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Here's where you can discuss all things Ancient Greek. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get translation help and more!

Pronunciation website

Hello everyone, I recently decided to learn ancient Greek and found some useful websites. (Well, two to be exact. :) )

This one has audible words and letters:
http://socrates.berkeley.edu/~ancgreek/ ... start.html

I'd like to know what people here think of those pronunciations. Also, their pitch accents seem to be very subtle, in general. Sometimes, they don't appear to be there at ...
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H&Q translation help

Just a couple of questions early on here:
Unit I Exercises
7. e)n tais a)goraij ta\s tw=n anqrwpwn yuxaf o( (/Omhrof tois bibliois paideuei.
"Homer's books teach the men's souls at the market place"
Unit II, Drill III
4. oi( Qeoi\ logoif to\v (/Omeron e)/paideusan
"The gods sent their words to Homer"

1. am i on the right track with how i translated these and
2. if i am correct with the first translation ...
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To say Happy Birthday in greek

Woodhouse entry for birthday:
Birthday, used as adj. P. and V. gene/qlioj. Birthday offerings to the gods : P. and V. gene/qlia, ta/. Hold birthday sacrifice : P. and V. gene/qlia qu/ein.

Seems that their birthday was a day for sacrifice. :? Now, what did greeks say in their friends' birthday to celebrate it? What was their equivalent to "Happy birthday!"?
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Pictorial Ancient Greek Project --- a sketch

In order to enhance my vocab power in AG, I tried to harvest some words from the woodhouse E-G dictionary and put them around a few pictures. And I found a number of interesting words.

roof is o( o)/rofoj while the ceiling is h( o)rofh/,
wall is to\ tei=xoj while the wall of a house is o( toi=xoj,
door is h( qu/ra when window is h( quri/j,
cabbage is h( r(a/fanoj while radish is h( ...
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articles on teaching ancient languages to children

Can anyone link me to articles on teaching ancient languages to children, particularly OLDER ones geared to the idea of a child becoming fluent in both Latin and Greek BEFORE entering university?

There are a glut of books coming out about a classical education for children, but they are not right for our family. The focus is on LOTS of writing, outlining and reading fiction. My math orientated child is willing to do a BIT ...
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Participle help - again

Xai/rete, :)

I read somewhere that the key to learning Greek syntax, and therefore Greek, is a thorough understanding of the Participles. Truly, in my studies so far, that is indeed the case. Hardly a sentence goes by without a participle! I am not complaining. It is I suppose what gives Greek its esthetic beauty alongside its logical structure - no wonder the Romans learned Greek and ...
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New composition exercise for people reading Homer

hi guys, lots of people in this forum seem to have read at least the start of the Iliad or Odyssey (or both)... If you have, try putting the first 4 lines of the Aeneid into greek dactylic hexameter.

Arma virumque cano, Troiae qui primus ab oris
Italiam, fato profugus, Laviniaque venit
litora, multum ille et terris iactatus et alto
vi superum saevae memorem Iunonis ob iram;

I sing of arms, and of the man ...
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greek symbols

hi, i'm trying to get a tattoo done with a greek symbol. Saw one sometime back on a girl that she said was 'tables always turn', but i forgot to ask where sh got it from :?

wondering if anyone could help me out with that or point me to somewhere that would have symbols of phrases.

any help appreciated.. thanks in advance.
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Herodotus and the Nine Muses

This isn't a Greek Language question, but related.

The nine books of Herodotus' Histories were named after the nine muses sometime after his death. Does anyone know which book corresponds with which muse? I haven't had any luck finding an answer.

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H & Q Unit 5 English to Greek

Could someone look at these English to Greek translations please. The topics for this unit were:

1. Passive voice
2. Genitive and dative of agent
3. Substantive adjectives and articles
4. Articular infinitives

1. By sacrificing animals, men had persuaded the gods to stop wars.
tw|= zw|=a qu/ein oi( a)/nqrwpoi e)pepei/kesan tou\j qeou\j tou\j pole/mouj pau/sai.

2. The young man has been well educated by the poet in order that his excellence ...
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