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Here you can discuss all things Ancient Greek. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Greek, and more.

Link for Sappho

At http://community.middlebury.edu/~harris/Sappho.pdf you may find a 150 pages introduction to Sappho with Greek texts of some poems, interpretation and some grammatical aids. Though this is the first text I am reading about her, I should say it is worth the click.
At http://community.middlebury.edu/~harris ... cs.gr.html are a lot of more texts by the same author.
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Advice: Got a Taste of Greek - Now the Real Work Begins

I have been studying Latin for almost a year now and I decided to get a litle "taste" of Greek this past weekend, out of curiosity. I have a couple of Greek text books from the 19th Century that I purchased a few years back, knowing that I would one day spend some time with the language.

I read William's "Greek Dialects: Where to Start" post:
If you plan to read any other Greek at ...
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A fragment of Xenophon on the death of Socrates

To My Colleagues at Textkit--
Once again I am hopeful of finding out the meaning of a sentence, this time from Xenophon, though I am not sure which work, nor where exactly it came from. The topic is common knowledge, though: the death of Socrates in 399 B.C.E. I will include the whole passage, for clarity, but the very last sentence is a mystery, although I think I know what it is saying, because I ...
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Just quickly remind me ...

...can the last syllable in verb forms which end in ai (gignomai, essetai, etc) be scanned as short without correption? I'm talking about general lyric poetry.
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Question concerning trecho.

Is the 3rd person singular imperfect indicative active of 'trecho' (I run)
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I bought Oxford Grammar of Classical Greek

and I don't know if it was a wise move. It was a completely spontaneous action, since I have been learning Latin and had given some thought to teaching myself Greek as well. I happened to be at a book store, and I happened to be by the language section, and Morwood's book happened to catch my eye being that it was the only book on Greek there, and so I bough it.

The intro ...
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Hi-Hope this isn't an off-topic subject: does anybody know how the Greek "Rhapsodes" differed from the poets? Were they just reciters/singers or did they compose some of their stuff (that would make them poets wouldn't it?) I am very interested in the Greek Lyric era & in Homer, so that is why I'm interested. Did the rhapsodes recite Homer mostly (or entirely) since he was the #1 author, or did they recite other poets' work ...
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Learning greek and latin with Homer


I'm currently teaching Latin and Greek in a secondary school (kids aged 11-16).
I decided to use Pharr's book for the Greek side. I had the kids buy the 8 first books of Iliad in a Greek/French edition (whole work exists in 3 books). Yet, i am to teach them some latin too, and i'd rather use the same work than take another one completely different from Iliad (i thought i could use Virgil's ...
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Fluent Speakers?

Hi, my father and I are debating a particular phrase that would be something an American would say, but still able to be translated into a few different ancient greek dialects. I was wondering if there are any fluent speakers, of a particular dialect. Thankyou for any and all help! :)
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Greek phonetics

Has anyone the faintest idea of how someone should approach the self-study of greek/latin phonetics? I have good books with loads of information, and I'm quite motivated to learn those zillion little rules of how sounds evolved. But is it just that to it, memorizing rules? and should you memorize all of them, most of them or just the most important?
How should I start? It seems so exciting to have power over mutations, ablauts ...
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