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Here you can discuss all things Ancient Greek. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Greek, and more.

OT: Circe & Odyseuss

Quick Question not language related: I could have sworn I remember one of odyseuss's men chose to stay on the island with circe and remain a swine. I can't find it anywhere. (Although I do have a terrible memory - maybe I remember seeing it in a comic book somehwere instead of reading it in the Oddysey.)

Anyway, did this happen? - if so a name of who stayed or a reference would be a ...
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quantitative metathesis

I wish to know what the purpose of quantitative metathesis. It seems to me a superfluous complication of the third declension.
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Funny Link

I thought some of you might like this link....it was posted on B-Greek....Carl Conrad loved it!
Check it out here.
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Greek verses

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A Question

Is the technique of accentuation so vital for beginners and the basis of ancient greek learning?
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Greek Prose Composition, by F. G. Allinson

Francis Greenleaf's Greek Prose Composition, originally published by Allyn and Bacon, has been recently reprinted by both Adamant Media Corporation and Kessinger Publishing. If I am not mistaken, the last edition was the 3rd edition, revised (1895?). If that is the case, would anyone know whether the reprints offered by the above publishing houses are of the latest edition and not some earlier edition? Thank you.


p.s. Ahhh... nothing like the friendly confines of ...
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early struggles teaching myself ancient Greek

Since I retired, I've begun trying to learn ancient Greek. A local faculty member recommended Mastronarde's Introduction to Attic Greek, which has an associated web site. But even with the assistance of the latter, I've been having a bit of a struggle. The first two units are devoted entirely to pronunciation and accentuation (resp.), and the second, in particular, is difficult. I fear it's a bit "front-loaded" for someone like me, who is studying on ...
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Arist passive form for Theaomai

I was wondering if the verb theaomai has an aorist passive form?
e.g. Theastheihn :roll: :roll:
ps sorry!
I should have said aorist optative passive form
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My notes - Composing Sapphics in Aeolic

hi all, just put another of my electronic grk notes online, on composing Sapphics in Aeolic Greek. similar to my iambic doc, i've tried to bring together everything you might need to compose sapphics yourself (and so to learn sappho's own poems well).

I've created a consolidated grammar for Sappho, covering spelling, syntax, euphony, scansion and word placement. I pulled this together from various books in english and german.

I've prepared my own localisation data ...
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