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Here you can discuss all things Ancient Greek. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Greek, and more.

Emergency exam learning

To start with, I'd just like to say hello to everyone.

I have a bit of a situation here my friends :?

I am currently studying both Latin and Classical Greek at GCSE level.

My Latin is solid but the Greek is more of an extra-curricular activity (due to my not being able to choose it as a subject of study), and I have had nowhere near ...
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Questions about ancient Greek

I would like to learn both Classical and Koine Greek. Are there differences in pronunciation between the two dialects? Is the pronunciation of the Greek letters the same for both dialects?
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Software for learning ancient Greek

Is there any software that deals with learning ancient Greek?
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Question to those who use(d)...


In a couple of months or so, I will start to learn greek, towards wich end I must buy some books right now, in hope that I might have received them by then, since my country's mail system is a unfunny joke responsible for many tragedies that would make the greek writers envy.

I have seen some booksn frequently cited by the users, and these are Pharr's, H&Q's, Athenaze and trasymalchus (or is it ...
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Gospel Commentary

Does anyone know where I can find a verse by verse commentary online of the Greek Gospels?
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HTML editor (person, not program) needed

User perispomenon has typed up the whole of the grammar section of Pharr's Homeric Greek textbook. Now it needs to be turned into HTML. The syntax section is already done (Syntax), but now we need help with the morphology sections.

If anyone feels up to helping and doing some HTML editing work on some sections, please let me know.
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Aoidoi.org: Hesiod describes winter, Erga 504-535

Hesiod's Works and Days isn't high on most people's reading list having as it does a reputation for being a farming manual. It's a lot more like what biblical scholars would call wisdom literature, but there is discussion about the timing of farming tasks. At one point he makes a digression to describe winter which is one of the more charming of his set pieces.

Winter (ll.504-535).
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Excersizes With a Key

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Meaning Question

I'm kind of curious if anyone knows the meaning of the name "Evenor/Euenor" from Plato's Critias dialogue...?
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"an" with the participle

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