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Here you can discuss all things Ancient Greek. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Greek, and more.

Plato Help

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Iota adscript


This is a bit of an odd, unimportant question, but I just realized that the texts I have that use the iota adscript accent the first vowel of a long vowel + iota diphthong, so ῶι e.g. instead of ωῖ. My first question is whether this is in fact the convention for all texts that use the iota subscript. And second, why is it done this way? I was under the impression that the ...
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verbal adjectives

I understand the usage of these adjectives and the constructions in which they are used; furthermore, I see that their usage is nearly identical to the usage of the gerundive in Latin. What is the equivalent of a verbal adjective in English?
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vocabulary list

I have finished Hansen and Quinn's Greek course and feel I am competent in Attic Grammar and syntax, but my vocabulary is extremely limited. Does anyone know where I can find a substantial vocabulary list online?
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New Testament Greek for Beginners Group Starting

To One And All--
This is to inform the membership that a new Greek group will be starting on August 17 at 8 p.m. GMT-5 (EST). We will be using Machen's, New Testament Greek for Beginners', yet we will also be using a number of internet resources for our study of Greek. PDFs of individual lessons of Machen will be available at our web site for those who do not have a text.
The ...
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what is a vowel?

i mean, in general.

are vowels distinguished from consonants on purely acoustic (phonetic?) grounds? i think this would imply that the same sounds would be considered vowels in any language. or, instead of the intrinsic acoustic properties of the sound, is it a function of how those sounds are articulated physiologically (realizing, of course, that there could be a close connection between the manner of articulation & the nature of the sound that results)? or, ...
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Where da verb at?

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Anyone in Greece now?

Kalimera sas! I am a new registrant at this site and was wondering if anyone who is currently learning the Greek language is in Greece now?

I moved here 3 years ago from Canada. I am in Thessaloniki - I love the city to visit, but I do miss the quiet! I would say I am an intermediate speaker of Greek - not quite fully capable of holding a conversation for hours and still stumbling ...
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The letter Sigma

Hola, I did a search on this topic, and couldn't find anything in the forum, so I wanted to ask. What is the deal with the letter sigma, and it's alternate appearance (in the shape of a crescent moon)? I was familiar with the way sigma was written, but found a textbook that teaches it only in the other form, which is mightily difficult to digest when reading the book. Anyways, any help on this ...
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