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Here's where you can discuss all things Ancient Greek. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get translation help and more!

Android does not display Greek vowels in text


I am reading ancient Greek texts with Perseus. Everything is fine with my desktop. On my Android tablet, however, the same Perseus text does not show the vowels! Annoying!
Does anybody know why and how to fix it?

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Animated Video of Greek Boy 2


More of an experiment than a polished product.
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How authentic is Greek Ollendorff?

Such a book cannot be totally "Classical" which is understandable. But how good is the book in terms of authenticity? Are the vocabulary and usage drawn from Attic authors or at least in line with them? Did the author just innovate his own Greek with modernism and over-simplified syntax (i.e. similar to modern languages)?

I cannot judge it at my level. I could only say the kind of exercises/drills in the book is quite helpful ...
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Need some help!

I'm having trouble translating "Go the distance"
Can anyone help?
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what does τι χρῆμα mean here? (Chariton 1.1)

This is from Chariton 1.1

Ἑρμοκράτης, ὁ Συρακουσίων στρατηγός, οὗτος ὁ νικήσας Ἀθηναίους, εἶχε θυγατέρα Καλλιρρόην τοὔνομα, θαυμαστόν τι χρῆμα παρθένου καὶ ἄγαλμα τῆς ὅλης Σικελίας:
My best translation is this:
Hermocrates the Sicilian general the one who defeated the Athenians had a daughter, Kallirhoe by name, wonderous of maidens and an ornament of the whole of Sicily.

My first question is what does τι χρῆμα add to the meaning?

My second is why is ...
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Crito as a Story?

I am wondering if Plato can be read as an amusing narrative without bothering to inquire about what it means?

An old friend from 40 years ago was over for a visit of several hours last friday. He has lectured extensively on the topic of greek philosophy. He teaches something sort of like the foundations western civilization for people from other cultures. Anyway, I don't have much interest in greek philosophy but after doing some ...
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Specialized vocabulary

I've found useful to group specialized words in "topics", which helps me to organize and memorize my vocabulary. In the following link are some texts and pictures that may be useful for this purpose.

http://www.hellenicaworld.com/Greece/Te ... Ships.html
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Greek Boy


I'm uploading audio of W.H.D. Rouse's Greek Boy at the above URL. Part 2a has an error in the original text. Rouse's text has Ἱβερνίᾳ, and in the audio, I correct it to Ἰβηρίῃ (let me know if made any mistake with that).
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ΟΣ ΚΑΡΤΕΡΗ ΝΙΚΑ - Help with Translation


My friend asked me what this means. I speak modern Greek but I have limited experience with Ancient Greek. I think that ΟΣ is "who" and NIKA is "conquers or wins". Can someone help me to confirm the meaning of this phrase? My friend saw it on a fireplace (randomly) in Connecticut and both of us have been researching online to confirm the meaning to no avail.

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American Heritage Dictionary shows the etymology of 'synthetic' as
Greek sunthetikos, skilled in putting together…

Would a better reading be "put together with skill"?
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