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Here you can discuss all things Ancient Greek. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Greek, and more.

Fluent Speakers?

Hi, my father and I are debating a particular phrase that would be something an American would say, but still able to be translated into a few different ancient greek dialects. I was wondering if there are any fluent speakers, of a particular dialect. Thankyou for any and all help! :)
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Greek phonetics

Has anyone the faintest idea of how someone should approach the self-study of greek/latin phonetics? I have good books with loads of information, and I'm quite motivated to learn those zillion little rules of how sounds evolved. But is it just that to it, memorizing rules? and should you memorize all of them, most of them or just the most important?
How should I start? It seems so exciting to have power over mutations, ablauts ...
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Yes, it is Notepad not Wordpad. Can I save Notepad?

Yes, it appears it is Notepad, not Wordpad. Can I save Notepad?
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I'm inquiring to know if such a program exsists. It would make life wonderfully easy if so.
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Saving Greek Unicode font on Word Pad

To All--
I and several other friends are members of a Greek study group that meets online once a week by means of Yahoo Messenger. Now, when all of us downloads a Unicode font, we can easily see the Greek while in conference. A problem comes up later, though, when we try to save the chat. The MS Word Pad saves the chat to my MY DOCUMENTS file (or Window), and it doesn't allow me ...
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Vox Graeca

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help on turkey-turchia-tourkos

Hi I am new here

I want to learn something.

Is the name turkey coming from byzantine greek "tourkos"?

Who named the anatolia "turkey"?

Does the word tourkos means the turks who came to anatolia in 1071 and dominated it.

Turchia is the name of turkey in latin.

thank you
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uox antiqua - new site


check http://www.uoxantiqua.com, a new site about Greek literature, music and culture I am workin' on. It is just in the beginning, there are lots of things to add, therefore, be patient. Suggestions are welcomed :D

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Using PDF E-Books

I probably shouldn't be using this forum for questions about the use of PDFs, but I don't know where else to look. I'm reading a PDF grammar and I was wondering how to jump to page 245 from the 6th or 7th page. Do I have to click the mouse 245 times? Or is there an easier way?

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Anybody knows where i can find any good text about the compounds in greek? THanks
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