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Here's where you can discuss all things Ancient Greek. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get translation help and more!

Representing Greek - Netscape??

i would rather use Netscape than Explorer as my browser.<br /><br />but i cannot figure out how to make the 'SPIonic' font work with Netscape (7.0), (although it seems to work with Explorer).<br /><br />Is there anyone else who feels similarly about Netscape and has discovered a means to solve this problem?<br /><br />Thanks.
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Tense Usage

I have noticed many times a paragraph of Greek starts in the present tense and then moves into the secondary tenses (imperfect or aorist). Can anyone tell me why? Thanks :)
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Errors in North & Hillard?

hi!<br /><br />I've been going through North & Hillard as a summer review for Greek composition and though it's in general a great course, I've found a few minor errors in the answer key that might be worth paying attention to: an agreement problem, the creation of a new accent (pro-proparoxytone anyone?), using 'aireo in the passive in the wrong sense, and in one case neglecting to translate into Greek a phrase "of the king". ...
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Remarkable. An active Ancient Greek chat line. I have recently encountered a text attributed to Anacreon, Ode 1, on a lithograph of a rose. I have not found it in those works of Anacreon or imitators available to me on the Net. It goes like this (using the SPIonic codes):<br /><br />Stefon ou}n mh kai lurizw<br />Para\ sou Dionuse, shcoij<br />Meta Kourhs baqukolpou,<br />P{odinoisi sefaniskois<br />Pepukasmenos Xoreusw.<br /><br />It;s something like ":A wreath have I ...
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Discussion: Homeric Epithets and Lessons in Metre

Abstract of the Newsletter Article<br /><br />This article will introduce you to some of the oral composition techniques used by the ancient Greek bards in the construction of Homeric Verse. First it examines the structure of the dactylic hexameter and the points within it where a main caesura must be present. Then it looks at how the rhapsode uses formulaic noun-epithet pairs within this rhythymical structure to assist him in the free oral composition of ...
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Matthew Arnold - Best Translation Poll

The following passage is from Homer's Iliad, Book III, lines 234 - 244. If you are not yet advanced enough to read the Greek you may still vote on which of the translations below strikes you as the most beautiful.<br /><br /><br /> "nu=n d' a1llouj me\n pa/ntaj o9rw= e9li/kwpaj 'Axaiou/j,<br /> ou3j ken e0u6 gnoi/hn kai/ t' ou1noma muqhsai/mhn:<br /> doiw\ d' ou0 du/namai i0de/ein kosmh/tore law=n,<br /> Ka/stora/ q' i9ppo/damon kai\ pu\c a0gaqo\n ...
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What are good lexicons for a beginner? I have read that the abridged Liddell is the best of the Liddells for beginners, but it also seems to assume that the user knows some Latin, which I do not. Are there any other good ones?
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Representing Greek - Font Notes for New Users

Textkit has inherited the broader problems in presenting Greek text on web pages. In the past, we used SPIonic, but now we use Unicode.


You will find SPIonic in older posts using Greek, and in a few of the Greek Tutorials, so you may want to install that font if you haven't already had a reason to do so.

Unfortunately, one past upgrade of the Forum software messed up all the Font tags, so ...
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oedipus rex

I'm looking for on-line greek texts of Sophokles' Oedipus Rex, Oedipus at Kolonos & Antigone. Can anyone help me?<br />Thanks
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I've been doing my "homework" this morning and all was going swimmingly until I checked the answer to this translation...<br /><br />We would shout and stop the slaves conversing.<br /><br />The answer book gives e)pauo/meqa for "stop", I had quite happily put e)pauomen<br /><br />In simple words the middle voice is suggested. Why? We (being nominative) act on the slaves in stopping. I believe the middle is when you act on yourself.<br /><br /><br />I ...
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