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Here you can discuss all things Ancient Greek. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Greek, and more.

Aoidoi - Three Homeric Hymns: Artemis, Hephestus, Demeter

There are three new poems available today, Homeric Hymns.

I worked up the smaller two, to Artemis and to Hephestus, to provide a contrast to the very much larger Hymn to Demeter which Nicholas Swift (aka. swiftnicholas here) did.

A lot of work went into the Hymn to Demeter — all ~495 lines of it — but I hope the results will help more people to read this poem. Because it's so large, one thing ...
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help: Need the anwser key, help

Can someone tell me where i can find the answer key to J. Gresham Machen book, New Testament Greek for Beginners. i need to be able to tell if i am answering the questions correctly. Thanks
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πτ vs. φθ


This is another minor question, but I've always wondered about what phonetic difference the choice between π and φ is supposed to indicate at the end of a syllable. Especially since Vox Graeca says that it's probably not the case that both consonants of φθ were aspirated. I thought maybe the Greeks heard the aspiration and assigned it to both, but then there's example like πφ (at least in Σαπφώ), and I came across ...
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Is iota ever used as a consonant as it is in Latin, or is it always considered a vowel?
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Plato Commentary?

Are there any good plato commentaries? (of course, of the greek texts) I want to just jump straight into one of his easier works. I have finished an intensive greek corse at cornell u so my grammar and vocabulary is a bit shakey so something easy is in order. Also, Lidell Scott intermediate is the standard dictionary correct?
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First Greek Writer Key

I can not seem to find this PDF, though the First Greek Writer seems to assume its existence. Google can find the old page that had the download link on it, but it's dead.

Anyone have any help?
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Caption for picture

I had this posted in the koine board but did not get a reply.
I am kind of curious so I am trying here. :)

A member of our Greek club is moving away so I want to give him a picture of our little group with a little caption.
I am considering "Learning the Greek Language" -> μανθάνειν Ἑλληνικήν γλῶσσαν or μανθάνειν Ἑλληνικην διάλεκτον. I am ...
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Plato Help

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Iota adscript


This is a bit of an odd, unimportant question, but I just realized that the texts I have that use the iota adscript accent the first vowel of a long vowel + iota diphthong, so ῶι e.g. instead of ωῖ. My first question is whether this is in fact the convention for all texts that use the iota subscript. And second, why is it done this way? I was under the impression that the ...
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verbal adjectives

I understand the usage of these adjectives and the constructions in which they are used; furthermore, I see that their usage is nearly identical to the usage of the gerundive in Latin. What is the equivalent of a verbal adjective in English?
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