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Here's where you can discuss all things Ancient Greek. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get translation help and more!

H&Q Unit 2

Could someone look over these English to Greek translations for me, please? I'm particularly interested in getting the accents right. The themes for this unit were: Active Present, Imperfect, Future, and Aorist indicative tenses, Active Present and Aorist infinitives, and subject-verb agreement.<br /><br />1. You used to send gifts from the market place to the gods of the island.<br />2. Did you (pl.) order Homer to free the five men in the house or not?<br ...
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Umm, either because of a blurry screen or a blurry page, or perhaps both, I can't see what the Greek for "son" is supposed to be...is it upsilon, iota, omicron, stigma, or is it omega, omicron, stigma? I'm guessing the first one just because it makes more sense...
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Which copy should I buy?

I'm thinking about getting myself a proper bound second hand copy of the Odyssey, and I was wondering which edition. I'm looking for something with helpful footnotes and comments that I might just possibly be able to find in a second hand bookshop at Charing Cross or somewhere near there.
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Greetings, <br /><br />This is my first post ;D I am a wee little beginner student of Greek (koine). I love the good resources available on textkit, and think the forums are some of the best on the web. <br /><br />I would like some help on greek prepositions. I read beginning grammars, and find the vocabulary difficult to solidify. I think this has to do with the ambiguity of English prepositions. Lexicons often enhance ...
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eggue vs kurios

I wanted to know what the difference between<br />eggue and kurios was. Sorry I don't know any greek so a simple english explanation would help!
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Vote on the next Greek book to be posted

Let me know what will help you out by voting in this poll.
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Subjunctive of EREW

Can someone tell me why the 1st person pl subjunctive of e)re/w is e)rei/wmen (Pharr section 158 line 3) and not e)reu/wmen. Actually I don't even understand why it should be e)reu/wmen. After the contraction of the Epsilon with the Omicron, why does the Omega still appear? Shouldn't it be part of eu, since it is the product of the contraction?
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Stigma, Digamma kai Koppa;

I have been reading a few websites lately which mention three Greek letters that disappeared completely by classical Greek; Digamma, Koppa, and Stigma. Were there more letters that went out of use by the classical era? I have one source which says that there were more letters which are no longer in use today. I am curious about this. Also, I'd like to know what they looked like, particularly the Stigma, and what order they ...
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Aoidoi: Simonides' "Danae's Lament" commented

I just finished adding vocabulary and grammar notes to Simonides 543. It is a very charming poem, and I think anyone who has mastered the fundamentals of Greek should be able to read the poem with the help of the notes.<br /><br />http://www.aoidoi.org/texts/simonides/543.php<br /><br />There's even one athematic second aorist imperative! :) <br />
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