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Here you can discuss all things Ancient Greek. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Greek, and more.

Hansen and Quinn Unit 4 Exercise

Hi, I am using Hansen and Quinn's Greek: An Intensive Course to refresh my Greek (Koine, taken 7 years ago). I know Latin, German and French well, plus my previous Greek, seems to be helping me move along quite well. However, there are very few ways to check my answers, so I thought that posting in these forums some of the translations I am least sure about might be useful. These are the two I ...
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Greek in my dreams...

well it started the other day, Greek letters and words invading my dreams. I guess that means that it's starting to stick?
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Il. 24.707-709

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I'm not ready to attempt learning Greek yet, but I would like to remove one obstacle by teaching myself a decent penmanship. Is there a model that I might follow? Penmanship sounds kind of old-school, but I deliberately didn't ask about calligraphy. Functionality and clarity are my aims, and if my English penmanship (destroyed forever by the Palmer method) is any indication, I'll never have "beautiful writing."


“Perfection belongs to the Gods; the ...
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Thrasymachus XXII

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As I was skimming ahead in my Greek reader, I came to a section with passages from the play "The Wasps", there in the vocabulary list I found this word katapugwv(p = pi, g = gamma, w=omega, v=nu, with an accute accent over the u)
It's defined in the book as gay, homsexual.
I know that kata is a prefix meaning down or below. so is this word derogatory? also what does pugwv mean?
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for those of you interested in memorization techniques, check out "multiple intelligences" by:howard gardener.
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Reading the Septuaginta.

Will my studying Classical Greek prepare me to read the Septuaginta?
I'm more interested in the OT than the NT.
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greek lists

in the latin section of this site, there is a place where you can register to have latin word emailed to you for memorization purposes. is there a greek word list here that does the same, or not? :?
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vowels , contracted verbs and all cases when 2 vowels meet

hey everybody
i need please your help in ancient greek
when 2 vowels meet
i know that a + e = a in contracted verbs
and a+o = w
but what about the letters which one of them deleted if they meet
please can you help me in this ????
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