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Here you can discuss all things Ancient Greek. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Greek, and more.


Are there any easy rules to remember all the rules of accenting ancient greek? Or how do you remember all the rules for accents?

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Damon: A Manual of Greek Iambic Composition

This book seems to be available on Google books, but not to me.

Would someone from the US (or anywhere else) please help me to obtain the .pdf files for this book?
I would be most grateful.

The title is:
Damon: A Manual of Greek Iambic Composition, by Williams and Rouse.

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indirect discourse

In the book I am using, it is stated that, in indirect discourse, whenever the main sentence is being quoted and it is following a secondary tense, one may either use the correspondent infinitive ( present to present, aor to aor, etc), or the optative; further, that the subordinated clauses it may have may either retain the original tense form, or be converted into a optative. My question is: is there difference in meaning between ...
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Koine in Herodotos

I fell upon this form in Herodot, 6,107, ἀπέβησε and I can't see what else it could be than aorist preterite of ἀποβαίνω, but how come Herodotos, a most classical writer, incorporate such a display of analogy? In another place, in the first book somewhere, I also saw εἰπας for εἰπων, and it's really baffling me.

Are analogies more common in Ionic or what? Am I on the wrong track?
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i find

is there a hebrew word equivalent to the greek word "eurisko"?
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I found the following in an 'old' Greek children’s book that retells the myth of Perseus and Andromeda in rhyming couplets under gaudy illustrations (lovely!). Most words are in my classical Greek dictionary but I also note the modern future particle θα (as in θα παω να φαω) as well as σε merged with the following article – στα (did that happen in ancient Greek too?). I guess it’s an example of the dreaded katharevousa, ...
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making greek flashcards on my computer

i have been wanting to make flashcards with my "before you know it" program but it only has modern greek. is there a program that will allow me to make flashcards in classical greek that has all the perks of "before you know it?"
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is Athenaze right for me?

hey guys,

i'm going into my fourth semester of Greek. in class, we'll be reading Demosthenes' On the Crown. last semester, we read Book I of the Iliad.

i've never really felt like i've had a strong grasp of Attic, and i'm thinking i'll need a refresher before we dive right into straight prose. from what i've gathered, Athenaze focuses largely on reading in Greek.

so, is Athenaze right for me?

i'd love to hear ...
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Listening to Greek

Hi guys, and Happy New Year.

I have been studying Pharr's Homeric Greek for a little while. I realized that I own Zondervan's New Testament Greek Vocabulary and I dusted it off and opened it up. It seems to have a lot of words and phrases voiced on the cd with the words printed in an accompany booklet.

So my question is…will the pronunciation found on these discs be close to that of the pronunciation ...
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Commentary on the Iliad

What are the best commentaries on the Iliad? I'm thinking of getting Willcock's 2-vol. commentary. Any good? Any suggestions?
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