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Here you can discuss all things Ancient Greek. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Greek, and more.

Online Greek Texts

Some may be aware of this, but I found a website that has Bibles in various languages. Many appear to be in the public domain. They are in PDF, and there are some really great resources, for both NT & Septuagint, including some manuscripts.

matt gumm
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Question on a sentence

Hi all,

I have a question about the usage of a0lla/ in a sentence. Here it is:

o9 de_ au0tourgo_v ou0k o0knei= a0ll 0 a0ei_ gewrgei= to_n klh=ron.

Here's my translation:

And the farmer does not shirk, but always cultivates his farm.

What happens to a0lla/ in that sentence? Is that some sort of contraction?


BTW this sentence is from Athenaze.
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a difficult (?) reading in PG

PG 91, 233 D 3
Puzzled how to construe "deoi" there.
Thanks for any suggestions.
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Herodotus reading group?

Hello everyone,
I am thinking about to start a Herodotus reading group and I would like to know, if someone is willing to join. So I would be very glad, if everyone wishing to participate, will give a vote.

Though I am sure, that mostly everyone here knows Herodotus, I want to explain briefly, why I think such group should be started.

I think Herodotus is interesting in how and what he writes. He uses ...
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Anyone know of Greek Grammar Guides?

I am not sure if anyone knows of those laminated grammar guides for Spanish, French, and German, and other popular subjects - does anyone know if they have one for Ancient Greek? I have even found them for Latin, but not Ancient Greek.

Has anyone made their own small, compact grammar guide on Word or Word Perfect and might be willing to share? Thanks a bunch.
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Translation of phrase

Could this phrase be translated into Greek? "Youth and skill are no match for old age and treachery."
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Translating from English to Greek (comparative)

Hi all,

I'm new here but already asking for a favor... :oops:

I don't have many contacts who know Greek, so I had to come here hoping that some nice person would help me. :)

Is this correct?

Το μέλλον είναι αβέβαιο και το τέλος είναι πάντα πλησίον. Αποκτώντας το εκφραστικό σοφία μπορείτε να ανοίξετε τους τοίχους του κύριος. ...
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trans. question (comparative)

Hi, I am having problems with what appears to be a double negative in comparison (this is from Chapter 9 of Chase and Phillips):

ouk esth hugieias kreitton ouden en bio.

How would this be translated?

All I can think of is "Nothing in life is not stronger than health." Yet this sounds strange. I would have thought, "Nothing in life is stronger than health." Thanks for your help.

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Accent of the 2nd. sg. Imperative.

Why does the 2nd sg. imperative of LU/W (lu=e) have a circumflex and of QE/LW (qe/le ) an acute?
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