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Here you can discuss all things Ancient Greek. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Greek, and more.


I need to know (for a tattoo) what would the translation of "temple of wisdom" be? My knowledge of Ancient Greek consists of the present tense and so I'm nervous of how to best proceed on translating this, thanks.
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Do you know of free text messaging for Greek?

Would anyone know of a free, downloadable software program my Greek group could use for real-time text messaging? It has to allow us to use our own fonts so that we can message to one another in Greek and English. We used to have Yahoo Messenger; but, Yahoo is getting tempermental on us, and allows some of us to communicate, while denying this service to others, all very indiscriminately. Thank You.

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Missing pages in Rutherford book

Did anyone ever find the missing pages in W Gunion Rutherford's book "First Greek Grammar Syntax" (an E book on this site)? I can provide a list of the page numbers if you have the book.

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Best greek method

And why do you think it's the best?
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perseus vocabulary tool

I tried to use the Perseus vocab tool with puzzling results.
I looked for all words of John New Testament.
It came up with 15599 unique words.
There were a few words that were not in the lexical form but not enough to give a huge number like this.
I did find related words all refering to the same verse.
Is that what this tool does, find a word and then list all words that ...
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Anabasis Translation online - Where I can find it?

I'd like to find an ONLINE translation of Anabasis (to english, french, italian, spanish). Does anyone know where can I find it?

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Athenaze: differences between first and second editions

I just would like to know which are the differences between Athenaze's first and second editions. Do they have the same texts? What really changes form one edition to another?
What do you thing of Athenaze second edition? Is this a good course for someone who wants to be fluent in reading greek?

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Adjectives agree with their nouns...

...in gender, number and case. So says White's Rules of Syntax 805. But the example he gives:

h( o(do\j stenh\ h=/n

Does this mean that although stenh\ is A-Declension it is masuline.. but why not use stenoj?

PS How do I use unicode?
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