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Here you can discuss all things Ancient Greek. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Greek, and more.

iphone and Greek Textbook pdf's

Sometimes it would be nice to have all those old Greek grammar pdf's in one handheld gadget that could display the contents of the book in a readable manner. Oh to have Smyth and Goodwin in one place - perhaps in an iphone. I wonder if this would work ? Has anyone ever tried this ?
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"o ge" in Homer

several times in reading the Iliad I have seen "o ge" used, and I was just wondering what the function of "ge" is in this combination. Any time I see it seems to be virtually indistinguishable from just "o" alone.
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a general knowledge question

might sound crazy but why are accent marks in languages always placed over vowels?
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may ὄπισθεν be divided into two parts? ὄπ and ισθεν the op meaning follow and isde(n) meang be litterally to be following?
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not sure where to post this.


I was wondering would it help me if I took my greek from athenaze and translated it to latin and then back to english?
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Greek, Örberg and Others

My Italian Athénaze (the 'Örberg version') has finally arrived! It really is an enhancement. But there's competition. Chapter 1 of 'Thrasýmachus' by Peckett and Munday had me in stitches on Page 1. Moi, a beginner, READING GREEK and LAUGHING (!???!). After all those scarey lists and charts and tables and paradigms. :cry: I can only compare it to the kick I got reading some ...
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English to Greek dictionary

Which is the best Engish to Greek dictionary available that is still in print?
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Learning Vocabulary

I'm new to learning Greek and my professor is going through our book very quickly. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to learn new vocabulary efficiently?
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How to pronounce eta?

A beginner's quandary:

In older textbooks, some say eta should be pronounced "ee" as in "meet", others "ey" as in "whey" (why they bring Little Miss Tuffet into this I have no idea. I assume it's the same "ey" as in "they" or "ay" in "way"). Still others say epsilon and eta equate to short and long Latin "e".

More recent courses stipulate the "ai" sound in "hair" or the second e in French "élève" ...
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