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Here you can discuss all things Ancient Greek. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Greek, and more.

Learning with Thrasymachus

Salvete! (is it xairete in Greek?)

I'm introducing myself as a new student of Greek. Yesterday I received my copy of "Thrasymachus" by Peckett and Munday after waiting for months to get it. The method is somewhat like Lingua Latina, that is, you learn by reading rather than by analizing. Sadly, everything else is pretty much like a traditional English-Greek textbook. Someone should really translate Lingua Latina into Greek. Also, this ancient language is a ...
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disyllabic enclitic

If the last syllable of a disyllabic enclitic is elided, does the preceding syllable receive an acute accent even if the second syllable was not accented?
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How Different are all the Dialects?

I was just wondering how different all the Greek dialects truly are. Do they differ substantially from one another (some fundamental grammar concepts are completely different) or is it mostly just slight variations in wording and tone? Is it like an English person trying to read Scots, or is it more like the difference between newspaper English and literary English? How much passive knowledge of the other dialects do you get if you learn one? ...
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The difficulty of learning Ancient Greek?

How difficult is ancient greek compared to Latin?
How difficult is ancient greek compared to all other languages?
What is the most difficult part of ancient greek?
What is the most easiest part of ancient greek?
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Where is the White answer key?

NOTE - I posted this in the White's First Greek Book forum without response. Now it's going here.

I can't seem to download the answer key to White's First Greek Book. Is there any way to get this, or is it temporarily unavailable?

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HELP! (First Greek Writer Key)

I can't download Sidgwick's First Greek Writer Key. The download link on this page:


... obviously does not work. I tried mailing the folks at textkit, but they don't answer.

Could someone please help me? I would be most grateful if someone would mail it to me (phl@oncable.dk) or tell me where and how to download it.


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Ancient Greek pronunciation


Is the pronunciation on that site good/accurate?
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Code: Select all
pa/resti ga=j o)mfalo\n prosdrakei=n ai(ma/twn
blosuro\n a)ro/menon a)/goj e)/xein

Eum. 166-167

Can anyone explain to me the usage of "exein" in this sentence? I think it functions to make the participle
Code: Select all
present; hence, " It is at hand for me to behold that the navel of the world bears a terrible curse of blood." However, I am not sure this is correct.
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indirect statement

when the active forms of
Code: Select all
are used to introduce indirect statement, do they always mean command, or can they just mean say?
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