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Here's where you can discuss all things Ancient Greek. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get translation help and more!

test case

I would like to see if I am close to being right with my English to Greek translation:" The god does not destroy the host of the Achaeans, for they do not dishonor the gods of (their) fatherland". qeoj ou) luei straton )Axaiwn, ou) gar a)timazei qeouj patrhj<br />I did not include any accents because I did not spend a lot of time on accents yet, thinking that they are of secondary importance. <br ...
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2 trans. difficulties

I am having trouble finding words to translate two sentences. All help would be appreciated. Thanks.<br /><br />kai\ proselqw\n h)rw/thse pou= a)\n i)/doi tou\j strathgou/j <br />what does the "proselthwn" mean, how does it fit?<br />My guess is nom.,sing.,masc. participle. (luwn)<br /><br />h)\n ga\r a(/pac du/o h)\ triw=n h(merw=n o(do\n a)po/sxwmen... <br />what does the "aposxwmen" mean, how does it fit?<br />My guess is Pl., 1st.p, Act. Subj., Pres. (luwmen)<br /><br />Thanks so much ...
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kai between adjectives

I translated e)/xomen polla\j kai\ kala\j boula/j as "we have many and good plans". kai\ seems not necessary so it could be "we have many good plans". Or does kai/ make this mean something like;" we have many plans, and good ones at that".<br />Thank you.
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the Article

Pharr paragraph 660 reads;"Observe that there are no words used regularly in Homeric Greek with the meaning of the English article,...."<br />Is this because Homer writes poetry or is this the case also in prose of that time?<br />Thanks.
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Why the datives

I am trying to translate the following sentence:boulai\ a)xaiw=n ou)x a(nda/nousi qea|= kalh|= qumw|= I came up with something like "The plans of the Achaeans are not pleasing to the soul of the good goddess".<br />I am not very happy with it because of the three datives.<br />In order for my tranlation to be the right one, I think the last three words should be written like:qumw|= qea=j kalh=j<br />What is the correct translation of ...
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House, masculine or feminine?

Hello, <br /><br />I have found 2 greek words for house - masculine and feminine: <br />oi=)koj and<br />oi)ki/a<br /><br />Is there any difference in meaning like home and house or they are interchangeable?<br /><br />Thanks
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Compound verb?

Hello all,<br /> I've little question that I can't find the answer to, is a)gapw a compound verb a)po+ a)gw or a full verb in its own right?<br />Or put more simply where does the epsilon augment fir in?<br /><br />Thanks,<br />Paul
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ancient Greek and modern Greek

I am curious about how many differences between ancient Greek and modern Greek? and doest it matter that I start learning ancient Greek without any moderon Greek knowledge?<br /><br />thanks form China ;)<br /><br />
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I can't work out this form:

I've come across this sentence :<br /><br />o( Dioge/nej, e)rwthqei\j dia\ ti/ oi( aqlhtai\ anai/sqhtoi/ ei)sin, e)/fh o(/ti kre/asin u(ei/oij kai\ boei/oij a)nw|kodo/mhntai .<br /><br />Could someone parse a)nw|kodo/mhntai for me please?<br /><br /><br />
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Classical Greek Optical Character Recognition

Hi All,<br /><br />Is anyone aware of OCR software capable of processing <br />scanned ancient Greek and generating unicode output?<br /><br />Thanks.<br /><br />Cordially,<br /><br />Paul
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