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Here you can discuss all things Ancient Greek. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Greek, and more.

An idea

Here is an idea. There seems to be several people present that participate in the board and have a good deal of knowledge if not a great deal of knowledge concerning Greek without a lack of enthusiasm, too.

Why not make a textbook that would be ideal to begin with and advance through. This textbook could be make online collectively.
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Aoidoi.org: Pindar's Olympian 1

This Aoidoi commentary - Olympian 1 - differs from the usual commentaries in several ways.

First, it is written by chad, not me (though I did some editing).

Second, it's pretty large - 17 pages of PDF covering a 116-line poem.

Third, chad also has scanned the entire poem, and long and short marks float above the lines of the poem.

Fourth, below each strophe and epode is the same text in a less Pindaric ...
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need help with [face=spionic]de\ kai\ a)/lla[/face]

dear all,
I am trying to read Infancy Thomas as an exercise, and right on 2:3 I run into trouble with this sentence. h)=san de\ kai\ a)/lla paidi/a polla\ pai/zonta su\n au)tw=|. Can anybody explain to me how to make sense de\ kai\ a)/lla? Should I left de/ untranslated and understand the 'construction' (not sure whether this can be called so) as meaning 'but also many children were playing with him'? Any help and pointers ...
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Translation help

I am curious how to translate into ancient Greek these two phrases:

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.
Love is the law, love under will.

I believe that the 2nd phrase is something like this:

He agape estin o nomos, he agape hypo to thelema.

I have no clue about the first phrase except the involvement of the verb thelein/ethelein. Thanks.
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Guidance on Learning Greek (Where to start and so on)

Anyone who has any useful input concerning learning Greek independently.

(I have worked roughly up to Chapter 20 in Wheelock's Latin)

What is the best book to start with?

What are some good websites?

What not to do?

What to do?

Any information will be appreciated.
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A brave man

Dear all,

Do any of you know where in Plato's writings he sets Socrates against, if I remember correctly, 3 generals and asks them to define 'bravery'. By his elenchus he manages to get one of them to admit that a man who runs away from his fellow soldiers is braver trhan one who stays and fights!
If someone could come up with a citation I'd be most grateful.

Paul McK
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Need a reference.

I read in one of my Greek primers that the imperative present establishes the "now" of the author's event.

First - is it true?
second - reference?
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Want some help .....

Hi friends ... i'm a new member here ... :lol: and it's my honour being here in this great forum indeed ....

well, i'm just writing this post to ask for your advices if possible ..
actually i plan to learn Greek/Ancient Greek/ Latin ...
The question that always confuses me is that ... :
what are the differences between Greek and Latin languages ????
and ...
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Help with translation, please!


I don't know any greek, but I am studying latin. As a project for school I'm supposed to translate a letter written by the Icelandic bishop Thorlakur Skulason in 1644, in latin. It is preserved in the National library of Icelan, JS 478 4to. But Thorlakur is so cool that he uses greek slang in one place:

nostratibusque patribus tecum th=v e'nge/neionv

Your countrymen and fatherland , I think it goes (please correct my ...
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Epicurus in lingua Latina - et in Graeca?

Hi all,

I am reading one of Seneca's Epistulae morales (#2) and he quotes )Epi/kouroj. The latin phrase goes:

honesta, inquit, res est laeta paupertas

Can anyone tell me what the Greek original is?

Cheers :)
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