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Here you can discuss all things Ancient Greek. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Greek, and more.

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Greek Verb Tables

Hi all--

While taking an elementary Greek course, I found most verb paradigms cumbersomely arranged, spread across multiple pages, or akwardly organized. So I made my own verb charts with λυω, φιλεω, τιμαω, and δηλοω

I found them useful and thought you might too, so they are available as PDF files at my website http://www.brandonmason.com

Here are the direct links (I think you can gather which is which):
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Ellipsis examples

Can anyone direct me to examples in Greek which parallel the Latin grave inscriptions, e.g.: quod tu, et ego, quod ego, et omnes, where the form of "to be" must be supplied in different cases?

Even better would be any examples from the Iliad but I am not holding my breath; at this point I would be happy for a necessary future.
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Font Issue: Macs and Yahoo Messenger

To One and All--
There may very well be no satisfactory answer to this. Does anyone know if it is possible, with a Mac, to send Greek font code through Yahoo Messenger? Our group uses Yahoo Messenger for chats and up until now all of our members have used Windows and IBM-compatible PCs. Now, we have a member with a Mac and nothing she sends is relayed without boxes on our end. She sends Unicode, ...
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Postpositive particles

What is the purpose of never placing postpositive particles first? How does this affect the sentence's meaning?
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Does anyone know a site which allows someone to download greek fonts for free which are supported by internet explorer and are not SPionic
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Language and Ancient Greeks

I am curious. Do you think language shows how a culture thinks? I think what I mean is is some of the properties of their culture and way of thinking and who they were inherit in their language? If so, how is this displayed with Ancient Greek? How do you think who the Ancient Greeks were is revealed through their language and ways of expressing themselves?
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Recommended Classical Lexicon?

Anyone have a lexicon for working with classical Greek that they would recommend?
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Aoidoi - Three Homeric Hymns: Artemis, Hephestus, Demeter

There are three new poems available today, Homeric Hymns.

I worked up the smaller two, to Artemis and to Hephestus, to provide a contrast to the very much larger Hymn to Demeter which Nicholas Swift (aka. swiftnicholas here) did.

A lot of work went into the Hymn to Demeter — all ~495 lines of it — but I hope the results will help more people to read this poem. Because it's so large, one thing ...
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