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Here's where you can discuss all things Ancient Greek. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get translation help and more!

Translation? Exercise

Is it time again for one of those fatuous wastes-of-time which I post now and again? How about translating (rewording into Greek idiom first will guarantee a better result) a little quip from a much maligned politician who was also a classicist of the highest ability...

History is littered with the wars which everybody knew would never happen.

Extra Brownie points for anyone identifying it (without Google!!).

Good luck & fun,
Paul McK
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Need a few words

Hello people, I'm new here. I study greek and latin at my school, as well as hebrew, I'm also doing ancient egyptian in my free time. Someone asked me to translate a few words. I have a greek-dutch dictonary, but not dutch to greek, so I can't look up the words I need, could any of you help me? Here are the words:

Multicolored (as in: having many colors)
Feeling ...
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I am writing a book for beginners I would love to hear some of your advice. My main problem is that I can't find really useful information about teaching greek, something about didactics etc. Are there any well-defined orientations? Can I find at least a history of teaching Greek? It might seem funny, but I feel unconfortable not having a theoretical beckground...
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How should I start?

I'm a third-year Latin student interested in dabbling in Greek. I took a look at the Textkit e-books, but there are SO MANY. So, now I turn to you: which text is best in your opinion?
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New method for learning/teaching Greek. Feedback desired.

Hello all,

I'm developing a novel way to teach and learn Greek. I have a website where this method can be explored.


You need a Polytonic Greek unicode font to be able to read the stories. There are links on the site where you can download them.

My approach is to teach paradigms and vocabulary in a story context. The user can interact with controls and select things like plural/singular, 1,2 and 3rd person, ...
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More Hansen + Quinn questions..

Just making sure I understand what's going on.

H+Q Unit 4 English to Greek exercises:
1. If the poet writes a good book about battle, the young men will dissolve the peace.

e)a\n o( poihth\j a)gaqo\n bibli/on peri\ th=j ma/xhj grayh|, oi( neani/ai th\n ei)rhnhn lu/sousin.

2. If you (pl.) should sacrifice animals to the gods, we would stop the war.

ei) zw=|a toi=j qeoi=j qu/aite, to\n po/lemon pau/saimen.

3. If I had guarded the ...
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Is this modern Grek or koine?

Here is a link that has the apostles creed in Greek. Is it Koine or Modern? I don't recognize some parts of the grammar. http://www.creeds.net/ancient/apostles.htm
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Pro\j qoukudi/dou qiasw/taj :)

I'd like to ask you a question about a difficult -and famous- point in Thucydides. In Qoukudi/dou I(storiw=n V.89.10 (from Melians' dialogue), we read ta\ dunata\ d' ec w=)n e(ka/teroi a)lhqw=j fronou=men diapra/ssesqai. Which verb is the phrase ta\ dunata\ related to? Isn't diapra/ssesqai the object of fronou=men? Of course, in order to answer my question, one must bear in mind the whole text of this chapter. Thank you in advance.
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two Thetas

I have run across two ways of writing a Theta in the same piece.
One looks "normal", like so; q
The other one is leaning back and the bottom left side is open.
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