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Here you can discuss all things Ancient Greek. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Greek, and more.

reader vs. gnt

for about a week now, i've been reading the greek instead of english in my greek english interlinear nt. i'm not sure which route to take now: invest in a gnt, or hold off for a while and get a nt reader and hone my greek skills just a little bit more. if i do get a reader, can anyone gie a recommendation? i've heard rodney decker's koine greek reader is a good choice.
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printable summary of forms


I remember when I was taking koine oh-so-long ago, someone gave me a printout of the summary of verb forms, all on one 8x14 page. I no longer know where that is... and need to review since I am trying to get back into things.

Is there anywhere online where a printable summary of verb forms can be obtained?

I don't like the way that the verb chart in Athenaze looks (not to mention ...
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Athenaze questions

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A little help with stems

Hello people,

A Merry Christmas to you all! I'm doing a College 101 course in Greek and we're using Hillard and Botting and Abbot and Mansfield. At the moment, we're doing comparatives. My problem is with αληθης type adjectives. According to Abbot and Mansfield (p.50), the stem of αληθης is αληθες. Huh? Unless I am very much mistaken αληθης is an adjective of the ευγενης type the genitive of which is ευγενους . Now since ...
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i am curious to hear from people learning biblical how this has impacted their spiritual walk. thank you.
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greek accents>>> please help

now , i have a problem in typing accents
i added greek to the international keyboard , but the problem that i tried all letters i found just the accute accent
i can't find the rest
and when i use a virtual keyboard online ..it appears like squares , so , what can i do ???
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Days of the Week

How did the Ancient Greeks indicate the days of the week? I'm familiar with the Modern Greek custom; in Latin, they are litterally die Solis, "on the day of the Sun," die Lunae, "on the day of the Moon," etc.
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Easy Reading Materials in Greek

I'm looking for easy (and, preferably, entertaining) reading materials in Greek. I'm at the very early stages of learning the language on my own, with the help of some knowledge of Modern Greek and some prior study of related, highly inflected languages. I've read through Strong's <i>Nutshell</i> book, and I'm in about Lesson X-XV of the White, Smith, and Pharr books.

The piece that I feel is missing, though, is the opportunity to practice reading ...
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