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Here you can discuss all things Ancient Greek. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Greek, and more.

Greek characters on a Mac

I'm just beginning the study of ancient Greek, using Mastronarde as a text and trying to master the alphabet, pronunciation and accentuation. As I did with Latin over the last few years, I take detailed notes.

My question concerns how to render the characters with their accent marks, etc. Do I need a specifically "Greek" font like SPIonic? Is it possible -- especially at my novice stage -- to use a font like Georgia or ...
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Translation Question


I have just registered with Textkit, so this message forum is new to me. Please forgive me if I am going about this in the wrong fashion. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am working with a book right now that is not actually on the Textkit page. I am reluctant to stop in the middle, however, and so have been using the resources here to supplement the work I have been doing. ...
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Basic Greek Vocabulary

I have written a program to drill students on the 1500-word Basic Greek Vocabulary list. It includes sound and pictures for each word, and so-far has about 880 of the 1500 words intended. I have designed to program to drill in progressively harder stages until the words are part of your active vocabulary.

Anyway, I need beta testers. Anyone interested? Find me a place to upload the program where others can download it and install ...
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Vowels...and Diphthongs

So, what would be the duration of the vowels ε, η, ο, ω.....?

Well, this seems to be a silly question...but i have a point here. So, your opinion is welcome.

ok, le me give a push for talking.

It's widely admitted that ε and ο are "short", while η and ω are "long"...

So, if we make a convention and represent the "short" duration of ε and ο as...let's say ...
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demonstrative + article.

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Autodidactic Greek textbooks?

I have just completed an Introductory Greek I course. First semester went very well, and I am fairly comfortable with that material covered. Second semester, however, was quite difficult.

I have had some training in Latin- an accelerated eight week summer course- which was the equivalent to four college semesters. So, for Latin, I have a working knowledge and understanding of how Latin as a language works- but I am still dearly lacking in many ...
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Subject and Predicate Nominative

So I know that the subject and the predicate on both sides of a form of ειμι are supposed to agree in number and gender. What if the subject is masculine and the predicate nominative is a feminine noun? Is that allowed? Does it ever actually happen?
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IEG II - aucta atque emmendata

Is West's IEG vol. 2, 2nd. edition, 1992, really out-of-print? :shock:

does anyone happens to have it? wanna sell it to me? :P
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