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Here you can discuss all things Ancient Greek. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Greek, and more.

Medieval Greek

I wondered if there was a method to learn that kind of Greek or more exactly its evolution, history, &c., and which one you would recommend.
I have tried to understand it and I am able to figure out what such texts tell (ex.gr., I have had a look at Constantin Lascaris' Grammatices graecae epitome and I can understand a considerable part of the text) but I cannot produce texts by means of such ...
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CAN you tell my about this kind of books?

Hi everyone;
What is the famous biographical book or dictionary which I can find the Greek names and places in greek language translated into english.
If you know some please give me informations about them ( their names, publishers.... etc).
And if they are avaliable on the net give me links.
Iam sorry for my rude.
Thank you.
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First Person Dual Conjugation

Does anyone have an explanation for why there is no such thing as a first person dual conjugation in Homeric Greek? It seems to me very sensible. It would be like saying "We two X" and it could have a conspiratorial connotation, as in "only we two". Just seems like that would be even more practical and useful than saying "you two" or "those two".
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apparently the first year greek classes here use Athenaze... so I was thinking of picking it up and using it to brush up on my greek and to become accustomed to classical (since my background is in koine). Anyway, I see online that there are two volumes plus workbooks. Are both volumes for first year greek, or is volume 2 for second year? And do I need the workbooks or are they superfluous? It's $47 ...
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Hi everyone!

It's been a long time! Indeed I lost my main computer, I changed my life, the continent, my language...
Well, the good news are I'm still studying greek (and I hope to keep doing it!)

This week I started translating a series of maxims from... (if anybody recognize them please tell me the author) this is the first one; the thing is I'm doing this translation into French, (mainly cause my ancient greek ...
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Feminines: Declension I - Anyone willing to proofread?

I just wanted to know if I am understanding the cases, so I constructed English sentences using the greek words in the way the tense prescribes. Am I correct?
Singular Only
Stem: τιμα (honour)
N: Ones τιμα stems from ones actions.
V: O' my τιμα, forsake me not!
A: Pain brings τιμαν.
G: The level of ones τιμης determines ones social rank.
D: Ι fight for my τιμη.

I know some of the sentances are ...
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Method question about declensions learning

Hi all,

I'm teaching Greek and Latin to secondary school kids.
I've decided to teach them both languages in parallel starting from Homer (following basically Pharr's method) with XVIth/XIXth century Latin translations (Didotiana basically) and a French one (i'd do or from a printed edition).

Now, i'm about to start the learning with the 5th grade pupils (first year of Greek and Latin) and i was thinking that instead of learning the declension traditionally starting ...
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Help With Declension I.

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