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Here you can discuss all things Ancient Greek. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Greek, and more.

definition of Κλεος

hello all. I have to write a short explanation of Κλεος for my survey of classical literature class. We're reading the Odyssey (in translation. I know I know but hey I just started first year greek.). I looked up the word in l Liddle and Scott's and they said it corresponded to Fama. My question is How closely does the idea of reputation hang to Κλεος? Is it as tightly bound up as the Latin ...
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Part One

How does one say, Part One, as for a title of the first part of something? e.g., The Iliad, Part One. Meros Prwtov, Prwta monas, Meris Eva, Meros Evov, or what?
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What's new in Reading Greek second edition?

Does anybody know what's new in this second edition (July 2007)? I know that there are still 2 volumes, but vocabulary comes in the text volume and grammar+exercises (now printed in colors) form another volume. But concerning the texts, are the some changes?

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good on-line dictionary

looking for a good on-line dictionary hopefully one that will do greek to english and is compatible with the microsoft polytonic greek front
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usage of "te"

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Ancient Greek word for Liberalism?

What would be the closest word or phrase for modern Liberalism (American, political : personal freedom über alles, etc.) in Ancient Greek? 'h lucis? 'h 'apallagh? Something else?

Eukharistos eimi,
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Learning Tenses

Hi-I've belatedly realized that, in reading Greek, it isn't necessary to worry about all the forms of the new verbs you encounter, since you probably won't see them. What I mean is-right now I'm reading in Herodotus and Homer, sometimes glance through Pausanias, & maybe the poets. Well, with most of these writers, (and most other Greek authors) it seems to me that the tenses you are likely to encounter are 1. Imperfect 2. Aorist ...
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Help with font

So I got the font to work. Thanks a bunch as I am using Athenaze to learn greek this year. I can't seem to get the accent marks to work completely and the tetorial website was down. I was wondering if you guys could help me with this.
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Stepehen Paine's Beginning Greek

Hello all.

Quick question: Is anybody here familiar with Paine's Beginning Greek? I have the book and it looks like a vigorous approach for one interested in learning Greek. I like that that it offers an inductive approach and reading right away.

The reviews on Amazon range from five starts to one, with little in-between. Anyone care to comment on their experiences? Thanks in advance.

PS- I am looking to get some grounding in Greek. ...
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Apology 18a

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