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Here you can discuss all things Ancient Greek. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Greek, and more.

Representing Greek Characters

Hi everybody,

I'm kind of confused as to how I should read/write Greek characters on this forum. I downloaded SPIonic, based on the info in the "sticky" post at the top of this page, but stuff still looks wrong. Some posts are readable, others aren't.

Part of the problem may be that I don't understand the difference between "Betacode" and "Unicode". Googling those terms has only confused me further--could anybody help me out?

Really, my ...
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Greek textbooks...


Just a quick question...I have no training in Greek but I do in Latin. Is a book like the Pharr book recommended for someone starting from scratch or is something broader in order? I have a copy of Hansen and Quinn's Greek: An Intensive Course and Chase and Phillips' A New Introduction to Greek. I suppose I'm asking if anyone has suggestions about using either of the three.

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Time flies when you read Homer...

Three years ago, had you told me I would read the entire Iliad in Greek before I graduated from high school, I would have stared at you, resisted the impulse to laugh, and then deliberately mind my own buisness. At that time, I thought learning a foreign language was a mysterious skill which only special people have, a notion which was put in my head by my mother since she hated learning languages herself and ...
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Translating into Greek?

Hey everyone! I'm currently a classics minor but I haven't started studying Greek yet. I'm still in Latin and I hope to learn some Greek. I've always been intrigued by the language and I was wondering if you guys would help me translate Pink Floyd's 'Wish You Were Here' into Ancient Greek for me.

It's my birthday today so this would be great. The vocabulary is fairly easy, and I'm not looking for upscale, Homeric ...
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Deponent Verbs

My Biblical Greek teacher believes there are no deponent verbs. He is constantly telling us about how deponent verbs actually have a reflexive middle sense. He wants to do away with the classification of "deponent." I am curious of what people here think of about that.
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My Grk iambic composition notes

hi all, i've just put my Grk iambic composition notes online:

http://www.freewebs.com/mhninaeide/GrkI ... Apr-06.pdf

They contain lots of things, incl. my answers to the first exercises of Sidgwick's and Kynaston's Greek Verse Comp exercise books (along with my full annotations on how I put these together: more important than the actual answers I think), as well as summaries of various books on composition and verse localisation &c, a scanned ...
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Code: Select all
[face=spionic]tou=to poi/ei[/face]
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The standard pronunciation, if I understand correctly, would make this word sound roughly "ew-ë-mer-os" or "ew-ë-me-ros", right? But transliterated into Latin it was written "Euhemerus". Is it possible that either the Greek eta did have an aspirant connection, or that Greek lost medial aspirants, or is this merely an anomoly?
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A Greek Winlatin?

Is anyone aware of a program that is comparable to the immortal Winlatin (http://www.ucc.uconn.edu/~hasenfra/wlatin.HTML) but deals with Ancient Greek?
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Any interest in a more advanced reading group?

I've been stalled for well over a year now in reading Euripides Medea. It's not that it's that hard (though the lyric meters are very difficult to "get"), but it's just kind of unsatisfying to do it all by myself.

Myself, I've done oodles of Homer, both Iliad and Odyssey; the whole of Barbour's Herodotus; about half of the Mather and Hewitt Anabasis; almost all of the Sidwell Lucian; Plato's Apology and Crito; some speech ...
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