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Here you can discuss all things Ancient Greek. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Greek, and more.

New greekstudy groups (Anabasis and Pharr's Homeric Greek)

Hi folks:

Thought some of you might be interested in two new
groups on the greekstudy list starting in mid-June
(one Attic and one Homeric). Both groups are free and
either would be ideal for someone interested in
refreshing rusty Greek.

There will be an Attic group translating Xenophon's
Anabasis. The assignments will be quite manageable
(approximately 200-250 words per week) and anyone who
has had even a little Greek should fit right in.
Although ...
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some time ago I read or heard somewhere that there are two Greek words to mean brother. Adelphòs should mean specifically brother of the same mother (from delphys), but I cannot recall the other word and I have only a monolingual dictionary Greek-Italian at the moment.
Can anyone help me?
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Help in Greek Morphology

Hi all,

I have a test coming up in my Greek class and part of that test concerns morphology.

I worry a bit about the verbs: I sometimes have a hard time identifying irregular verbs. It is not easy to know for example that ei)=pon is the aoristus of fhmi/ or that oi)/sw is the future indicative of fe/rw...

Now I have a list of some difficult stems but it doesn't cover many verbs.

Any ...
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I don't know what the words stand for, "Id", "Il", "Ib".
Please tell me what they mean.
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Beginner Question

Hi everyone,

This is my first post in the Greek forum. I just started studying Greek. I've been studing Latin for a year. Anyways, I'm presently learning the alphabet and I came upon Nu and Upsilon. I am very confused by the second form of these two characters; they look identical to me. How do I discern Nu from Upsilon?

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new Biblical Greek learning tool

I have developed an interactive, web-based Greek learning tool for learning paradigms and vocabulary in which the student reads stories which can be manipulated into dozens of variations. My goal is to make the learning of Greek morphology easier without having to rely on the rote memorization of paradigms. So far I have stories which focus on 2nd declension masculine nouns but also includes some other vocabulary due to the nature of the manipulation of ...
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Relativism quote

I recently read that the first clear statement of relativism comes with the Sophist protagoras, as quoted by plato. Does anyone know the exact quote?
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Hyphenation Problem

Hi all,

I've gotten well underway with editing Greek texts in Word.

However, I have a problem: hyphenation.

When I copy a text from Perseus for example and paste it into Word, the hyphenation seems at best... random. And there are no hyphens!

Word is set to "no hyphenation" - it is as if it doesn't recognize that the characters make up words.

Any advice would be much appreciated. ...
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Unicode - Greek on the Computer.?. Inquiry

How can obtain the ability to type up Greek on my computer for submitting homework.
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Importing and formatting Greek in Word


The SP Ionic and other tools work really well on my system.

Sometimes I find Greek texts on the internet and import them to Word.

My question is: what possible fonts can I use?

There are tons of fancy one for the Latin alphabet but it seems to be rather limited for the Greek alphabet.

Times New Roman and Palatino Linotype look fine, but most other fonts look strange or don't have the special ...
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