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Here you can discuss all things Ancient Greek. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Greek, and more.

Wonderful, marvellous, beautiful...

Fellow readers of Textkit--
I am working on an exercise which appears to be a paraphrasing of a New Testament text--so, don't go looking through your concordances, it won't be there. I am not a matriculating student taking a course for credit, just an individual learner who is curious. But, I have this sentence where the adjective for wonderful is used three times, first, as an adjective for wonderful, amazing, events or things, then for ...
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Proof reader for Latin group

I have been preparing the questions & answers for the D'Ooge study group. William Annis has been proof-reading the questions which get typed in straight from the text-book, but it would be unfair to ask him to proof read the answers as he wants to take part in the group. Are there any reasonably experienced Latinists out there who could proof read my answers? I am the world's worst typist and cannot seem to see ...
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Alcaeus 335 and 338 - two fragments on wine for Aoidoi.org

Time has been even less kind to Alcaeus than to his more famous countrywoman Sappho. I've been looking at him a little more closely recently.

Alcaeus Fragments 335 and 338. You will want to review your Lesbian Aeolic dialect.
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A beginner begins.

I've been lurking around on Textkit for a little while now and thought I should introduce myself to everybody. For the past couple weeks I've been following the Dowling Recipe for Disaster and have been spending quite a bit of time flipping through the Greek and Latin textbooks on Textkit. I've decided to teach myself these two glorious languages as part of my plan to become an erudite and eccentric madman one day. They're ...
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grave accent pronunciaton

the Homer topic incited me to ask a question that has been disturbing me for some time now. I don't know if the question belongs exactly here, but it concerns Greek in general rather than only poetry, so I'm posting in the general section.

I'm just developping my hexameter reading skills using William Annis's mp3 files along with prof. Nagy's treatment of a passage from the Odyssey and I find these quite useful to adjust ...
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Not for Scythians

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I'new in this forum

Please tell me where i can read the bases.
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H&Q Unit 8

Exercise I.21 says:
e)pe/mfqhs ei)s a)gora/n, w)= ai)sxre\ r(h=tor, u(po\ tou= dh/mou kloph=s grafhso/menos.

the book says only the passive of gra/fw carries the meaning indict, but then why is a future passive participle taking the genitive of charge construction? does the passive carry the meaning indict as well or is this a mistake in the book?
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Digital list of principal parts

Does anyone know of a digital list of the principal parts of (the most common) Greek verbs?

I have such a list in my old school grammar but a digital version would be convenient.
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