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masc. adjectives with fem. nouns

In pharr paragraph 724 it says: "The masculine form of many adjectives is often used for both masculine and feminine, even in the case of those which have seperate forms for the feminine".<br />My question is; Did this continue to happen in later dialects, specifically in koine?<br />Thank you in advance.
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the greek anthology

I am trying to find out about a quote that hangs on the wall in my summer cottage. It reads "A shipwrecked sailor buried on this coast sets sail. Full many a gallant bark when we were lost weathered the gale." I have determined that it is an epigram from the Greek Anthology. Does anyone know anything about this quote? Who is attributed to? Which epigram is it. Thanks
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Questions about Hansen/Quinn exercises

Hansen and Quinn don't provide an answer key, so....<br /><br />te/xnh| kai\ to\n a)delfo\n paideu/ei o( Omhroj.<br /><br />This appears to me to be something like "With skill, Homer teaches even his brother.", where the dative is used in the instrumental sense. Is this correct? Also, I'm not sure what the kai is emphasizing. <br /><br />e)n th=| te/xnh| to\n a)delfo\n bibli/w| paideu/ei o( Omhroj.<br /><br />"Homer teaches his brother in the art/skill with a ...
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How to Ask for Translation Help

Just a few suggestions for people asking translation questions.<br /><br />
    <br />
  • Please don't send us a list of homework sentences. Instead, let us know what you're having problems with.<br />
  • If possible let us know where the Greek is coming from. So, if it's Xenophon, let us know that, and include Book/Chapter/Line. If it's from one of the Textkit books, give us a page or section number.<br />
<br /><br />
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Herodotus translation question

I'm having trouble with the following sentence<br /><br />ai te gar sumforai prospiptousai kai ai nousoi suntarassousai kai braxun eonta makron dokeein einai poieusi ton bion<br /><br />The matters to fall into, and illnesses to be troubled by, and being short, to seem to be long, they make life<br /><br />My best attempt at understandable english:<br />The affairs that befall someone and illness that trouble them, make life seem long even though it is really ...
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Are undergrads supposed to memorise vowel length and accents

I'm currently studying Greek and Latin at the university level and hope to<br />major in them. Right now I attend a Jesuit university that teaches Greek<br />and Latin only because of their importance in Christian history and not<br />out of a desire to offer a rigorous education in the classics. I hope to<br />transfer after the next school year to a university with a solid classics<br />program to complete my degree.<br /><br />However, I'm somewhat ...
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studying greek

I am contemplating studying ancient greek at university level next year.I have never studyied greek previously nor do i have much language experience. I do however have an interest in greek civilisation and culture.I was wondering exactly how hard is greek ?
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test case

I would like to see if I am close to being right with my English to Greek translation:" The god does not destroy the host of the Achaeans, for they do not dishonor the gods of (their) fatherland". qeoj ou) luei straton )Axaiwn, ou) gar a)timazei qeouj patrhj<br />I did not include any accents because I did not spend a lot of time on accents yet, thinking that they are of secondary importance. <br ...
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2 trans. difficulties

I am having trouble finding words to translate two sentences. All help would be appreciated. Thanks.<br /><br />kai\ proselqw\n h)rw/thse pou= a)\n i)/doi tou\j strathgou/j <br />what does the "proselthwn" mean, how does it fit?<br />My guess is nom.,sing.,masc. participle. (luwn)<br /><br />h)\n ga\r a(/pac du/o h)\ triw=n h(merw=n o(do\n a)po/sxwmen... <br />what does the "aposxwmen" mean, how does it fit?<br />My guess is Pl., 1st.p, Act. Subj., Pres. (luwmen)<br /><br />Thanks so much ...
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kai between adjectives

I translated e)/xomen polla\j kai\ kala\j boula/j as "we have many and good plans". kai\ seems not necessary so it could be "we have many good plans". Or does kai/ make this mean something like;" we have many plans, and good ones at that".<br />Thank you.
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