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Here you can discuss all things Ancient Greek. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Greek, and more.

How do I pronounce this word...

It's is the Imperfect Indicative Active of plan

I was planning


I think it's something like



It's the euo
part that's causing me problems...
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Greek Word Look Up

Hi All,

I need help with the definiton of a word. It is e0nkatabai/nw and the form is
e0gkate/ba. Hope someone can help.

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Poetic Meter Inquiry

As one who is completely tone deaf, cannot hum even the simplest nursery ryhme in tune, and has absolutely no sense of rythm - I cannot grasp greek poetics meters in the slightest.

Anyway, I memorized the following english poem: Lepanto, by GK Chesterton. The poem is kind of epic like, and definitely seems to have a meter and rythm of some sort. If someone would care to take a peek, is there anything in ...
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if you've worked through a grk tragedy...

this will seem funny, otherwise it will just seem bizarre. i like the (famous) stichomythia interruption bit. i've seen this before but only just found it online now. :)

Housman's 'fragment of Greek tragedy'
http://www.facstaff.bucknell.edu/gretah ... v/sg11.htm
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Prometheus Bound line 250 (syntax/meaning?)


I have trouble with this line,I hope somehere will enlighten me -

thnêtous g' epausa mê proderkesthai moron.

I'd translate it this way -mind you, english is not my first language:

I made mortals realize their fatal destiny.
I brought to an end mortals' unawareness of their fatal destiny.

Thing is, the translations I saw - the one on perseus and one by Thoreau
have the exact opposite meaning:

the one goes ...
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divide and conquer

A couple of threads could have been running there with this title but unfortunately I cannot locate one.

I was looking for a Greek quote that says "divide and conquer". Perseus search gave me a couple of possible cognate ideas bu t not the exact quotation. It is mentioned that Pillippus II the father of Alexander the Great regarded it an important strategem. But I couldn't find it said in Greek as it is nicely ...
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"ho heniocheuon ten ton kinoumenon pnoen" ?


I would be grateful if someone could identify where this quote is from.
"Ho he^niocheuo^n te^n to^n kinoumeno^n pnoe^n". Roughly,
"the charioteer/director of the moving-beings' breath". The one who quoted this, a modern greek poet, was notorious for his platonic tendencies. I cant recall this in Plato though (in Phaidros there are similar expressions but not this one). For some reason, my guess would be Plotinus or perhaps something off the orthodox corpus

thank ...
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Herodotus III,125,3

Hi all,

Here's a bit from Herodotus, book III,125,2:

ou)de\ ei(=j tw=n a)/llwn (Ellhnikw=n tura/nnwn a)/cioj e)sti Polukra/tei+ megaloprepei/hn sumblhsqh=nai

We discussed it in class today, but nobody could tell me why there's a sigma before the -qenai in sumblhsqh=nai.

I hope someone out there can tell.

xa/rin oi)=da
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New White study group beginning soon?


I'd like to learn Attic Greek now that I have both the time and motivation to do so. Will there be another White group beginning soon or does anyone else have recommendations for a study group?

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Greetings! I hope all is well with you all.

My first question relations to SPIonic; I can't get it to work on my laptop for some reason. I've installed the font, twice, to no success at reading it here in the forum (all though I write it fine in other applications). I have Mac OS X, and I use the font and read it fine on my other computer, but for some reason my ...
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