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Here you can discuss all things Ancient Greek. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Greek, and more.


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[face=spionic]tou=to poi/ei[/face]
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The standard pronunciation, if I understand correctly, would make this word sound roughly "ew-ë-mer-os" or "ew-ë-me-ros", right? But transliterated into Latin it was written "Euhemerus". Is it possible that either the Greek eta did have an aspirant connection, or that Greek lost medial aspirants, or is this merely an anomoly?
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A Greek Winlatin?

Is anyone aware of a program that is comparable to the immortal Winlatin (http://www.ucc.uconn.edu/~hasenfra/wlatin.HTML) but deals with Ancient Greek?
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Any interest in a more advanced reading group?

I've been stalled for well over a year now in reading Euripides Medea. It's not that it's that hard (though the lyric meters are very difficult to "get"), but it's just kind of unsatisfying to do it all by myself.

Myself, I've done oodles of Homer, both Iliad and Odyssey; the whole of Barbour's Herodotus; about half of the Mather and Hewitt Anabasis; almost all of the Sidwell Lucian; Plato's Apology and Crito; some speech ...
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Hello can someone please tell me a decent dictionary to order, there are none in the shops here except those horrid little pocket ones - I don't want a big one because I want to be able to carry it around but it would also be nice if it actually contained some vocab.
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On Greek and OHT (Old High Translationese)

I've been following the thread "Mea culpa" in the Latin forum, and have been paticularly intrigued by the discussion of how and whether people translate in their head while reading Latin.

I've mostly tried to avoid translation from the beginning (mainly because I strongly dislike translation), so I generally don't translate in my head while reading Greek. I did do all the Greek-English excercises in Pharr though. I used to translate in my head if ...
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Second Harry Potter book in ancient Greek

Andrew Wilson's willing, and as his readers know,
more than able to write it.

all that's needed is to let the publisher know
that there are plenty out here to read it.

here's the fellow to write:

Commissioning Editor, Children's Books, Bloomsbury Publishing plc,
38 Soho Square, London W1D 3HB

at risk of stating the obvious,
spreading the word would be a big help.
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The best method to learn

Hello Everyone!

I am a student at the University of Kansas and thought I would just introduce myself as I am just learning classical languages. I will be taking Latin at the University this summer and next year so I am taking it upon myself to learn Greek(Ancient, not biblical). I bought the first Athenaze book a long time ago. Is that better than any of the books on this site or should I go ...
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Can this work?

I was reading http://community.middlebury.edu/~harris ... ammar.html

and I was wondering if I could just dive right into the Illiad with a reference book and paradigm and dictionary? With a base of Latin would it be so hard? I imagine the hardest part will be remebering how to form all the verb cases?
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Accent Marks

How do you know where to put accent marks? I know how to use them to differ between similar looking words such as τίς and τις but what about in words where it does not change the meaning? or should I even worry about that?
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