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Here you can discuss all things Ancient Greek. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Greek, and more.


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Help with Imperfect

Hey guys, I need some help formulating the imperfect for a word like "esthio", or "to eat". Is it like this? (epsilon will be "e" and eta will be "E").

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Should I learn latin first , greek second?Thank you

Should I learn latin first , greek second?Thank you
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Intermediate Greek-English Lexicon (Liddell and Scott's)

Is there a site that explains to beginners how to use the lexicon, something along the lines of a "Dummies Guide To Understanding The Greek-English Lexicon"? In other words, an explanation of how the words are laid out and the significance of the added forms (some in parentheses, some not) that are interspersed thoughout the definitions (if "definition" is the right word for what is to the right of the entries)

Or should I forget ...
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Another question I had while studying

In the 3rd declension nasal stem word dog (nom. sing.=kappa upsilon omega nu, gen. sing.=kappa upsilon nu omicron nu) why is the omega dropped in the gen. singular form?
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Question while studying....

When declining third declension nouns, the article changes (ie. m or f), but the endings remain the same, correct?
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Conversational Greek

Does anyone know of a conversational Greek book, similar to John Traupman's Conversational Latin?
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Genitive case

One of my books is "Introduction to Attic Greek" by Mastronarde, and in Unit 3 he begins his explanation of the Greek cases. I have a basic question on the genitive case, and I'll use the word "road" that he gave in an example. His example merely enumerated the case endings for singular and plural, and did not give an an example of how each case would show up in a sentence.

My question involves ...
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subordinate clauses

Can words belonging to subordinate clauses such as local clauses be placed within the independent clause? I recently saw an instance of a word belonging in a clause introduced by a relative adverb but was actually placed before the relative adverb.
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