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Here you can discuss all things Ancient Greek. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Greek, and more.

early struggles teaching myself ancient Greek

Since I retired, I've begun trying to learn ancient Greek. A local faculty member recommended Mastronarde's Introduction to Attic Greek, which has an associated web site. But even with the assistance of the latter, I've been having a bit of a struggle. The first two units are devoted entirely to pronunciation and accentuation (resp.), and the second, in particular, is difficult. I fear it's a bit "front-loaded" for someone like me, who is studying on ...
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Arist passive form for Theaomai

I was wondering if the verb theaomai has an aorist passive form?
e.g. Theastheihn :roll: :roll:
ps sorry!
I should have said aorist optative passive form
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My notes - Composing Sapphics in Aeolic

hi all, just put another of my electronic grk notes online, on composing Sapphics in Aeolic Greek. similar to my iambic doc, i've tried to bring together everything you might need to compose sapphics yourself (and so to learn sappho's own poems well).

I've created a consolidated grammar for Sappho, covering spelling, syntax, euphony, scansion and word placement. I pulled this together from various books in english and german.

I've prepared my own localisation data ...
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Greek Handwriting

I had learnt in high school a long time ago how to handwrite Greek characters. Some of them are different in handwriting than in printed letters. Does anyone have link where I can see the Greek alfabet in handwriting? I forgot how to write a few letters.

Here is the difference in the shape between the printed theta and the handwritten one. (It doesn't look very well, because I am not good in writing with ...
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Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone

I am curious if anyone has read the Ancient Greek "translation" of the Harry Potter book. My main question is what is the level of Greek that it is written in, could a 1st year student understand it? Or does it take a more advanced knowledge to read it?

Dave N.
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Please correct PDF Books - Missing Pages

Please correct the PDF Books -
The majority of them are Missing Pages!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Free Correspondence Ancient Greek Course?

I am in deep need for information on free correspondence Ancient Greek courses by mail.
We (my friend and I) cannot apply for an online course because my friend has no access at all to computers. But he is exceedingly interested in learning Ancient Greek to support his studies.
I have been downloading textkit.com for him and now he is very serious about having a course. But it has to be by mail only. Free ...
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An unending story thread

I was thinking that if we had an ongoing story in ancient Greek that several people contributed to, it might be a useful exercise in keeping our prose composition skills sharp. I'll start with the first 3 words, and then the next poster can add 3 more words, and the next 3 more, and so on. Not only could this be good practice but it would also be interesting to see what kind of sentence ...
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I ran across αὑτηΐ a form of οὗτος.
I looked it up using Perseus and it told me it is
Nom. Sg. Fem. indeclform iota_intens.
(My quess would have been dative with the iota subscript being changed to adscript.)
I don't understand why they would call it indeclinable but I've noticed that with other words as well.
Now my request: Can someone tell me something about iota_intens(ifying?)
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Teaching Athenaze in high schools

Hi everyone,

I am a professor who has to adapt her Athenaze course to a high school pace. What is the usual number of chapters covered per week at a high school?

Thank you.

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