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Here's where you can discuss all things Ancient Greek. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get translation help and more!

Subjunctive of EREW

Can someone tell me why the 1st person pl subjunctive of e)re/w is e)rei/wmen (Pharr section 158 line 3) and not e)reu/wmen. Actually I don't even understand why it should be e)reu/wmen. After the contraction of the Epsilon with the Omicron, why does the Omega still appear? Shouldn't it be part of eu, since it is the product of the contraction?
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Stigma, Digamma kai Koppa;

I have been reading a few websites lately which mention three Greek letters that disappeared completely by classical Greek; Digamma, Koppa, and Stigma. Were there more letters that went out of use by the classical era? I have one source which says that there were more letters which are no longer in use today. I am curious about this. Also, I'd like to know what they looked like, particularly the Stigma, and what order they ...
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Aoidoi: Simonides' "Danae's Lament" commented

I just finished adding vocabulary and grammar notes to Simonides 543. It is a very charming poem, and I think anyone who has mastered the fundamentals of Greek should be able to read the poem with the help of the notes.<br /><br />http://www.aoidoi.org/texts/simonides/543.php<br /><br />There's even one athematic second aorist imperative! :) <br />
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In the vocabulary section of Pharr it says that e)ge/nonto is 2ndaorist of gi/gnomai.<br />With e)geno/mhn listed as the 3rd principal part I would have expected e)ge/neto.<br />Is the one a regular form and the other a variant?<br />Thank you.<br />Bert.
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How much Latin before Greek?

If starting both languages from scratch, how far should one progress in Latin, before attempting Greek?<br /><br />Wheelock completely?<br /><br />I assume Latin should precede Greek, rather than vice versa, but I am open to suggestions.
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Terminology question

Let's say that I'm trying to write a Greek/English flash card program using Visual Basic and an Access database. And let's say that in this program, I intend to group words in the database together in a fashion that makes a modicum of sense. For example, the words:<br /><br /><br />lu/w, lu/eij, lu/ei, lu/omen, lu/ete, lu/ousin<br /><br /><br />would be grouped together under the first person singular lu/w.<br /><br />And i(/ppoj, i(/ppe, i(/ppon, i(/ppou, i(/ppw|, ...
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I have no idea how to speak or pronounce ancient Greek (its on the list of things to do) and was wondering if someone could tell me the phonetical (or as close as I can get) English pronounciation of areopagus -> I know it was an Athenian council consisting of mostly ex-arkhontes<br /><br />Thanks!
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Omicron Pronunciation

<br />One of our members attempted to use the "notify" button in a Sticky thread to post a new message, and as a result, it went into a Black Hole. When you want to start a new discussion, please remember to backup to the main page (the one enumerating all the discussion threads) and click on new topic.<br /><br />I'm just reposting the question asked so that s/he and other members can benefit from the ...
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greek numbers

check this article:<br />http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/3109806.stm<br /><br />interesting... but in the illustration, what is the character used for 6??? i've never seen that before...
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