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Here you can discuss all things Ancient Greek. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Greek, and more.

Masc. consonantal iota stem?

I learned that all nouns with a consonantal Iota stem are feminine.
I just stumbled on po/sij.
(Actually, two words spelled the samein nom.sg. One 'a drink' fem. The other 'husband' masc.)
Is po/sij, (husband) a consonantal iota stem?
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Accents on Imperatives

Hi all,

Are there any rules for accenting imperatives? I can't see a pattern in the way they are accented (such as fi/lei where does the acute accent on the iota come from?)

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Pindar's anthropos

A question concerning, "Ti de tis; ti d' ou tis; skias onar anthropos."

I've seen a translation, "What is a man? What is not a man? Man is a shadow in a dream."

What's the meaning, function, etc. of "de"?

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stupid question: what do participles have?

dear all,
I know this is a very stupid question to ask, but I really need confirmations: do participles have conjugations or declensions?

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New greekstudy Herodotus translation group

There will start a Herodotus translation group on the greekstudy list on August 25. We will translate approximately 250 words per week and everyone is welcome to join in at any time.

More informations on this group can be found at


Don't hesitate to ask any question!

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Brute Memorization of Greek Grammar


The time has come for me to do as the Romans did, and learn Greek. It was only a month or so ago that I stumbled upon this website:

Latin by the Dowling Method

In it, Prof. William C. Dowling describes the best means of apprehending Latin: memorizing all the noun declensions, then all the adjective declensions, then all the verb conjugations. He pans Wheelock, the popular Latin for beginners book, and now I ...
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Late Summer Intensive? Plato's Alcibiades

Is there anyone interested in an intensive reading group? I have yet to read Attic prose of any length, and the recent find of the green-n-yellow of Plato's (we'll assume it's his) Alcibiades at a used bookstore has me feeling inspiried.

I'm not so fond of Plato's thought that I want to linger over every line, and I'd like to cover at least two pages of the g-n-y a week when it's Socrates hogging the ...
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Am I the only one who's slow?

Fellow members: I have a problem I'm REALLY concerned about. I have studied Greek off-and -on for about 10 years (I have a B.A. in Classics), & I am now tutoring Greek a little, while completing the language teacher cert. program-and I STILL have to look up fairly common Greek verb-forms (I mean simple indicatives, & also forms of eimi-"to be")!! Is this normal? I can't help but wonder what's wrong-after all I 've seen ...
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Attic -> Koine


I plan to study Attic through a first semester intermediate level, for my BA requirements. I plan to finish Chase and Phillips then take a distance class on Attic next spring. However I am also thinking of a backup plan with Koine. Say I finish that year of Attic, but I cannot find that 201 class. Would I be able to take a 201 Koine class in the spring and pass (there are always ...
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New works


I was perusing a copy of Harry Potter in Ancient Greek, lamenting the time it'll take for me to be fluent enough to read it when it dawned upon me. How much modern work is there for the Homeric and Attic dialects of greek? I'm talking stuff like horror, fiction, et al.

It might be very difficult to have modern time works due to vocabulary, but the person who translated Harry Potter invented a ...
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