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Here's where you can discuss all things Ancient Greek. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get translation help and more!

It's Coming!... and now... It's Here!

Long Promised. Smyth's Greek Grammar will be online by the end of the month.<br /><br />My most productive volunteer - a local high school student - is photocopying it now. <br /><br />At just under 800 pages, this file will be huge. :'( We'll most likely make it available for download both whole and as separate parts.<br /><br />jeff
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Iliad line 28 and 31

(If it is preferable that I have one question per post, please say so, here are two.)<br /><br />1. <br />Line 28 reads mh/ nu/ toi ou) xrai/smh| skh=ptron kai\ ste/mma qeoi=o.<br />I translate this as; "The scepter and wreath of god will most certainly not help you". (I used -most certainly not...- because of the double negative + nu/).<br />My question is concerning xrai/smh|.It says in the foot note that it is 2nd aor. ...
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Letters and Sounds

Does anyone have a good way to remember the sounds of the various Greek letters? I'm having an awful time with that...gamma looks like a "y", rho looks like a "p", and by the time I've worked out what each letter is supposed to sound like, I've forgotten the word I'm trying to read! <br /><br />Any thoughts would be helpful. <br /><br />Keesa
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Learning Greek

I am interested in learning Ancient Greek (not Koine) and I am wondering which of the texkit books would I be best off with? I have a good grasp of Latin and grammar, if that would affect which book would be best suited to me.
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Greek Texts in Unicode?

Greetings, all!<br /><br />This is a wonderful site. Congrats and thanks and all that.<br /><br /><br />I was wondering if anyone knows a site from which we can download complete unicode classical Greek texts. I've seen places that will display a section at a time, and there are places like this from which one can get scanned images, and there are tons of places to get translations. But I'd really like some pure Greek texts. ...
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Just curious

I am trying to read Greek without translating the words in my head. It is going okay, untill I get to a sentence like line 26 of the Iliad. Even knowing the meaning, I cannot read this line from left to right without analyzing which word belongs to which. The object of the preposition before the preposition, e)gw\ between and adjective and its noun, the object of the sentence right at the beginning. I am ...
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aorist and present infinitive

Line 20 of the Iliad reads as follows;pai=da d' e)moi\ lu=sai/ te fi/lhn, ta/ t' a)/poina de/xesqai.<br />My question is: What is the significance of lu=sai being aorist and de/xesqai present tense.<br /><br />Thanks
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periphrastic pluperfect

I'm working my way a little at a time through Lysias' (Upe\r tou= )Eratosqe/nouj fo/nou a)pologi/a, which is a reader from a series "A Greek Prose Reading Course for Post-Beginners". <br /><br />In sections 9-10 we have this:<br /> e)peidh\ de\ to\ paidi/on e)ge/neto h(mi=n, h( mh/thr au)to\ e)qh/lazen: <br />i(/na de\ mh/, o(po/te lou=sqai de/oi, kinduneu/h| kata\ th=j kli/makoj katabai/nousa, e)gw\ me\n a)/nw dih|tw/mhn, ai( de\ gunai=kej ka/tw. kai\ ou(/twj h)/dh suneiqisme/non h)=n, ...
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Classical vs. Koine

I'm learning Greek. When I go to college (2004) I'll be taking Greek (Koine), and I would like to get a jump start on it...at the same time, I really want to learn Classical Greek. I'll be learning both of them eventually, but which one would the pros out there suggest I learn first? <br /><br />Keesa
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My new Smyth Grammar finally arrived today, and I am ready to tackle some classical greek. I expect that my koine exprience will help greatly (it seems that vocab might be the biggest stumbling block).<br /><br />However, Smyth doesn't have much in the way of reading. So what do you veterans recommend for beginning reading? Do I start with Homer, or is he more difficult because of the time period? Something else?<br /><br />Preferably something ...
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