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Here you can discuss all things Ancient Greek. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Greek, and more.


My Septuagint just got in the mail today, so if I need any help, I'll be coming here. Expect some wild translations from yours truly. :)
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two terms


I do not know greek language, but I have to determine the exact meaning of two terms. The terms are "dsa" and "dei". One could find them in the following (Aristotle, "Topica",VII):

(Sorry for writing without accents)
"... dsa gar qateron categoreitai, xai qateron categoreisqai dei".

The meaning is something like "for all that is predicated of the one should be also predicated of the other" (Aristotle is giving a definition for "sameness").
Thank ...
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I'm planning to learn Greek soon, but the many different dialects confuse me. I wonder two things.

a) How big are the differences? If I learn for example Attic, will I then be able to understand, say, Koine?
b) Which dialect is the most common? Which dialect is spoken here at Textkit, or are all of them used here?

I'd really appreciate some replies on this.

Also, which book available from Textkit should I use?
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Homeric Greek word order


I'm in between Lesson III and IV in Pharr's book and it suddenly dawned upon me that I have no idea how I'm actually performing the translations. :) What I mean to say exactly is that I can do a "best fit" word order translation from greek to english, but when going from english to greek, I have no idea about the word order in greek. Does the verb come first? Last? Anywhere? Adjective ...
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Twinkle in Greek

I just had to try this.
My wife's picked up "mica, mica, parva stella..." and it's one of her favourite lullabies for my daughter. But I wanted in Greek. So, with by far the most rusty Greek of mine:

glau/sse, glau/sse, w)= 'ste\r mikro/j,
qauma/zw ox' kala/ ei).
kataugasmo\j e)ntau=qa,
w(\s liqei/a leuko/j ei).

Please help it sound like real Greek, but please keep it sing-able.

Well, nodoby's responding. ...
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Age of Greek words: MP3s of someone speaking Greek

Hello, my name is Paul, and I am a New Zealander living China.

I would like to know how I can find out how old Greek words are. When, for example, did the word marathon come into existence?

Also, can I source different speakers speaking different genre of Greek: formal written, informal written, informal spoken, interactive Greek (now that is one I would really like to hear).

I am a new member. This is one ...
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Alternate Beginnings for the Illiad

I thought these were rather interesting:

Mou/saj a0ei/dw kai\ 0Apo/llwna kluto/tocon

The second is:

e0/spete nu=n moi, Mou=sai, 0Olu/mpia dw/mat' e0/ousai,
o9/ppoj dh\ mh=nij te xo/laj q' e9/le Phlei/wna
Lhtou=j t' a0glao\n ui9o/n. o0 ga\r basilh=i xolwqei\j

Anyone have any ideas?

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I'm looking for a way to say blackberries (nom pl), referring to the bush, not the fruit, in Ancient Greek, preferrably in Epic, if possible.

Blackberry bushes did not thrive in Ancient Greece. In fact, they didn't exist there at all.

The most obvious thing to do is to compound a word. me/laj is the most obvious choice to say the black part - the easy part. However the Ancient Greeks did not have the ...
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Anyone else using Linux, and wanting SPIonic to work?

Pete Keller (psilord) has come up with a way to make SPIonic work on Linux. The recipe has several stages. Anyone else want to give that a try? If it works for someone else, I'll add it to the "how to display Greek" sticky post.

psilord wrote:Ok. I set it up when I was not paying attention so I kinda didn't keep track of what it was I did. I reconstructed the steps the best I ...
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Oh just a little translation :þ


When ever i buy a language book I like to write in it : My first book, or second or so.

i'm not sure how to say "my first book" in greek...

i've not studied it for long now! it was a christmas present...but.

so if someone could write it to me.

thank you.
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