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Here you can discuss all things Ancient Greek. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Greek, and more.

"Popular rhyme"

"A popular rhyme in England runs as follows:

This is the book of Liddell and Scott,
Some of it's good and some of it's not.
That which is good is Scott,
That which is Liddell is not!"

Harry Thurston Peck, History of Classical Philology

Was it really such a popular rhyme? It does not produce a single result in Google these days. Enjoy it for what it's worth.
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LSJ Intermediate


I am a classical philology student in Bucharest, Romania, first year of studies.
After thinking for a while, I decided that the best lexicon for me at the moment is the LSJ Intermediate. It is hard for me to buy it since I don't have a job right now. Does anyone have one copy that could get rid of it? Can anyone help me? I really need this lexicon.
Thank you.

Best regards, Ionut
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Help with the exercices!...anyone of them...all of them...

If u can help me deal with the exercices I would be greatfull to all of u! :)
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Greek an Intensive Course like Latin an Intensive Course?

I really liked the format of Latin: An Intensive Course. It serves my learning style well, and now that I wanna get a hand in Greek, I was wondering if its anything like Latin: An Intensive Course?

Does it have LONG readings every unit like M&F?
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correction please


Im just a very beginner and Im working on grammar now... :oops: :oops: :oops:

I've written some phrases they are simple, but since I dont know anyone
who can help me review them... I need your help so you can tell me whats wrong
excuse me, I cannot put the ...
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Need some help with words

I am needing some help with some Greek words that I just can't seem to find the definition to. They are actually in Origen's Hexapla.




Thank you!
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I saw Book I of Athenaze at the bookstore today. Out of curiosity I flipped through it. The thing which caught my attention was that it had NT Greek and (I think) Homeric in the same volume.

If there is anyone here who uses this book, does this series mix different dialects together? From what I've read in the "which dialect to start with" document here on Textkit, I thought there were big differences between ...
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Aoidoi.org: Anacreon depressed - PMG 395

The only really serious verses of Anacreon we have, Anacreon 395. Epicurus and Lucretius would have much to say in response.
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Can anyone tell me an English word which corresponds with the pronunciation of upsilon. I am having trouble discerning the difference between its pronunciation and Latin u. Any time I look in a dictionary, all I see is a French or German correspondent.
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Aoidoi redesign done.

I finally finished the redesign of http://www.aoidoi.org. In terms of appearance, very little actually changed, though I hope it looks a bit less stern. The image system I used for Greek fonts in the older works has been replaced by Unicode (except for one file, soon to be updated). CSS trickery has been employed, so non-PDF pages should print much more attractively now.

Files have been shuffled around a bit, but there's a tricksy set ...
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