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Here you can discuss all things Ancient Greek. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Greek, and more.

Ancient Greek Alive

Hi! Hope this isn't an inappropriate question: what do you guys think about Saffire's "Ancient Greek Alive" as a beginning textbook? I tutor Greek sometimes & I'm really concerned to get a text that is good on the grammar, but also interesting. "A.G.A." seems pretty sound, & I love the bright (unstuffy) approach, and the "conversational" beginning. However, the use of real Greek texts & authors in the book is limited. May I ask (if ...
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English to Greek translation please!

Hello! I was wondering if annyone could translate the following in Greek(um , I need it in 'Greeklish' -- I am sending in an e-card and cannot send in Greek characters i.e. I love you would be: S'ayapo --Thanks in advance if anyone can help me!!


I cannot wait to hug you in person! I love and miss you!

Faithfully Yours,
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Testing fonts

This post was deleted by Diane.
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Hi all,

I've only recently began my study of Greek and I haven't really chosen a textbook yet. I was wondering if Athenaze is good book. Some of you seem to hate this book with a passion, and I don't know why as it appears to be a good text.

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Code Conversion

I am working on a project and I must find a way to represent Greek on a web page.

I gather Unicode is the best solution. If understand this system correctly, all characters, ordinary Greek letters as well as all the accented vowels, come in codes resembling this:

& #966;& #952;& #8051;& #947;& #956;& #945; (please ignore the spaces)

Is it correct that web pages with this coding can be universally viewed, even from computers ...
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How to print texts in Greek?!

What is required to print a text in Greek (with accents etc.)? A special printer?..
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i have a quick question

i do not have a background in greek or latin and i am about to begin college.

how much more difficult is greek then latin?

i know this question is hard to answer. as a freshman i don't want to spend all of my time studying and i heard that greek is extremely difficult. so i wonder which language i should take.

any suggestions or comments would be appreciated.
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accent in infinitive "diakatharai"

Hi, Everybody:
I've come across the infinitive "diakatharai" with acute (7-th century A.D. text). I checked in TLG, and found some random examples with circumflex, but none with the acute.
Is the variant with the acute grammatically possible, or is it definitely a typo?
Many thanks in advance.
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Tutorium "The Greek Noun"

Hello to everybody

Do we have here something like the tutorium "The Latin Noun" or "The Greek Aspects" referring to the declination of the Greek noun. Somethink like a quick overlook about this, a manuel, handsheet, reader or call it like you want it.

Thanks and excuses for my English (it's declinsion, but I hate this word: so german deklination sounds better.
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Anyone who has the keys to the excises in WS'book,help!!!!!

If you have, then could you post me one piece? I've just started to learn,but there's no keys to exercises. Thanks
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