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Here you can discuss all things Ancient Greek. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Greek, and more.

Wanted: A Textkit Homeric Greek Vocbulary tool

I noted that Latin has a few vocabulary tools. whether those that have and do use them benifit by them to me is unknown. Howeer, I would like to see a vocabulary tool for Homeric Greek.

the most I have been doing so far is writing the vacabularies out on index cards and flashing myself. I may get the stem but when I see the same word in a different Declension or a verb conjugated ...
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Third Declension Nouns!!!

Hi all,
I am a first year Greek student, and I was wandering if any had any good resources to help with Third declension nouns? (Koine Greek)
Also, resources for the Greek adjectives would be helpful as well. I have done a decnt job so far, but the adjectives hurt.
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Something Useful

You know about those dictionaries where they have those marks for where each letter of the alphabet starts to speed up word searches? I wished my Greek lexicons had that feature, so I inserted my own markers into my lexicons to speed up searches. For the letters which have an overwhelming number of words in them (alpha, epsilon, etc.) I subdivided them with more markers (alpha-alpha, alpha-mu, alpha-pi) so I could find words more quickly ...
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Harry potter ok but what else

Ok good for Harry Potter
as I learn I'll probaly get that translation, however is there any other works like Tennyson, Poe...in poetics or great oratory speaches like M.L.King, Roosevelt and churchill, or prose like Robinson Caruseo, or even the expedition of Lewis and clark?
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verb form question

When dissecting a verb form, is this the most pieces it can have?


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I have just recently begun studying Attic Greek and do not fully understand the accentuation system. The question I have concerns the reasons why the acute can only be on the antepenultimate syllable if the ultima is short. Does every word in Greek follow the rule that only one mora can follow contonation? I have not been able to find a site which thoroughly explains the logic and reasoning behind the rules of contonation and ...
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Pindar and Nemea 1

I am working on Pindar's Nemean 1. I was just wondering if anyone would know anything about the meter of the poem. I need the schema for it (the strope and epode.) Although I think I can figure out the meter for myself, I just need to double-check it. Any help would be appreciated!

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Basic question about accent marks


I've recently gotten back into Greek, having studied it about 15 years ago in high school. Needless to say, it's turning my brain into a pretzel, but I love it! Was just wondering if anyone had any advice on whether I should memorize and use the accent marks from the get-go. I'm sure the right answer is "yes," but gee it would make my life easier to ignore them for a while. I am ...
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Some questions on Lysias XXV, 7-11


I am reading this piece from Lysias 25: Defense Against a Charge of Subverting the Democracy.

As I read it, Lysias is defending an oligarch who is saying that the question of the constitution comes down to what benefits one the most. I thought Lysias was a democrat? Did he not care about his clients' opinions?

And how could he think this line of arguing would win over an assembly of wholehearted democrats, sitting ...
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Anyone here read this book?

I stumbled across this book today and it looks interesting. Has anyone here ever read it?


It concerns itself with a certain type of homeric description style.

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