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Here you can discuss all things Ancient Greek. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Greek, and more.

On pronunciation

I have been reading your messages posted here, in which you deal about how to speak Ancient Greek. I have listened some audio files and some others materials. I am not in a Greek class at my High School but sometimes I go to the Greek Department in order to talk about this with the Greek teacher. In Spain, people usually follow Erasmus pronunciation. But I think it´s not correct -by fact, we cannot ...
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Aoidoi.org: Delectus Indelectatus

Over the years I have collected a few shorter poems which are cranky or gloomy. Most of these are from the Anthology, but Sappho sometimes had a sharp tongue, and Hipponax is famous mostly for his bad temper.

So I give you — the Delectus Indelectatus, nine short poems.
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Wikipedia in Ancient Greek. you can write articles to help

You can help the project of wikipedia in Ancient Greek, writing articles in the following test page:


if the activity in the test page is considerable and have many contributors,and the articles growing fast, the project will be successful.

here the list of articles that every wikipedia should have:

http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/List_of_ ... hould_have

Ancient Greek needs you
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Verb list or equivalent?

Hi-This has probably been posted before at some point: Does anybody know of a small vocab. book, or even a list of something like "The 100 Most Common Classical Greek Verbs"-? Or something of that sort. It occured to me that in most authors I've read, you tend to use & re-use a few basic verbs, like eimi-be, oida-know etc. It makes more sense to learn thoroughly the forms of the most used verbs & ...
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textbook for ancient Greek

I've taught myself Latin in the last 5-6 years, and I want to learn ancient Greek the same way. I've purchase Mastronarde's Attic Greek, which has an excellent website but whose early chapters are a bit of a challenge. I've also heard good things about Athenaze, which has a workbook and and a teacher's guide as well, which might be useful for someone trying to learn on their own.

Any recommendations?

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ὤ + genitive

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Emergency exam learning

To start with, I'd just like to say hello to everyone.

I have a bit of a situation here my friends :?

I am currently studying both Latin and Classical Greek at GCSE level.

My Latin is solid but the Greek is more of an extra-curricular activity (due to my not being able to choose it as a subject of study), and I have had nowhere near ...
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Questions about ancient Greek

I would like to learn both Classical and Koine Greek. Are there differences in pronunciation between the two dialects? Is the pronunciation of the Greek letters the same for both dialects?
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Software for learning ancient Greek

Is there any software that deals with learning ancient Greek?
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