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Here you can discuss all things Ancient Greek. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Greek, and more.


I'm looking for a way to say blackberries (nom pl), referring to the bush, not the fruit, in Ancient Greek, preferrably in Epic, if possible.

Blackberry bushes did not thrive in Ancient Greece. In fact, they didn't exist there at all.

The most obvious thing to do is to compound a word. me/laj is the most obvious choice to say the black part - the easy part. However the Ancient Greeks did not have the ...
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Anyone else using Linux, and wanting SPIonic to work?

Pete Keller (psilord) has come up with a way to make SPIonic work on Linux. The recipe has several stages. Anyone else want to give that a try? If it works for someone else, I'll add it to the "how to display Greek" sticky post.

psilord wrote:Ok. I set it up when I was not paying attention so I kinda didn't keep track of what it was I did. I reconstructed the steps the best I ...
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Oh just a little translation :þ


When ever i buy a language book I like to write in it : My first book, or second or so.

i'm not sure how to say "my first book" in greek...

i've not studied it for long now! it was a christmas present...but.

so if someone could write it to me.

thank you.
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J-B gail ancient greek alphabet abbreviations and liaisons

I have a french book written by J-B gail, from the imperial university (france, 1814) which I use for grammar.

But now, I bought my self the Hurbert Weig Smyth's grammar, and I am confused.

In the first book, there are as many as 80 liaisons and abbreviations for letters, such as sðên, chðên, taîs and so on. They look all very nice and are complexe and bizzard mix of symboles. most with êta actualy ...
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Homeric, Attic, Koine, what?

I poked all around Textkit, but I couldn't find a document explaining the difference (at least at a high level) between the Homeric, Attic, Koine greek dialects (chronology, representative bodies of work/authors in each, language features, etc.). For example, it was suggested to me that I should learn Homeric first since then Attic would be much easier, and it would be harder the other way around. I'm quite happy to do this, since Homer is ...
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Questions regarding plan of study, time-frame, standards.

Maybe I'm in the wrong place, or haven't looked hard enough, but I can't seem to find many posts on some of the broader questions of learning Greek. So I'll ask some basic questions.

Assuming I:
1. know no Latin and am just starting Greek;
2. am neither a genius nor dim-witted;
3. am learning on my own;
4. have 1-2 hours/day to study, sometimes more;
5. and I'm motivated,

in how many years can ...
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definite article with names

Hello, I have a very basic question. I'm not actually learning Greek, I'm just using Perseus to do some research and I've come across a Greek usage that I want to check.

What does it mean when the definite article is used with a name? Specifically, I was looking for instances of the name *)/arghn (Argen) and found two different usages. One was the name for one of the kyklopes, along with Brontes and Steropes. ...
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negated optative

If an optative could be translated by -You may take that-.
How would it be translated if the optative were negated.
-You may not take that- sounds a lot like it should be an imperative.
Can this be a correct translation?
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Translation Q: Choice of Heracles

I need a bit of help getting the sense of the following: Here's a perseus link to the text if context is needed.
(Xen. Memorobilia. ) . It is 2.1.25 in Perseus.

A charming and rather beautiful mysterious woman had just promised Hercules a life of softness,ease and luxury if he befriends her.

Then comes this:
e)a\n de/ pote ge/nhtai/ tis u(poyi/a spa/news a)f' w(=n* e)/stai tau=ta,

followed by something like "do not be ...
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An overview of Greek Subjunctive, s'il vous plait

I have studied a lot of French, so I have a general idea of what the subjunctive is. However, as 70% of the time the subjunctive is inflected indistinguishably from the indicative in French, it is not the ideal language to master this mood. Also, I understand that some of the functions assigned to the French subjunctive are assigned to the Greek optative.

I know these sentences use the subjunctive in English :

I insist ...
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