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Here's where you can discuss all things Ancient Greek. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get translation help and more!

difficulties with -exontes

I am having trouble with a few words which I believe are related. I do not understand grammatically what they mean, nor how they are formed. (Are they nouns, participles, verb endings??) I have preceded these words with **2stars. All and any help will be appreciated.<br /><br /> ...kai\ tou\j me\n o(pli/taj au)tou= e)ke/leuse me/nein, ta\j a)spi/daj pro\j ta\ go/nota **e)/xontaj<br /> ...and the hoplites he commanded to remain there, their shields against their knees ...
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Anabasis Question?

I found the following sentence<br />prin de toceuma ecikneisqai ekkinousin oi barbaroi kai feugousi<br /> <br />I understand it basically, but is there anything in this sentence which specifies whose arrows they are? The barbarians or the greeks. The translation I have puts it as ' before an arrow could reach them (the barbararians) they pulled back and fled. However I read it as 'before an arrow reached (the greeks ) the barbarians pulled back ...
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grammar query

)0W (Ellhnistai sofwteroi<br /><br /><br />Just a note to say that I commend you on this enjoyable site; it has spurred me on to learn ‘a little Greek’ – and am using with some profit the first Greek book by J J White. Could I ask a couple of questions arising?<br /><br />On page 86, para 342, Q 1 there is<br />e9pesqai<br /><br />now, is this the aorist infin of e9pomai and if so, ...
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Which Accusative is the Object

Parragraph 97 line 10 of First Greek Book reads (excluding accents) kai epi thn gefuran ton strathgon pempein ekeleuse Kuroj fulakhn. Cyrus commanded the general to send the guard on (or against) the bridge.<br />Cyrus is doing the commanding, and it is most logical that he is commanding the general to send the guard rather than the guard to send the general. Logic aside, is there a grammatical indication which accusative is the object of ...
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translation question

Hi, everyone.<br />Paragraph 41 line 9 of White's First Greek Book, has -(ai oikiai mikrai hsan-. I translated this as -there were small houses. The answer key has -the houses were small-.<br />I can see that that would be the more logical translation, but would mine be possible too? Or should there be an indication where the small houses were, eg; there were small houses in the village.<br />Thanks<br />Bert de Haan
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SPIonic 'incomprehensible' on my machine

i have windows 98, Explorer 6.0, and installed SPIonic. However, when I look at SPIonic, all words with 1 accent get separated into 2 words, with 2 accents to 3 words, etc.<br /><br />The quote below looks like this to me..<br /><br />r o dou dh e sti to xrw ma th s selh nhs th s e n th, xw rh sou;<br />(except with accents placed correctly over the letters)<br />*As you can see, ...
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Pages Missing from JWW First Greek Book

I just thought I should let the Administrators know that the Vocabulary (Greek > English) in the back of JWW First Greek Book is missing these pages.. (16, 17) (pp. 317-318 in the pdf. file).<br /><br />This leaves the dictionary to skip from the word -dra/moimi<br />to the word -e'lau/nw. (Attempted SPIonic font-- <font=SPIonic>dra/moimi ----> e)lau/nw</font><br />dra/moimi ----> e)lau/nw<br /><br />Are/will these pages be available in a supplement?<br /><br />Thanks.
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Representing Greek - Netscape??

i would rather use Netscape than Explorer as my browser.<br /><br />but i cannot figure out how to make the 'SPIonic' font work with Netscape (7.0), (although it seems to work with Explorer).<br /><br />Is there anyone else who feels similarly about Netscape and has discovered a means to solve this problem?<br /><br />Thanks.
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Tense Usage

I have noticed many times a paragraph of Greek starts in the present tense and then moves into the secondary tenses (imperfect or aorist). Can anyone tell me why? Thanks :)
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Errors in North & Hillard?

hi!<br /><br />I've been going through North & Hillard as a summer review for Greek composition and though it's in general a great course, I've found a few minor errors in the answer key that might be worth paying attention to: an agreement problem, the creation of a new accent (pro-proparoxytone anyone?), using 'aireo in the passive in the wrong sense, and in one case neglecting to translate into Greek a phrase "of the king". ...
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