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Here you can discuss all things Ancient Greek. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Greek, and more.

Eumenides translation

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About Sigma

I haven't read anything about it, but isn't sigma supposed to be pronounced "sinma", or "sima"? After all, gamma before my becomes nasal.

Thanks. And... hello everybody :wink: It's been a time since I posted something here.
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Ever thought of a "Learning Greek wiki"

Like wikipedia, but specifically about learning the language. Each wiki page could be based around lessons. I'm using White's so I could start to write up (since it's out of copywrite) the first lessons and people could add concepts, ideas and opinions to it.

If people thought it was a good idea I could host it on my site.

If people don't. I understand. :D

For ...
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Greek Verb Tables

Hi all--

While taking an elementary Greek course, I found most verb paradigms cumbersomely arranged, spread across multiple pages, or akwardly organized. So I made my own verb charts with λυω, φιλεω, τιμαω, and δηλοω

I found them useful and thought you might too, so they are available as PDF files at my website http://www.brandonmason.com

Here are the direct links (I think you can gather which is which):
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Ellipsis examples

Can anyone direct me to examples in Greek which parallel the Latin grave inscriptions, e.g.: quod tu, et ego, quod ego, et omnes, where the form of "to be" must be supplied in different cases?

Even better would be any examples from the Iliad but I am not holding my breath; at this point I would be happy for a necessary future.
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Font Issue: Macs and Yahoo Messenger

To One and All--
There may very well be no satisfactory answer to this. Does anyone know if it is possible, with a Mac, to send Greek font code through Yahoo Messenger? Our group uses Yahoo Messenger for chats and up until now all of our members have used Windows and IBM-compatible PCs. Now, we have a member with a Mac and nothing she sends is relayed without boxes on our end. She sends Unicode, ...
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Postpositive particles

What is the purpose of never placing postpositive particles first? How does this affect the sentence's meaning?
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Does anyone know a site which allows someone to download greek fonts for free which are supported by internet explorer and are not SPionic
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