niebuhr's Letter to a Young Man Who Wished to Devote Himself to Philology.

I thought that it was interesting for people interested in Greek and Latin composition (and reading in general):

For the study of language, I recommend to you especially Demosthenes and Cicero. Select, in the former, the Oration "pro Corona;" in the latter, the "pro Cluentio," and read them with all the thoughtfulness ...
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Harry Potter In Ancient Greek

I am trying to read "Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone" in Ancient Greek and I came across a sentence that confused me. The Sentence is:

"Ἆρ´ οὐκ ἐφαντάσθην πάντα, ἔφη, ἐψευσμένος τι τῷ δοκοῦντι;"

I can guess at the meaning which I assume is "Don't all things seem fantastical, he said, to the one who assumes falsely".

The part I don't understand is the "ἐψευσμένος τι τῷ δοκοῦντι". I don't understand why "ἐψευσμένος" is ...
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Any Native Greek Speakers?

First, are there any of you here that are native Greek speakers that also know Attic Greek? If so, do you use modern Greek to pronounce it?

Alternatively, are there any here that either know modern Greek or at least use modern Greek pronunciation.

The reason I ask is that when I start up in earnest learning Greek again I'm thinking of continuing to use the modern Greek pronunciation-- for several reasons. But, as with ...
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Athenaze Italian Edition and Le Grec Ancien sans Peine

Two questions. First, would not knowing Italian really hinder me in using the Italian Athenaze? I already have the corresponding (American) English edition and have already gone through a lot of the grammar in both books (had three semesters of instruction in Greek and read a little Xenophon). Is there extra compressible input in the Italian book?

Similar query for Assimil. I want some good audio, but don't speak French. If I know Greek well ...
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Aristophanes, Clouds 263 ff.

Not much time for Greek lately, even less for posting... Since Christmas, I've been slogging through a play I've been wanting to read longer than I remember: the Clouds. For some reason, every time I've began reading, something else diverted me. I'm reading now the Budé text with translation along with K.J. Dover's commentary.

Lines 263 ff. are written in a meter that has never caught my attention before. I take it to be anapestic ...
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Electra 967-70

I came across this excerpt from Electra in Morwood's Greek Reader:

Ὀρέστης Ἠλέκρα

Ὀρ. τί δῆτα δρῶμεν; μητέρ’ ἦ φονεύσομεν;
Ἠλ. μῶν σ’ οἶκτος εἷλε, μητρὸς ὡς εἶδες δέμας;
Ὀρ. φεῦ· πῶς γὰρ κτάνω νιν, ἣ μ’ ἔθρεψε κἄτεκεν;
Ἠλ. ὥσπερ πατέρα σὸν ἥδε κἀμὸν ὤλεσεν.

The φεῦ confused me. I looked it up online, and found that most texts place it on a separate line of its own. Is that sort of break ...
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Hello everyone,
recently I found a text regarding the country, Singapore used to be called Sabana by Pteolemy, a Greek geographer during the 2nd century. I am wondering what is the meaning or origin of naming this place Sabana. Has anyone got the slightest clue or any guesses? Thanks in advance. =)
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I need help translating the word ΟΔΙΓΗ


There's a book written by jesuit priest Manuel Briceño Jáuregui called "El genio literario griego" (The literary greek genius) in three volumes. Each of them has a dedication in greek that reads as follows:


Searching on the internet I could translate most of the words. The books are dedicated to the most holy ever virgin mother of God, Mary, as a present of ...
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Help: Manassès Constantin hand-writing

Dear All, pls help me to write in a proper Greek two phrases from Manasses' hand-written text. I lack the patience and knowledge of hand writing.
These 2 phrases contain κάπρος and κάπροί and can be found in p. 122A, Constantini Manassis Breviarium historicum ___. Parisiis: E Typographia Regia, M.DC.LV. 1655. I have a sreenshot but I do not know how to attach it here. If it is possible I appreciate anybody's e-mail to send ...
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