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Here you can discuss all things Ancient Greek. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Greek, and more.

Autodidactic Greek textbooks?

I have just completed an Introductory Greek I course. First semester went very well, and I am fairly comfortable with that material covered. Second semester, however, was quite difficult.

I have had some training in Latin- an accelerated eight week summer course- which was the equivalent to four college semesters. So, for Latin, I have a working knowledge and understanding of how Latin as a language works- but I am still dearly lacking in many ...
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Subject and Predicate Nominative

So I know that the subject and the predicate on both sides of a form of ειμι are supposed to agree in number and gender. What if the subject is masculine and the predicate nominative is a feminine noun? Is that allowed? Does it ever actually happen?
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IEG II - aucta atque emmendata

Is West's IEG vol. 2, 2nd. edition, 1992, really out-of-print? :shock:

does anyone happens to have it? wanna sell it to me? :P
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Homeric to Attic

I was wondering if there are books that are made for people who have a good handle on Homeric Greek and wish to learn Attic (or Koine or any other dialect). I'm trying to decide which dialect to start with if I decide to learn Greek. I'd love to start with Homer, but I'd like to eventually be able to read Attic too.

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Catching up to the Ten Thousand...

Greetings! I just finished my first year of Ancient Greek at college, using the ANCIENT Hillard and Botting Greek text (Elementary Greek Translation). I'm finishing up the passages and grammar in the book by my lonesome this summer, and afterwards I'm hoping to try The Anabasis...

Any suggestions on how to proceed? Should I try and learn some Xenophon-ish vocab beforehand, or just plunge in with a dictionary and a bit of hope? I don't ...
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good beginning Greek textbook -- recommendations?

I've been studying Latin for several years, and I'm beginning to think about starting ancient Greek on my own. Someone has recommended Mastronarde to me, but I'm wondering if there are differences of opinion about this.

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Representing Greek Characters

Hi everybody,

I'm kind of confused as to how I should read/write Greek characters on this forum. I downloaded SPIonic, based on the info in the "sticky" post at the top of this page, but stuff still looks wrong. Some posts are readable, others aren't.

Part of the problem may be that I don't understand the difference between "Betacode" and "Unicode". Googling those terms has only confused me further--could anybody help me out?

Really, my ...
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Greek textbooks...


Just a quick question...I have no training in Greek but I do in Latin. Is a book like the Pharr book recommended for someone starting from scratch or is something broader in order? I have a copy of Hansen and Quinn's Greek: An Intensive Course and Chase and Phillips' A New Introduction to Greek. I suppose I'm asking if anyone has suggestions about using either of the three.

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Time flies when you read Homer...

Three years ago, had you told me I would read the entire Iliad in Greek before I graduated from high school, I would have stared at you, resisted the impulse to laugh, and then deliberately mind my own buisness. At that time, I thought learning a foreign language was a mysterious skill which only special people have, a notion which was put in my head by my mother since she hated learning languages herself and ...
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